Monday, June 27, 2016

My Son Has Autism, But I Expect Him To Behave In A Movie Theater

I came across a post on Facebook the other day about a boy with autism who was removed from seeing Finding Dory. It seems he was rolling around on the floor.

Some people are outraged that he was removed. I wasn't there, so I don't know the extent of his disruptiveness. If he was just rolling around on the ground as stated in the article, it wouldn't have bugged me, personally. But I have ranted about noisy kids in movie theaters before.

I have two kids. And we see many kid movies. When my children were tiny and they got noisy, we left the theater. Was it a pain? Yes. But if they continued to be loud, I wasn't going to ruin other people's movie experience. This mainly happened with my daughter, who would not want to sit still or not understand the concept of an indoor voice. Taking her out of the theater helped though: she learned that she could not behave in that manner.

Look, going to see a movie is not cheap. We pay $8 a pop. So when people say, "Oh, if you go to a kid movie, expect to hear kid noises" I'm not amused. I didn't fork over $32 to hear your little one shriek and run up and down the aisles constantly.

My son has autism and has been disruptive at times. But never in a theater. This is because he was about six before he went to see his first movie. I was worried that he wouldn't sit still. I was panicked that he would shout. So I waited until I felt he was mature enough. However, he did act out in other places--remember how I wrote how it could have been MY son that fell into the gorilla enclosure?

No child is perfect. No kid is ever going to be 100% silent and I'm certainly not saying I expect to not hear a peep in a movie theater--but I do expect basic parenting. If your son or daughter is unable to sit still or speak quietly, it might be best to remove them. Understand that there are families who might have scrimped and saved to be able to see the movie, and they deserve to be able to enjoy themselves.

Parenting isn't easy and people are accepting--but sometimes, the polite thing to do is to take a disruptive child out of a situation. Perhaps look into special needs screenings of the movie. Many theaters have this option now. Then in a few years, try a regular screening and see how your little one does.

Sometimes they just need a few years to mature.

Friday, June 24, 2016

One Day. Some Day.

Soon she'll be all about the makeup..

She might try to get away with wearing clothes that I deem "inappropriate."

Maybe one day I'll find her giggling on the phone with a boy.

Sometime she'll pack away all her Barbies and deem them "babyish."

But for now?

There's glitter.

Photographs taken by Jessica B Photography

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Proud To Be An American With The USO Collection From FTD Flowers

**I received a bouquet of flowers which inspired this post.**

I met Tom in high school. And from the beginning, I knew he would be joining the military.

It didn't bother me. I knew it would be a tough life, but I was proud to be marrying a soldier.

Is it bizarre to be married to a person who would gladly give up their life for their country? Is it strange to know you are with someone who is trained to kill?

Sometimes. When he deploys I wonder if he'll return. Normally the places he deploys to are safe--but if more soldiers were required in other dangerous areas, my husband would volunteer. He'd think about us for a second, I know he would--but his first love is his country. I knew this when I said "I do."

Does it make my heart squeeze when our children have to say goodbye to him so often?

Yes. But I know it makes them stronger. They understand that their father is fighting for their freedom. For America.

Throughout all the changes we go through in the military, the USO has always been around to help. Whenever my husband deploys, there's usually a USO in an airport to help make his layover comfortable. There are places to sleep and snacks. Their main goal is to ensure our soldiers are taken care of. They also organize USO tours for our deployed troops to bring smiles to their faces.

FTD Flowers has partnered with the USO and is donating 5% of all sales to them if you order through their USO Collection.

There are gorgeous selections to choose from and with the upcoming 4th of July holiday, I opted for the Perfect Patriot Fiesta Rose Bouquet.

They smell and look amazing.

And maybe, whenever you look at them, you can think of a soldier who is deployed and missing his or her family and whisper a thank you.

You can gaze at the roses and be proud to be an American.

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