Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Who Is Excited About Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?

We were sent a package of fun toys from Wild Republic, Thames & Kosmos, and Alex Brands. No other compensation was exchanged. Our opinions are our own.

I cannot wait for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I have shown my kids all the Jurassic Park movies. (Remember a few years ago when I showed Natalie Jurassic Park and she thought it was a movie about cuddly dinosaurs?)

My daughter has always loved dinosaurs. If you ask her which one is her favorite, it changes on a daily basis. Right now it's a triceratops.

We were sent a package of exciting toys, which is perfect considering it's summer break:

Natalie was all, "It's like Christmas!"

She immediately got started with the Knot-A-Shark from Alex Brands. She's always been a fan of sharks and looks forward to Shark Week every year. (It starts July 22nd!)

She also got busy searching for fossils in her excavation kit from Thames & Kosmos:

These mermaid slap bracelets from Wild Republic amused her. She made them talk to each other. "Hi Glinda, how are you enjoying being a mermaid?" "Oh, Amanda, it's pretty fantastic!"

This T-Rex from Wild Republic is named Rexy. There's actually a #FindRexy contest going on right now. (You can learn about it here.)  You can win your own Rexy, plus an $100 gift card to Amazon!

Her colorful penguin is Rainbow:

We will be seeing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! (It comes out on June 22nd!) If all goes well, we'll be seeing it on the 4th of July if we can score tickets.

(Be sure to enter the #FindRexy contest here and win an Amazon gift card!)

Are you excited about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Unboxing The Kawaii Subscription Box Plus A Giveaway!

We were sent a Kawaii Box in exchange for a review. Our opinions are our own.

My daughter Natalie is all about kawaii things. So when I was asked if I wanted to review a Kawaii Box, I didn't hesitate. Natalie was the one who taught me what kawaii even was.

Needless to say, Natalie was excited when the box arrived. "The box is even kawaii!" she told me.

She started to pull out all the goodies.

This is a Kawaii Hamster Soft Bag Charm. "Aw, he reminds me of Pumpkin." Pumpkin was her hamster, who sadly passed away:

You guys know she loves her squishies, so she was excited to find this Salmon Sushi Boy Squishy:

She pulled out and immediately put on the Neko Ears Soft Headband. She's worn it out many times. She also got some Hello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallows. She loves Hello Kitty!

She said they were good and sweet. There's some strawberry filling in the middle:

This next item she thought was a straw, but it's really a Kawaii Drinking Straw Pen!

"What? This is a PEN?"

She pulled out these Precure Grape Gummies:

She said they basically tasted like grape fruit snacks:

"This is so adorable!" Natalie yelled when she pulled out the Bunny Drink Coaster:

"We can make some rice pandas!" Natalie said.  It's a Panda Bento Rice Mold and we'll be trying it out:

Finally, she found a Moomin Memo Pad Set. What a fun name. Apparently these are Moomin trolls, which are loved by many in Japan:

Great news! A lucky reader can win their own Kawaii box. You can enter here:

Airing My Laundry Kawaii Box Giveaway

If you don't want to wait on the contest, you can get your own Kawaii Box here for under $20 a month! You'll get a box filled with all sorts of cute things. Natalie is most excited about the squishies.

What was your favorite thing in the Kawaii Box?

Monday, June 18, 2018

She Got Squishies At Her Fifth Grade Graduation

Elementary school is over for good.

My daughter graduated fifth grade about two weeks ago. Did I cry? Yeah.

I loved that there was a ceremony. My son didn't get one when he finished fifth grade. He just came home from school like normal and was all, "I'm done."

But Natalie's school had a ceremony, and the school recommended showing up early. They weren't kidding. The ceremony started at 9. I got there at 815 and there was already a long line.

Luckily I had a book, so I just sat down at my place in line and read. When it started to move, I lucked out with a front spot because it was only me (my husband had to work). I got the one vacant seat in the row.

Before the graduation, they had slide shows of all the kids.

And then the ceremony began with the kids walking out with partners.

I teared up, because they had the graduation music in the background.

The principal and vice principal spoke, and names were called out for As, A&Bs, and the citizenship award. Then each kid was called up to get their graduation certificate.

I teared up again.

There was closing remarks, and then it was over. Kids were able to go home with their parents. There was cake and time to say goodbye to friends and teachers.

Oh, and I'm proud to say that I brought a proper gift this time.

Remember in the past when I'd forget? At Natalie's violin recital I gave her an old Tic Tac. After her school play I gave her a coupon for a free taco.

This time I got her a bag of squishies:

I mean, yes, I could have done flowers or balloons. But those are only good to a point. My daughter loves squishies so I figured, hey, graduation gift!

She was pleased.

She also said goodbye to friends. Many of them are going to the same middle school, so she'll see them again, but some are moving or headed to a charter school.

She also said goodbye to her teachers:

It took us a bit to finally get out because she had to say goodbye to so many people.

And then of course it was hard, because we'd never be to that school again. I wrote about how it's tough saying goodbye to elementary school.

So that was the fifth grade graduation!

Did you or your child have one? I didn't! You just finished elementary school and moved quietly onto middle school.

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