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Checking Out Randy's Donuts For The First Time

I have a sweet tooth.

I always love trying out new spots. 

When we flew into Los Angeles, we had the car service Diamond Driver Guy pick us up, and that includes one stop in the fee. We didn't need a grocery store, so we opted for Randy's Donuts.

Randy's Donuts, if you didn't know, has been around since 1952. It has been featured in many films and shows, which is actually how I knew about it. I watched a movie called Problem Child 2 as a kid and the actors came through a Randy's Donuts and I was like, wow, that place looks fun. Look at that giant donut:

There are several locations in southern California. We went to the one closest to LAX. 

As you see, it's just a stand, so you can't go inside, but there is a drive thru option. We didn't know what we wanted, so our driver parked and we headed to the window to order. There were many tourists there taking pictures in front of the donut, so we weren't the only ones excited to taste the famous treats.

Here's the menu. They have so many donuts, I didn't know where to start. Luckily there were several people in front of us, so I had time to drool over the menu.

But dang, I wish we lived closer, because I'd want to try them all!

Not only do they have donuts, but there are milkshakes, boba drinks, a frozen & iced refreshers. Plus coffee in many different varieties, naturally. 

We went with these:

I decided to try one of their crondys, which is part croissant and part donut. It was so flaky and delish. If you go to a Randy's Donut, opt for one of those! You can do either glazed or chocolate.

Everyone loved their choices. 

In fact, they stayed fresh days later. Normally donuts go stale, but these were still soft 3 days later. 

Of course we had to get tourist donut pics:

Tommy pretended to eat the giant donut:

If you're in the southern California area, I recommend a stop at Randy's Donuts. 

Have you ever been?


  1. I like doughnuts but we do not have doughnut stores like these around where I live

  2. Randy's Donuts is an institution here in LA & the donuts are delish! The iconic round donut sign has been featured in so many films, music videos, etc.

  3. That is a whole lot of choices for donuts. Do they offer gluten-free and vegan ones?

  4. These look amazing. I have never been to this donut place before. They sure look good though. I hope to find one near me.

  5. . Experience the magic of Randy's Donuts for the first time! Treat yourself to mouthwatering pastries and enjoy a classic American bakery tradition.

  6. Yes, we were are able to try and I can say that their doughnuts are huge. I am planning to try more of their flavors and the crondys you mentioned.

  7. It sounds like such a fun stop, and now I'm craving one of those crondys you mentioned.

  8. Ohhh, so fun! These look very tasty. I've never heard of Randy's, and it is nice to see some unique versions of donuts.

  9. As of now I really don’t know the taste of randy’s donut but based on your review and others, it is delicious.

  10. I'm a teacher and my students love to go to Randy's donuts after every online class I don’t know the taste of Randy’s Donuts but based on my student's review I think the taste is too good.


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