Friday, August 26, 2016

Reasons Why My Teenager's Room Stinks

Ah, teenagers. They can be a joy. Or they can be...frightening. What's with all the eye rolls? Why do they get offended if you ask about their day?

Why does their room smell weird?

Well, I have some ideas.

1. Maybe it's the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the room. I tell my son to put them in the hamper, and he eventually will...when he runs out of underwear.

2. Ick, is that an old banana? An orange? I can't even tell anymore.

3. The sheets, perhaps? They should probably be washed. I'm not putting my nose against them to check though. I don't want to pass out.

4. When was the last time he washed his hair?

5. Wow, that's a thick layer of dust.

6. All the burping and farting that goes on in there doesn't help...

Bottom line? He needs to clean his room more often. He slacks on that part and doesn't mind living in filth. He claims his room "smells great." Meanwhile, I'm tempted to walk in with a pomander ball against my nose like they did in Henry VIII's time because of all the stank.

So if you have a teenager, does their room stink? Or do you have one of those neat teenagers? If you don't have teenagers, how was your room at that age? Mine was pretty messy, I won't lie. So I guess I'm being a hypocrite. But I swear, it didn't smell that bad...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Reasons Why My Kids Ride The Bus Even Though I'm A Stay At Home Mom

So I was browsing Facebook and I came across a post where buses were discussed. One woman had said, "Since I'm a stay at home mom, I drive my kids to school. If you stay at home there's no reason for kids to ride the bus."

I was like:

Because guess what? I stay at home and my kids DO ride the bus.

Here are reasons why:

1. I'm not dealing with all the traffic. I am NOT a morning person. This is Texas. There are people in every damn corner.

2. I'd lose my cool if people didn't follow car line procedures. I am not friendly before I've had my caffeine so if the person in front of me wasn't following the rules, I might get out of my car, march over, and ask what the hell they thought they were doing. For everyone's safety, it's best I'm never in a car line.

3. I'm half asleep since I'm up at 6 so I wouldn't feel safe driving with all the traffic.

4. Other people piss me off. This sort of goes along with the top two reasons, but it's true: I have road rage. And people in Texas don't like to do the following: use their turn signals, give a proper distance between vehicles, wave when someone lets you in the line....

5. I just plain don't want to. The bus is there for a reason.

Now, if my kids said they were being bullied on the bus, I might consider driving them. Maybe. What I'd probably want to do is march onto the bus and remind the other kids to stop being assholes. So far the kids are okay though. I rode the bus. I was okay.

Do you drive your kids to school even though they could ride the bus?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why You Should Check Out Basic Invite

**I was sent samples of cards in return for a review on my blog. My opinions are my own.**

I still send handwritten letters and cards.

My kids do as well. If someone takes the time to mail them a gift, they send a thank you card to that person.

I know I'm always thrilled when I get a letter. It's something that should never stop. My Nana Jo lives ten minutes away now and I still send her cards. It's something easy to do to brighten up someone's day.

I'm glad there are websites like Basic Invite, which has a ton of cards to choose from. I was able to try them out, and I'm glad I did. Here are reasons why you should too:

1. They have almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. You can change the colors on any card. If you don't like the color of a font, pick another! I was really impressed with the vibrant colors:

2. You can get custom samples. For example, if you want to be sure the invitation is perfect, you can have one made up and sent to you before ordering a ton more. I was sent a bunch of different samples:

3. There are so many different card options to choose from. You can do baby shower invitations, birth announcements, baby's first birthday announcements, and bar/bat mitzvah invitations. And those are just SOME of what you can do. I personally loved the thank you cards since we send them out often:

4. They are easy to purchase. Seriously, changing the font and colors and adding photos was simple:

5. The graduation cards are fabulous. My son will be graduating in four years (sobs!) and I plan on sending something like this out when he does:

6. You can pick colored envelopes if you don't want to stick with white. Have your mail stand out!

7. The cards are well-made. They don't look cheap. They aren't flimsy. I would be pleased to send these out to people:

Do you still send cards? 

To learn more, you can check out Basic Invite on Twitter and Facebook.

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