Friday, March 27, 2015

Day One: We Arrived at Port Orleans: Riverside!


You might have heard that I went to this little place called Disney World. (My husband was supposed to come with us but the military said he had to deploy. You might recall the post I did on it called The Pity Flowers. My mother was able to come in Tom's place.)

It wasn't our first time at Disney World. We went in 2008 and 2013. (To read those blog posts, I have a Disney World tag.) But it was our first time staying at Port Orleans: Riverside. Before we stayed at Port Orleans: New Orleans and All Stars Music. My favorite of the bunch? Port Orleans: Riverside.

It was gorgeous. I decided to reserve the royal rooms.

To see better photos, you can check out this site. You'll also learn more about Port Orleans: Riverside.

Natalie's favorite part?

The headboards light up!

We arrived in the evening, so we decided to head to Downtown Disney. If you stay at the Port Orleans resorts, you can take a boat to Downtown Disney.

We ate at The Earl of Sandwich. I recommend the Holiday sandwich. It tastes like an entire Thanksgiving meal.

I also had to stop at Ghirardelli.

I should point out here that we had the dining plan with Disney World. We had the middle option where you got one sit down meal, one quick service meal (like Earl of Sandwich), and one snack. Plus you got the refillable mugs at your resort. This meant I could fill it with Diet Coke as often as I'd like. (But only at the resort.)

We didn't stay at Downtown Disney long, because it was late, and we were tired. Plus it was crowded. AND we wanted to get to bed early enough so we wouldn't be exhausted for our first day at...Magic Kingdom!

(To be continued..)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Overpriced Items At Theme Parks

So Natalie was like, "I want the light up R2D2!" while we were at Disney World.

She had $20 in birthday money so I said, sure, if that's what she wanted.

I assumed the thing would be like $9.95, because it looked like it should be under ten bucks. I go up to pay and the guy is like, "That'll be $15."

I wanted to say, "Are you on CRACK?" I wanted to say that a lot at Disney World when I was given the total.

I get that ALL theme parks price gouge, but I hate it. I hate how movie theaters do this too. It bothers me immensely to fork over $5 for a large soda when I get the same size, the same flavor, for .99 cents at the gas station.

Disney World may hike up their prices, but it's still worth it to go. You do get a lot of memories.

But bring you own water. You can bring water bottles into the park. When you finish it, don't throw it out. Refill them at water fountains. Otherwise you'll be paying $4 for a bottle of water and this makes me stabby. You can also ask for a cup of water and ice at any food place.

Ahh, Disney. You might hike up the prices, but I can't quit you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NOBLE Movie Prize Pack Giveaway!

**I will be receiving the prize pack in return for this post. My opinions are my own.**

Downton Abbey. I love the show.

Do you know Mr. Bates? Of course you do! Well, he's in a new movie called Noble.

If Noble sounds familiar, yes, I did write about it before here.

Check out the trailer:

A lucky reader can win a special Prize Pack that includes the following:

--1 autographed photo of Brendan Coyle

--1 The World Of Downton Abbey hardcover book by Jessica Fellowes (I've read this. It's awesome!)

--1 signed Noble movie poster

This giveaway is made possible by the new film, NOBLE, about Christina Noble, an Irishwoman who's saved over 700,000 orphans in Vietnam. Deirdre O'Kane and Brendan Coyle (Mr. Bates on Downtown Abbey) star in the award-winning film.

For another chance to win, enter the She is Noble contest, inspired by Christina's story. Go to the website and nominate a heroic woman you know who's quietly changing the world around her. You could win a free 5-day/4-night trip to Ireland!

When you enter, use my unique referral code: AIRINGMYLAUNDRY

Good luck! 

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