Monday, May 30, 2016


When Tom and I were first dating, he had me watch Saving Private Ryan with him.

It was an experience.

I still have that image in my head of the soldier dying on the beach, his intestines out, screaming for his mother.

I admit, sometimes I take my freedom for granted. And I shouldn't. Because so many brave soldiers fought and gave their lives for my freedom. They should always be remembered. Not just on Memorial Day. My Grandpa fought bravely in WW2. He helped pave the way for our freedom. So many other young people did too.

So if you're at the beach, enjoying a BBQ, laughing with family....remember why you're able to do those things. Today is NOT the official start of summer. Make that another day. This day is for our fallen soldiers.



  1. Hope Tom has a peaceful relaxing day.

  2. always an emotional day for me, coming from a long line of military family, which luckily were never lost in combat. i was raised to know the difference between this and veterans day--wish more ppl knew that!!

  3. It is strange that people say "celebrate" and "Happy Memorial Day." I told Scarlet she could say "Happy July 4th" but this one is about remembering and wishing for a better future.

  4. Great post. I definitely have a greater appreciation for Memorial Day after having dated B and getting to "know" you.


Thanks for the comment!

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