Sunday, February 18, 2018

Disney Princess Fun: A Jasmine Pley Box Review

I was sent a Disney Princess Pley Box in exchange for a review. No other compensation was exchanged. My opinions are my own. 

We're all about Disney in this house. My daughter has been a fan of Disney Princesses since she was a baby:

I mean, when we took her to Disney World she was around 15 months or so, she wanted to GO with Tigger:

I knew Natalie would absolutely love they Disney Princess Pley Boxes. You might recall that we got to review the Merida one, and she was excited over all the goodies inside that box.

When this one arrived, she was just as thrilled:

These are the coolest boxes. You can get 4-6 OFFICIAL Disney Princess goodies every two months.

This was was filled with neat items:

This was a book about Jasmine!

A book that you can paint! I love this because you just get a brush wet and put it against the color you want and wal-lah! Color!

Magic Art scratchers, which turn out so pretty!

A Jasmine Pop keychain!

A cool Jasmine shirt!

A necklace and earring set!

Bonus? The box turns into Sultan's palace.

Interested in getting your own box? You can get one for $24.99 here. Or you can get 6 boxes for $22.99 per box, or 3 boxes for $23.99 per box.

Even better, there's a President's Day Sale going on where you can buy one box and get 20% off. If you get two boxes, you get 25% off. If you get three boxes, you get 30% off. The discount is automatically applied. (Go here!)

So who is your favorite Disney Princess? 

Natalie once dressed up as Jasmine and likes that she has a tiger as a friend!

To learn more about Pley, check them out at the following:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Why I Picked My Neighborhood To Live In

This post is sponsored by Nakturnal. My opinions are my own.

About two years ago we decided to look for a home to purchase. Before that, we had always lived on a military base and didn't have to worry about it. But we were comfortable with our finances and we're hoping the military allows my husband to retire in Texas, so we thought it was time for a home.

We looked at many houses, and finally we found the one we wanted in a certain neighborhood. We decided on it for many reasons.

1. The house was in a good school district. This is important to us. Obviously we want our kids in schools with great ratings. My son has autism so I'm always looking for a school who can give him the care he needs. It's so easy to to look at school ratings when searching for a home.

2. My house is pretty awesome. I love how the houses are different in the neighborhood. When we lived on base, they all looked the same, which could get rather boring. Plus, we could afford it! It reminded me of these homes for sale in Ohio, where we're actually going to be this summer. My husband's family lives there. This home in Dayton is beautiful and a fair price.

3. There's lots of kids in the neighborhood and it's safe. My daughter loves to be outside, so I'm glad there are people for her to play with.

4. The neighbors mostly look out for each other. I mean, sometimes you get petty arguments but for the most part, if someone needs help, people band together.

5. There's a pool! This is one of my daughter's favorite spots in the summer.

Why did you pick the neighborhood you live in?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What's Up With Her Teeth?

I share a lot of photos of my daughter.

She's more willing than my son. Kind of. She is getting older so she does get moody at times. But for the most part, she'll pose.

Some people have noticed she doesn't have all her teeth. I mean she's 10, so that's a bit odd. Most kids her age have most of their permanent teeth. When she turned 10, she was still missing her two front teeth:

Natalie is still missing several of her teeth, including one of her front teeth. She'll eventually get them, but hers take longer to come in. I'm not sure if there's a specific word for it, but her brother was the same way. Here he is about the same age. As you see, he has one permanent front tooth, and the other is slowly coming in. This is the same way Natalie's teeth are. (Their Father's teeth actually came in late too! So it's genetics!)

The dentist is a little concerned, but not totally, since her brother eventually got all of his teeth. (And he has braces now! Natalie will need them too.)

Most people are polite about it when they ask. On Instagram I'll get the occasional comment of, "What happened to her teeth?" and I get it, I'd be curious too. She's ten. She should have most of her permanent teeth.

But there have been some who are like, "Yikes! What happened to her teeth?" or, "I hope you fix that smile!"

Most of those comments come from people whose first language isn't English judging from their profiles. So maybe they didn't mean it coming out so rude. But still. It's rude. And I'll tell them so. Most don't bother to apologize.

Luckily my daughter doesn't have an Instagram, and I don't show her all the comments when I share a photo because quite frankly, sometimes people are jerks. If she saw these comments, maybe she wouldn't smile so large. She might become self-conscious. But right now, she'll still flash a wide grin, because I always tell her she's beautiful.

So yes. My daughter WILL get all her teeth, I promise. Most of the kids in her school know this. There have been some who haven't been kind, but I tell Natalie to ignore them, and she does.

Plus, with the popularity of Stranger Things and the fact that Dustin, a character in the show doesn't have all HIS teeth when he's in middle school, Natalie doesn't think it's so bad. (The actor, Gaten Matarazzo has something called cleidocranial dysplasia.)

All I ask is if you see a kid who looks different, to be polite about it when you ask what's up. Otherwise my Mama Bear claws will come out, and I can't promise I'll be friendly.

Just don't be a jerk online. Especially to children.

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