Sunday, March 3, 2024

22 Years Later And He's Still Awesome

 Tommy turned 22 over the weekend and no, I cannot believe it. 

Geez, when I was his age, I had a three-year-old. I am glad he didn't follow that path. 

One of his favorite shows is Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay amuses him when he shouts, so I found birthday decor. Mind you, it's from Masterchef since I couldn't find Hell's Kitchen, but close enough.

I also found him a Gordon Ramsay shirt from Amazon. It says "what are you? An idiot sandwich?"

For his cake, he doesn't really care for icing, so he wanted a chocolate bundt cake. 

He got a bunch of film equipment for his birthday, plus a Steam Gift Card. Those are always popular for people who love video games. 

He also got this video editing shirt since that's what he does a lot in college. This is also on Amazon:

I was so glad he was able to come home from college to celebrate. He might be getting older, but I'll always picture him like this:


  1. My boys had the same Superman jammies. Sounds like he had a great birthday.

  2. Happy birthday to him! Sounds like he had a great birthday. I also love Gordon Ramsey too!

  3. Happy birthday to Tommy. Did you try the new McDonald’s sauce? Did you like it?

    I love the shirts you got him.

    My oldest baby is 27. I had her at 19 as well. My second is 24 and youngest will be 13 in May. Time flies so fast.

  4. First of all, a huge happy birthday to Tommy! I loved reading about how you embraced his love for Gordon Ramsay's shows to create a memorable birthday theme. It’s those unique, personalized touches that make birthdays so special!

  5. Happy birthday to Tommy, have a great and happy with your yummy cake. From a little baby has now grown into a man. I also wish him the best.

  6. Happy birthday to a wonderful person. Have a wonderful and great day, enjoy the best that you can be.

  7. Happy Birthday to Tommy, Im sure you all had a blast, Stay blessed!

  8. Growing up so fast! Happy Birthday to Tommy! That is nice that you are able to see him often.

  9. Happy belated Birthday Tommy!! It must have been, and no doubt continues to still be, such a treat to watch him growing into his own!

  10. So glad he had a wonderful birthday... and that Ramsay t-shirt is perfect.. :) I know what you are saying about picturing him in that age when wearing super hero costumes was cool!

  11. They grow up so fast. My son loves Gordon Ramsay too. Happy Birthday to your son. I hope he had an enjoyable birthday. -LYNNDEE


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