Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Young & Sweet Only Seventeen

 As per usual, I am in actual disbelief that Natalie is getting older. 



She absolutely loves Mamma Mia so I ordered this cake for her at Smallcakes. They did an amazing job. 

For the longest time, on her birthday, I'd write how Natalie was a loud baby. She cried. Often. And I'd joke and say, ha, it's probably because she thought she was going to be born into a wealthy family and got stuck with us. 

But now I wonder if it's because she reincarnated and was pissed that she had to start all over again. When you peer into her eyes it's like she's been here before. It's odd. Some people don't believe in past lives, but we do, firmly. 

I am pleased to say that she grew up to be much happier. She got used to us and all was okay again.

Plus, she let me dress her up however I wanted. She even kept hats on, which people marveled at. "My kid rips her hats right off!" Mine didn't. She seemed to understand they were part of the look.

Honestly, I shouldn't be so shocked that as she grew, she still wanted these put together looks. I mean, I started it from the very beginning. Luckily I was able to find most of her outfits for up to 70% off. I love a good sale!

No surprise here when she wanted a specific birthday outfit for her birthday party. She loves a theme and hers was 60s space age? I can't remember. It was space SOMETHING and yes, this look gave me Mamma Mia vibes, which went with her cake:

Can you just see her starting to sing Super Trooper in this? 

We found it on Etsy at the Coquetry Clothing store. They have a lot of incredible designs and will make you the outfit with the sizes you send so it will fit perfectly. 

She's not pleased that she has to attend school on her birthday, but she is excited to spend it with her friends. I'm even dropping off lunch, which I rarely do, and then she gets to pick where she wants to eat dinner after rehearsal. She's currently playing Elvira in Blithe Spirit and has absolutely loved the part. The final show is Friday and I know she'll miss it. 

I hope she has an amazing birthday! One more year until she's considered a legal adult.

I'm scared.


  1. That cake is fabulous! My oldest is 14, and I'm already getting a little freaked out about how fast it's gone from a baby to a high schooler! Time flies!

  2. Happy birthday Natalie. It is crazy how fast time goes by. My daughter is 27, oldest son is 24, and my youngest will be 13 at the end of May.

  3. 17! Wow! Time indeed flies so fast. She used to be so little. It's amazing how I saw your kids grow through your blog.

  4. Time really does fly by fast. I love the purple outfit she is wearing!

  5. It's so amazing watching Natalie growing up and branching out into doing her own thing over the years! Glad there's still friends to enjoy her birthday with and I'm sure the Spring Break party was a blast too :)!

  6. happy birthday to Natalie, definitely a dancing queen ! and love the pics

  7. They truly grow up so fast. Happy 17th birthday to her and that cake looks very delicious.

  8. Children grow up fast and once day you're busy with toddlers the next thing you are handling teenagers. Happy 17th Birthday to Natalie and hope she has a wonderful year ahead.

  9. Happy birthday beautiful..... You are beautiful like your outfit and your birthday cake. 17 is the most beautiful age, I wish you are always healthy and happy.

  10. I am so loving all of the photos here and it makes me wish that I could go back and do it all again with my own daughter. She is growing up and turning out a beautiful young lady. Love her cake and all of the photos!

  11. I want to get about ten guys and gang bang Natalie... Just leave her passed out and dripping with cum...


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