Sunday, September 24, 2017

When Your Daughter Plays The Violin

"It sounds fun in there," the UPS guy said as he handed me my package. I think he was being sarcastic. I think this because my daughter was practicing her violin and it sounded like a sick violent ostrich. Not fun at all.

"Yes, well. My daughter Natalie has decided to play violin this year." I forced a smile on my face. "You know. You're supposed to support your kids when they want to try something new. I'm trying my best. At least the ear plugs came." I held up the box and shook it.

The UPS guy laughed. "Have a good day," he said and headed back into the blissful quiet.

"I'll try," I answered weakly, wishing I really DID buy ear plugs. Instead it was something my husband needed for work. I walked inside the house.

"EEEEEEEEEE. EEEEE. EEEEE....RRRRRRR," went my daughter's violin.

Ruby the cat was petrified:

"Great job," I said giving my daughter a thumbs up, which was a lie.

Her lessons actually start this week. At Natalie's school, the fifth graders can learn to play violin and when Natalie brought home the permission slip, I was surprised. Natalie doesn't like to do much but play with friends and make videos. But she insisted she wanted to learn to play and all the child experts say it's a good idea for kids to learn how to play and instrument. So I agreed.

We had to go out and rent a violin, and the lady at the store we're renting from was all, "This violin is one thousand one hundred dollars. You can rent to buy," and I nearly fell over.


"Do not break this," I told my daughter and then opted to get the added insurance with it.

So yeah. Natalie YouTubed how to play the violin and assumed she could figure it out on her own.


She couldn't.

"Darling," I called out over the noise. "Did you want to make cookies or something?"

"Nope! I gotta work on this," Natalie replied. It didn't even look like she was holding it right, but what do I know? I've never picked up a violin in my life.


"Did you want to go upstairs and practice?" I suggested, wincing.

I pictured the entire neighborhood poking their heads out their doors, wondering where the dying camel was.

Natalie shook her head. "I'm comfortable here."

"Great." I put another smile on my face. I mean, she was learning. Down the line I imagine it'll sound better.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's All About The PopSockets

This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means if you click on the link and purchase, I get a small amount so that I can buy a book. Yay!

My daughter Natalie was all, "It's all about the PopSockets!"

I blinked. "Wasn't it all about the Fidget Spinners?"

"It WAS. But not anymore."

Natalie always teaches me new things. She shows me YouTubers who seem to make messes, but she finds hilarious. (Logan Paul.) She sings new songs that I've never heard of in my life.

And she shows me new products.

PopSockets are things you press onto your phone:

You can get them in a variety of colors and pictures. Natalie opted for a donut because, well, "I love donuts."

I guess they make the phone easier to hold.

"What's so difficult about gripping the phone in your palm?" I asked, baffled.

Natalie rolled her eyes. "Old people do that."

"I bet your PARDON?" I was offended.

Natalie giggled. "I'm kidding." But from the look on her face, I'm not sure if she was.

You can prop your phone up with the PopSocket as well.

And if you don't want the PopSocket, you can push it in and hold it "the old fashioned way" as Natalie likes to call it. Natalie also wants the PopSocket mount, which allows you to stick your phone to a wall, a locker, mirror, etc...but she's run out of allowance.

I don't have one on my phone yet. I'm still holding it the "old fashioned way."

Do you have a PopSocket?

(If not, you can pick one out here!)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hey, It's Okay

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with Hey, It's Okay. It's rude and I'll delete the link.

Hey, It's Okay.... love Diet Coke like Lorelei Gilmore loves coffee. plan on decorating the house for fall this weekend! have not watched The Emmys. I wanted to watch The Orville, but stupid football went long and took it over. So then my husband and I just watched The Strain. be excited to watch the Justice League in November with my family! It looks like it'll be awesome. Go Wonder Woman! have watched It with my mom, daughter, and son over the weekend. It actually wasn't as scary as I thought. It was more about friendship. also have a costume for Natalie that is less scary. She's a creepy clown for Halloween and for the horror nights at Sea World, but for my husband's Halloween work stuff and for the daytime Sea World Halloween stuff, she's....well, you tell me if you know who she is:

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