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Owala Is Better Than Stanley Cups

Whenever I hear about a new release of Stanley Cups, I know it's going to be a disaster. Everyone wants to run out and get them. Mostly resellers, because they know they can sell them for double, maybe even TRIPLE the price. 

People will line up for hours for the cups. And I get it: they are nice (I saw that video where a car was on fire and a Stanley cup was there and the ice inside even after the fire was put out) and they come in a variety of colors. The latest release were Valentine's Day and you could get them in red or pink. I am a sucker for pink, but not enough to wait forever in line or deal with the fights that tend to always break out. 


I do own one Stanley cup. I got it on sale because it wasn't a popular color. So I actually have tested it out because I was curious. 

Here's what I discovered:

Owala cups are better. This it the FreeSip. But if you prefer the tumbler look, they have those in 40 ounce. There's also a Kids' FreeSip. 

You can also get them in many colors. Think of a color. Owala probably has it. 

And they are cheaper. Stanley cups can go for $45. This FreeSip is $27. It's the 24 oz version but there's also 19 oz, 25oz, and 40 oz. The 40 oz is $37. 

Oh, and there's no lead. I'm sure you heard the story about how Stanley cups have lead in them. I was amused when Owala made this statement:

I mean, yes, the risk of lead exposure are slim, but still. 

We like them because you can either use the straw feature or the free flow. Natalie also likes pressing the button so it opens and closes. It's kinda like a sensory thing for her. 

This straw & free flow feature is great for those people who like to do both. Natalie usually uses the straw and if her friends want a drink she makes them do the free flow. 

Even better, you can easily stick an Owala in the drink holder on a backpack. Stanleys don't fit in there. You have to awkwardly carry it everywhere. I mean, you do get an arm workout, yay, but it's just not as convenient. My daughter has always brought this to school even though many kids bring in those Stanley cups. She's never been one to follow the crowd. 

Oh yeah, we have an Owala in purple as well. Seriously, you can find whatever color you can think of. And the Owala site isn't the only place you can get it. We bought ours at Target on sale. I think it ended up being around $19. Amazon also has a bunch of them in a variety of colors. 

And yes, the drinks stay cold all day. Natalie goes to school at like 8 AM and returns around 5 and there's still ice. This has lasted over a year. She has dropped it many times and it's still holding up, so they are made just as good as Stanleys. 

Also, Owala has color drops like Stanley does and honestly, they're just as pretty, if not prettier. There's even Marvel themes! Natalie wants the Spider-Man one. You'll also find Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, plus others. Perfect for the Marvel fan AND they are still cheaper than Stanley cups. They are only $34. 

So if you or your kid is begging for a Stanley cup, reach for an Owala instead. 

You can learn more about Owala at the following:

their webpage






  1. A someone who needs a cup with a lid and straw I can say I like the look of this one

  2. There are so many brands of water bottles. I have a Contingo but this is one that I like.

  3. I never see the point of paying and arm and leg for a cup. I get it that it keeps water cold for a long time. But there are other reputable brands such as the one you mentioned. I like Zak too.

  4. Oh.. i should get one of these for my daughter (And it is her birthday this week)..

  5. Oh wow, that is a substantial difference in price isn't it. I'm glad that the Owala ones are lead free. I wouldn't consider buying a Stanley cup due to the lead.

  6. I just got an Owala for Christmas, and I am enjoying it a lot. I like the spout and it doesn't leak, plus it fits easily in my bag or the car.

  7. It seems like I have seen soooo many of these water bottles around lately. I have also heard that the Stanley Cup carries a lot of lead how true I don't know. I have a few water bottles that I am satisfied with, I will say the price of the Owala is reasonable.

  8. I understand there are so many water bottles on the market today. But this one sounds so affordable . I will have to check it out.

  9. Yes! I love opinions that aren't popular. I don't have a Stanley, and I'm still happy with my HydroFlask for sure!

  10. It's refreshing to hear a practical comparison, especially when it comes to everyday items like drinkware. It's great to know that there are reliable alternatives out there, and I'll definitely consider Owala for our family's hydration needs.

  11. I really love the colors Owala seems to have available too, and that it's not a solid color. The texture and shape looks aesthetically pleasing too.

  12. This is exactly the article I needed to find today! My oldest has been asking for a Stanley water bottle (not really sure where he even heard about them!). Both water bottles that we bought in September are leaking, so I love that it says right on there "I'm leak-proof"! Thanks :)

  13. That looks like a great tumbler. And I like that it has a straw. Our tumblers have straws as well. -LYNNDEE

  14. These bottles look pretty cool and I prefer the style of them compared to the Stanley cups myself ;) Thank you for sharing and checking out these cool cups now!

  15. I've been on the fence about which brand to invest in, given the hype around Stanley cups lately. Your experience really puts things into perspective, especially about the resale market craziness.


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