Friday, May 27, 2016

Why You Should Get A Jord Watch For Father's Day

**I was sent a Jord watch to review in exchange for a post. No other compensation was exchanged and my opinions are my own.**

My husband can be difficult to shop for. But he did say he could use a new watch. However, he's picky about what watch he'll wear. Since he's in the military, he can only wear certain watches with his uniform.

I was sent a watch from Jord Wood Watches and hoped my husband would like it. JORD has a bunch of men's watches to choose from, and my husband picked the Ebony & Copper one from the Dover series.

So why should you pick up a Jord Wood Watch for the man in your life?

1. It's gorgeous!

It's made with rich ebony and sharp looking copper.

2. It comes in an amazing box and is packaged well. You feel special opening it. 

Even my husband was impressed, and not much impresses him.

3. It's cool to look at.

This is the back of the watch. Pretty neat.

4. It's comfortable.

My husband was able to wear it the entire day without it bugging him. We're in Texas, and it gets HOT here. But he said it didn't get too sweaty around the watch.

5. The box that it comes with can double as something else.

My daughter claimed it for her Shopkins.

6. It's unique.

Anyone can have a basic watch with the basic band. But with a Jord Watch, you get style.

7. You can save $25!

Yup, if you use the code DADairingmylaundry25 and save $25 when you check out.

To learn more about Jord watches, check them out here:

Wood Watches For Women


  1. Kyle has had the same watch for years haha we agreed on a bass guitar for Father's Day.

  2. Such a gorgeous watch, huh?! I picked out the same style for my husband, but in a different color. I love the copper on this one though!! Great shots with the uniform and boots! Please tell your husband the Youngs say thank you for serving!!

  3. Cool! I've got to figure out what to get my dad for Father's Day. He has everything!

  4. I see these a lot and think they're pretty cool. Cassidy would never wear a watch but my dad and brother do.

  5. That is a gorgeous watch, and I love that it can be worn with the uniform!

  6. Love the watch :)

  7. love jord watches...all of them are such works of art. i have a wooden one.

  8. Thanks for sharing beautiful content. I got information from your blog.keep sharing


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