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Urban Air Adventure Park Birthday Party Review

Look, I'll be honest, having a bunch of people in my home makes me anxious. I know there are people who love to entertain and throw parties. I am not one of those people. I prefer outside guests be limited to 3. 

This is why Natalie's parties are usually held someplace else. For my sanity. (Tommy never wanted a party. He's a homebody so we've always had family celebrations.)

We decided on Urban Air this year. If you're not familiar with Urban Air, it's a giant trampoline park. (There's a ball pit!) They have different party options and we went for the ultimate. Since it was Spring Break we could have it during the week and they had a coupon to save $100, which was nice. (The coupon is still there if you have a weekday party!)

I also opted to pay extra for a private room. Normally all the tables are in one area so you might be right on top of another party. No thanks. With a private room it's just your table and guests:

Urban Air takes care of everything: tablecloth, plates, cutlery, cups, can bring your own if you have a certain theme, but I'm all about easy, so none here. Mind you, Natalie did leave out space tattoos, disco ball straws, and headbands because her theme was 60s space pop.

Since I paid for the Ultimate package, Natalie's guests could go to any of the play areas. I wanted to be sure everyone could find a spot that they'd enjoy.

So how it works is, they get an hour to play, then your party host will call over the intercom that it's time to eat and have cake. My package came with 3 pizzas, but I paid for 2 more because I never know how much teenagers will eat. 

The package came with water bottles, but I paid extra for pitchers of soda and lemonade. 

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cake:

After that, everyone is able to jump for the rest of the time. The party is 2 hours, but I think they were able to jump for 2 hours and 15 minutes. 

If you're concerned about germs, they do have sanitizer available. 

In the end, everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. I do wish they had 3 hour parties available, because 2 hours didn't seem long enough. Urban Air took care of everything. Set up, clean up, so my husband and I could sit back in the room and pig out on cake while everyone else jumped.

Oh, and my daughter passed out these reusable gift bags to her guests. (You can get these space bags here.)

Here's what was inside: fidget toys, squishies, candy, a stress ball, stickers..

We would celebrate at Urban Air again. For now Natalie will probably go back and bounce with friends. As part of the package, she got a coupon to return and jump for free!

Have you ever been to Urban Air?


  1. This place always seems so fun! That is the coolest birthday party ever

  2. What a fun place. My boys would love to visit this place.

  3. I've never been to Urban Air before, but I hear great things about it. Looks like everyone had such a blast. I'm hoping to take my kids sometime.

  4. We have an Urban air close by. I’ve been in there once and it was pretty cool. I typically have family only parties. Not sure what we will do for my son this year. It kinda depends on who he is with. He goes to his dad’s some weekends. His birthday falls at the very end of the school year.

  5. Urban Air looks like a terrific place to have a birthday party! I'll have to check if there is one near me.

  6. Urban Air seems great~ especially with that Ultimate package! I'd love to take my kiddos here sometime!!

  7. We have something like Urban Air here and the kids always has a great time when they go. I hope Natalie had a great time, Happy Birthday to her.

  8. while we don;t have an urban air nearby (from what i know), we do have other similar party places and we had a party for my son once there.. it was lots of fun for everyone

  9. The Urban Air birthday party seems like a blast! The birthday package looks like it made everything so convenient - I've never been to Urban Air, but but I bet my grandkids would love it!

  10. This looks like a really neat place to have a birthday party. My kids would love it there! It is nice to have something for the kids to do.

  11. I am so loving this and my niece just had her birthday there a few months ago and she goes like every weekend usually. It is a blast and I hope she had an amazing time!


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