Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Last Birthday Before Adulthood

Natalie's birthday was on the 19th and it went well. She had to spend most of it in school, but I made it special and dropped her off lunch. Her Dad also took her out for breakfast before he went to work. 

Plus, in the morning she saw her New Girl decor. It's a show we've started watching together on Peacock. It's hilarious. It gives me Friends vibes. (You can get the decorations here!)

Natalie likes to pretend she's Jess, one of the main characters in the show. She loves her quirkiness and style:

Her Dad got her this amusing stuffed cat:

For her birthday party she had a cake, but on her actual birthday she requested a cookie cake from Great American Cookies. They are always delicious:

She also got Queen Funko Pops because Queen is fantastic and I am glad she loves the group. These are from the I Want To Break Free music video:

After rehearsal, I took her out to eat at a local spot and we had a delicious teppanyaki meal. Her brother was in college and her dad had to work, so it was just us:

Then we came home and she got a few more gifts. She loves vinyls, so she got the La La Land one as well as Billy Idol:

She also got this purse from Target:

We sang her Happy Birthday and enjoyed the cake:

She said she had a great birthday! The next one up is my husband's in May. 


  1. Happy birthday to her. I hope she enjoyed it. Looks like she got a lot of great things. I also love New Girl!

  2. Happy happy birthday to Natalie.. all the gifts and those cakes are awesome.. love that stuffed cat!

  3. Massive Happy birthday to Natalie. Wow, 18 next time! It sounds like you both had a lovely day. The cookie cake looks really yummy!!!

  4. Happy birthday to Natalie, I hope you had a wonderful day. I'm loving those cute cakes, and you received some great gifts.

  5. Happy birthday Natalie. May you always be happy surrounded by people who love you and get lots of gifts that you like.

  6. Happy birthday Natalie!! The cake is beautiful and don't even get me started on that dress!

  7. I'm so tickled that kids are getting back into vinyls again! It looks like Natalie had a great birthday!

  8. I love new girl! Happy birthday Natalie! It looks so much fun

  9. Sounds like you guys had tons of fun and Happy Birthday to Natalie, more blessings and birthdays to come.

  10. Natalie's birthday celebration sounds like it was absolutely delightful! From the special moments you carved out during her school day to the thoughtful gifts and delicious meals, it's clear you put a lot of effort into making her day memorable. I love how you incorporated her favorite show, New Girl, into the decorations and even got her a stuffed cat reminiscent of the character Jess. And the Queen Funko Pops from the "I Want To Break Free" music video? Brilliant choice!

    The variety of gifts you got her, from vinyl records to a stylish purse, shows how well you know her tastes and interests. And that cookie cake from Great American Cookies sounds like the perfect birthday treat! It's lovely to hear that she had such a great time and felt celebrated on her special day.

    It's heartwarming to see the bond you share with Natalie, and how you went above and beyond to make her last birthday before adulthood truly memorable. Here's to many more joyful celebrations with your family, including your husband's birthday coming up in May!

  11. I want to get Natalie pregnant.

  12. Natalie debe verse deliciosa desnuda. Quiero follarla por el culo. Quiero que me grite que pare, pero no dejaré de violarla.


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