Thursday, June 6, 2024

And Now She's A Senior

 Geez, I don't know how it happened, but Natalie is now a senior. 

I remember freaking out when my son was a senior in High School. And that was even more difficult because of Covid. He graduated in 2020. 

Now I have to schedule senior pics and I know I'll be seeing that overpriced Josten's book full of senior stuff when she starts school in August. 

(Rings are a waste of money. Sorry. But they are.)

I remember when Natalie was starting Kindergarten:

Heck, I remember when she was a freshman in High School an I was worried about then. I knew how fast it went by because of my son, and I was correct. I remember taking the picture the day before high school started and thinking, dang, before I know it she'll be a senior:

And I was correct:

After High School plans? Well, she'll apply to colleges. She has been saying she wants to major in marine biology and minor in theatre. She loves theatre but knows it can be a difficult industry to succeed and make money in. She has always loved aquariums and marine life, so she thinks she'd enjoy doing that for a living. 

But for now we'll enjoy the summer.

And I'll try not to think about how she's walking into the new school year as a senior.


  1. congradulation to Natalie I hope that your senior years goes well, and your future is bright.

  2. Awesome job!! Tell her to enjoy her time now and to take every opportunity she can!! They grow up to fast.

  3. They grow up too fast. My son is also going to be a senior next year.

  4. I have two kids who have graduated and have one more. He is going into 8th grade this year. Time goes by way to fast. I still remember when Natalie was in elementary. I’ve been following since 2014.

  5. Big congrats to her on being in senior year. The best year of high school!

  6. Awww! Time is indeed so fast. Congratulations, Natalie! Wishing the best. Marine Biology sounds exciting. I am sure she's going to do well in college.

  7. My youngest graduated high school this year. She was the third in four years. Now she is college bond. I agree pictures are expensive and the ring is a waste. Having to supply another dorm room has my head spinning 😵‍💫

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