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Finding The Selena Chair At The Majestic Theatre

Basically everyone knows about Selena.

She was this gorgeous singer who was murdered by Yolanda, who was stealing money from the clothing boutiques she ran. Selena confronted her and was shot. She was only 23.

Before she died, she did a photoshoot at the Majestic Theatre. We go there often to watch shows. Natalie wanted to find the area where the photoshoot took place.

We think we found it.

Here's one picture of Selena shot by John Dyer.

And here's where we think it was:

It is a pretty room! We wanted to stay and explore longer, but by then it was the end of the show and the ushers wanted everyone OUT. Which I do not blame them. They wanted to go home.

We think when she sat down in the chair that it was pulled in here in that corner:

Here's the chair shot:

The chair is actually outside of the room but it might be the same one ? I mean, it's been many years, but you never know. Just in case, Natalie made sure to sit in it: 

We're so sorry what happened to Selena but we hope she knows that she's still inspiring people to this day. 


  1. That is so neat to be able to see this spot in person. It is cool to see these famous places up close. How cool that she was able to sit there and take a pic!

  2. It looks like a beautiful theatre and it must have been a cool experience to stand in the same spot Selena was once stood in.

  3. It must have been interesting to see the place she did her last photoshoot. Looks like Natalie found the spot for the photo image!!

  4. It must have been a poignant experience for Natalie to sit in the chair where Selena once posed for a photo shoot at the Majestic Theatre. The room looks beautiful, and it's understandable that you wanted to explore it further.

  5. That's awesome that you were able to visit that place. Yes, I remember Selena. Watched JLo's movie a few times actually. -LYNNDEE

  6. I definitely believe Selena is happy somewhere and knows that wonderful young people like Natalie are still inspired today!

  7. Selena's untimely departure left a void in the entertainment world, gone too soon before her time. It was neat that Natalie and you hunted for the photo shoot sites and got some snaps in iconic spaces.

  8. So cool to be actually on the place and replicating the selfie shot of a popular artist.


Thanks for the comment!

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