Monday, January 16, 2017

Hey, It's Okay

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple!

Hey, It's Okay....

--To have started watching The Crown on Netflix. It's really good.

--To be glad that a lot of my shows are coming back from fall break this week.

--To have watched Sully with my husband over the weekend. I didn't realize all the crap Sully went through.

--To have booked our fast passes for our trip to Disney. Yay!

--To be ordering Natalie's classroom Valentines from Etsy. You can get original things there.

--To think these new cereals are delicious. I do love my Girl Scout cookies, that's for sure.

Moms, Take That Me Time

"This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.”

When my kids were babies, I won't lie, it could get tough.

There would be tears:

There would be anger. Toys would be thrown in my direction and sometimes I'd get clipped in the head with a sippy cup. And then more tears would come, because the baby would realize hey, I WANTED that sippy cup and now it's not next to me:

There would be messes. Lots and lots of messes.

Being a mother can be stressful. It took me a while to realize that taking time for myself was important. If I sat down with a book, I'd feel guilty. Shouldn't I be with my baby? They grow so fast. Maybe I should set down the book and be with the baby. But then it finally clicked. I needed that me time. And here's why:

1. It helps you to recharge. When you're a parent, your mind is always running. You think about meals to make. Laundry. If the kid is in lessons, when do you need to get the kids to those. Volunteering at the school. Oh crap, is she getting sick, why is she feeling warm? Your mind NEEDS to rest so grab that book. Watch that series on Netflix. Take a long shower.

2. It makes you a better mother. If you're constantly thinking of others and not yourself, it doesn't end well. Resentment builds. Perhaps yelling occurs more often. But if you take that break, you feel refreshed. You can handle the sibling fights. You can handle the pile of laundry. (Maybe.)

3. You'll smile more. I find when I take time for myself, I appear to be more cheerful. Otherwise people ask me why I look so upset. "It might be because I haven't read a book in a while," I might answer, and then I realize, oh right, I need that me time. Otherwise I frighten others.

4. It makes you a better wife.  I mean, there is that saying "Happy Wife, Happy Life." It's true. When I'm upset, it tends to trickle to everyone else in the family. It's not fair to them. So for their sanity and happiness, TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.

Sometimes I'd forget to do the things I loved when my kids were small. I felt like I had to do it all. I felt like I had to change all the diapers, but thankfully I used Luvs, which made my life easier. These days, Luvs is still helping out since they recently introduced new and improved ultra leakguard diapers with nightlock plus. I was always thankful that Luvs wasn't overpriced. Diapers can add up, after all. Luvs wants you to save even more with this coupon for $1 off. You can purchase the new Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™in most grocery stories. 

Doing the things I loved helped me prepare for the hard times. It also made me appreciate the fun times more. Finding products like Luvs also helped make life easier so I could appreciate my babies even more.

So moms: take that me time. Do what you love. Recharge.

You deserve it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Relax, Military Kids Will Be Okay

"Do you ever worry?" she asked nervously. "That all this moving around and change will mess them up?" She nodded her chin towards our kids who were playing at the park.

"No," I answered quickly. "Not even a little bit."

She gave me a curious look. "How do you know?"

"I was a military kid. And I am thankful for all the changes."

True, it wasn't always easy. I hated leaving friends behind. Before email and social media existed, it was tough staying in touch. Oh sure, letters would be exchanged fervently during the first few months, but then they'd taper off. It was okay though, because by then I had made new friends.

I appreciate everything I went through because it made me who I am. And I know other military kids will feel the same. Here is why.

1. They'll be interesting conversationists. When people ask where they are from, they can list off a bunch of different places. For example, when I'm asked where I'm from, I say, "Well, all over. I've lived in New Jersey, Italy, Germany, California, Belgium, Massachussetts, England, Nebraska, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas." It would be boring to just give off one place.

2. They've learned to adapt. When it's time to leave, they eventually figure out how to make new friends. They learn their new neighborhood. They navigate their new school. This comes in handy when they start a new job because during the interview they can truly say, "Yes, I can adapt" when asked how they deal with changes.

3. They know how to say goodbye. Oh sure, farewells are always difficult, but they can get easier with time. I always hated leaving people behind, but after I had done it multiple times I knew I'd be okay in the end.

4. They experience other cultures. If they live overseas, they can see firsthand how other people live. I remember enjoying German food and German markets. I can even count to ten in German because in PE, it was required to do so. I also learned the streets are MUCH smaller in Europe--as are the homes. In England I learned what a Spotted Dick was and even though Yorkshire Pudding frightened me, I did love Bangers and Mash.

5. They can say that their family member is a hero. Not many can say this. But when your parent is in the military, they are serving their country. Some even risk their lives for their country so you and I can enjoy our freedom.

So yes. Military kids will be okay. They'll be stronger for all they've gone through.

They'll be proud to be military kids.

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