Sunday, March 31, 2024

Easter Means Ham

 How was your Easter?

Ours went pretty good. We aren't religious, so it's all about the eggs and chocolate bunnies here. Tommy came home from college, which always makes me happy.

Yup, my kids are older, but they still get baskets. They probably always will. 

They also decorated eggs even though I was like, "Are you SURE you want to do that?" because it's just messy and I never had fun doing it. But it's a favorite activity so I'm like, sure, okay. 

Natalie made a Bob Ross egg:

Tommy made a Boobs egg:

Natalie made a Steve from Blue's Clues egg as well:

By the way, this EggMazing thingy worked well. I got it on clearance last year. 

The kids still like to do egg hunts, so I threw some of those out into the backyard:

We went to my parents house for dinner, and yup, ham was present, as well as other goodies. 

The table was so lovely:

I hope everyone who celebrated Easter had a lovely day!


  1. Our Easter dinner was hamburgers and hot dogs. The person who was hosting the dinner broke her wrist so her husband did the cooking.

  2. I feel the same way about decorating eggs-- I wouldn't be at all sad if my kids decided they didn't want to do it anymore!

  3. Love your creative Easter ideas! Looks like you had fun spending time together. We also do not have a religious celebration, and enjoy spending some downtime and fun as a family.

  4. Our Easter dinner was pork lion and mac and cheese. We were asked out to dinner, But they canceled at the last minute. So my boys had a relaxing and loving day.

  5. I love that they still get baskets from you. I also love that they still decorate eggs; I could just imagine Tommy giggling while he made his.

  6. I love that egg tool! It makes things so easy and with less mess

  7. that eggmazing tool does sound and look amazing.. all those decorated ones you pictured look great!

  8. I love decorating easter Eggs.... so much fun and love it from when I was a kid. Looks like you guys had a fantastic Easter and ours was fabulous too! Hame, Loaded Potoate Casserole, some veggies, rolls and homemade rice pudding!

  9. I had a low key Easter weekend. My son was with his dad and I had to work. I did go to Easter service Saturday evening. It was a good service. I gave my son some cash for Easter bc he said he didn’t want anything.

  10. Looks like y'all had a fun Easter. I bet your kids enjoyed their Easter baskets. -LYNNDEE


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