Monday, December 15, 2014

Am I Doing Elf On The Shelf Wrong?

We have an Elf on the Shelf.

It freaks me out.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing it wrong as I browse other blog posts or Pinterest.

For instance, most return letters are sweet:

Ours was like this:

A lot of people have their elf doing cute stuff:

Our elf does stuff like this:

More cutesy ideas:

(Is that paint? Too messy! Too messy! We prefer easy stuff! And sometimes Elf on the Shelf ideas are listed as easy, and it's like 4 steps. No thanks, guys. Not easy. Easy is sticking the dang elf on the Christmas tree, thanks.)

Meanwhile, our Elf is all:

Cutesy non-easy idea because you have to get crap set up:

Our elf:

Most fanatical elf people have a toy on each blade with the underwear neatly fluffed. After two, my arms hurt, I nearly fell over and broke my neck, so I was like, "Done." 

Oh, and we can touch our elf:

I posted this online and you'd think I shared a photo of the guy who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies streaking or something. People were beside themselves and were like, "She's TOUCHING THE ELF?" Um, yes. 

There are all sorts of things online about how to rescue an elf that has been touched. I am not joking. There are recovery letters. Recovery. Letters. I'm all for giving a kid magic, but that's pushing it for me. 

So yes, while we do the elf, we do it in an easy way.

(Really easy. Not fake 4-steps-to-complete easy.) 


  1. Recovery letters? No way!! I didn't have enough energy to even do a letter, we just move him around, sometimes not so well. His name is Christopher Popinkins and he looks different from the Elf, less creepy actually and smaller with a cute back story. So we'll keep him!

  2. Well, we never did Elf on a shelf. Now, my kids would laugh themselves silly if I did this. Since everyone is over the age of 12 now. Personally, I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

  3. I'd probably end up doing it the easy way too! I'm very impressed by all the creativity but I know I'd forget,

  4. I could maybe actually have an Elf if we did it the way you do. Most elves look like waaaay too much work.

  5. I love the way you do your elf - it is real and doable!!! Plus, if Natalie wants to touch the elf and cook with him then why shouldn't she?!

  6. If we do the elf in a few years- and that's a BIG IF- we will do it your way- the easy way. The elf will just get moved different places nightly with no cleanup needed.

  7. I like your elf version better. Especially love the "be nicer to your mom - she gave you life". Need to remember that next year ;-)

  8. Whoa. Recovery letters?
    That's too much for me.
    Mine would spell out "fart" and probably find himself with a bit of a chocolate addiction. Smeared on his face. Empty wrappers. The like. You can use that idea if you want!
    Anyway. I like your elf.

  9. I can't get over people getting upset about her touching

  10. Not sure about everyone on here, but I find elfs a little... creepy? along with clowns and other such things...

  11. I like your way so much better. My elf hangs out with Emmy's Barbies and she plays with it like she does her other toys.

  12. I thought of you recently as my newspaper had an article titled "mench on the bench" Google it, I kid you not.

  13. Hahaha, at least I can laugh at yours, but seriously, recovery letters? I am so glad there ain't no elf on my shelf!

  14. The Elf on the shelf creeps me out. Those are way too much work, I would prefer the simple ideas, who has time to put them together let alone clean it up! No, thanks!

  15. We don't have an elf because my kids are too old now. Your pictures of Meredith on Instagram crack me up every day- you are the queen of elf on the shelf! I had no idea you weren't supposed to touch it - and seriously, recovery efforts? People don't have enough to do - they should come over to my house and I'll put them to work.

  16. Hahaha! I love this! I did three years of the cutesy elf stuff. I was all out of cutesy creativity so I changed it up this year. This year Snickers asked to kids to spread Christmas cheer with random acts of kindness. And we touch our elf too.

  17. we touch our elf as well and our elf actually stays out all year - he usually hangs out on my daughters dresser!

  18. I have to admit I just don't get it. Weird little creepy things!!

  19. Bahahaha... your letter is priceless! And obviously I'm a fan of writing fart in sugar. Or anything!

  20. I didn't really know what the elf thing was all about until you started posting about it. I think you are totally doing it right! Especially for your kids! It definitely seems like the things they want to see the elf doing!

    Stop. OMG. WAIT.
    Your letter is amazing. I wish there was a profession wherein all you did was write letters to people. That sass would take you far!


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