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Latest Finds At Red Rooster Antiques

Antique Stores are neat. You never know what you'll find and even better, everything is unique. Mind you, it makes me cry when I find toys from the 90s there because I'm like, EXCUSE me? But still. 

We love one called Red Rooster Antiques located in New Braunfels. There's always something new to look at, and the ladies that work there are friendly. 

Here's what we found during our last visit:

My daughter was intrigued by this necklace with perfume. "That is a great idea," she mused. 

We discovered a Wizard of Oz lunch box. My dream is to one day find those lunchboxes from my childhood that came with the matching thermos. 

Natalie loved this mirror but it was $100 so she put it back. But it reminded her of the scene in Titanic where older Rose picks up a mirror like this and gasps, "This was mine. Reflections changed a bit."

Remember the Tickle Me Elmo craze? I was a kid, but I remember hearing about it and being like, "But why?" 

If you like vintage cleaning supply packaging, they're here. These are perfect for a retro photoshoot:

Natalie fell in love with this Fisher-Price toy and purchased it. I think it was like $12. She liked his bow tie:

Natalie loves all the vintage Pyrex. Her goal is to find a pink Pyrex set from the 50s/60s that is depicted in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This was Pyrex but obviously not the color she's looking for, but she still gets excited when she sees retro Pyrex:

This was such a pretty bird cage:

When you're in an antiques store, you always find Beanie Babies. Remember that craze? Again, I was a kid, and I don't remember going crazy for these. My daughter has some that she's found at yard sales. Her boyfriend got her Leggs, the Beanie baby frog she's been wanting for Christmas:

Natalie always wants furniture like this but sadly, we have no place to store it. If she had a giant room, she'd so have this set up in it:

This was a neat Barbie car but it was already sold. I was amused that Kristoff was riding around in it:

There's a small clothes/accessories section that Natalie loves. She's a fan of the hats. She got a pill box hat the last time we went and sometimes she lucks out with finding a dress. 

You never know what you'll find at an antiques store. I recommend going in one if you're looking for something unique. Or heck, if you need to sell stuff, that's a fabulous place to do it. Natalie says if you have fashion from the 60s to let her know first ;) She has some Christmas money. 


  1. Oh what al lovely time you must have had looking around the store, and not a chicken in sight, Red Rooster is a chicken store like KFC here in Australia

  2. This store sounds awesome. I need to start shopping at this place.

  3. I think I would've loved to shop at that store. So many great finds!

  4. Wow look like you guys found a lot of nice deals. I would have to say my favorite from that store is the Wizard of Oz lunchbox how cool is that

  5. So many things to explore in that place. I love the handheld mirror and that Barbie car is so cool!

  6. It's so cool that you found a Wizard of Oz lunch box – childhood nostalgia at its finest! And that Fisher-Price toy is adorable; Natalie made a great choice.

  7. Antique stores truly have a magical quality, offering a glimpse into the past with each discovery. The necklace with perfume is such a unique and whimsical item, and I can picture the joy it brought to your daughter!

  8. It sounds like you had an amazing time finding all these cute items. Her outfit looks so lovely one her. thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. I loved those old lunch boxes too! And so love that she dressed up in a cool outfit for antique shopping... love the jewelry pictured too..

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your latest finds at Red Rooster Antiques! Your descriptions and personal touch make the experience come alive. The Wizard of Oz lunch box and the Fisher-Price toy sound delightful. Natalie's quest for vintage Pyrex and the hunt for a pink set adds a charming touch. The anecdotes, like the Titanic mirror moment, make it even more engaging. It was like a visual treat and keep sharing your unique discoveries!

  11. I remember the Tickle me Elmo craze. My daughter was born the year he came out. It’s crazy how long ago that was. My daughter is 27.


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