Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things You Should Know Before Buying A House

Buying a house can be an exciting time. It can also be rather stressful. We just bought our first house and learned some things along the way.

--There's a lot of waiting involved. We started the process at the end of April and just got in our house last week. Sometimes it takes even longer, but our credit was great, so everything went smoothly.

--There a stage called the underwriting stage.

--During the underwriting stage, you'll be requested to send in MORE documents. Or maybe it was just us, because we used a VA loan. We thought we were good to go but nope, then we were told the underwriters needed MORE things filled out.

--The closing date can change at the last minute. Read our story about that here.

--The people who lived in the home previously might leave nails in the walls. If you want them out, state so in the contract. We just assumed they'd do this.

--If you have a HOA, be prepared for lots of rules. We have one. We just have to remember not to paint our house an offensive color. Oh, and mow the lawn. You'll get a nasty gram if you don't mow your lawn.

--You might find things wrong with the house AFTER you close. We discovered that the kitchen faucet can pop off. You have to push it down just right, otherwise water will drip. My tip would be to test all the faucets during the walk through.

--When you close on the house, the amount of times you sign your name is insane. This is the stack of paper we signed or initialed.

--We were pre-approved for a $400,000 loan but try not to ever go near the high amount. We went wayy below because we wanted to be comfortable after the mortgage payment and bills.

--Pay for an inspection to be done on the house. We paid about $300 for ours. It's expensive, but worth it. If there's something majorly wrong with the house, you want to know. We were lucky and didn't have anything crazy.

--Don't go overboard with square footage. Remember, you have to clean it. Or, if you're rich like Jay Z, maybe not. But for us regular people, we have to clean on our own. Our house is a little over 2000 square feet which I feel is a perfect size for our family of four. It won't be too overwhelming to clean.

It can be a lot of information at once, but in the end it's a thrilling thought to know that you own a home.

Have you bought a house?


  1. We haven't yet, but we plan on it when we move to our next duty station. It'll be our first time too!

  2. Haha cleaning a big house is the worst! Totally agree with that. Ask how old the water heater is and when the last time the drains were cleaned, etc. I have a "daddy" (who's been plumbing all his life) but if I didn't, I'd bring in a plumber before I bought. Plumbing issues are major. Even leasing we've run into that!

  3. We just bought our first house and we close on Monday! So excited. :)

  4. An offensive color?! Lol, do people actually get offended by colors?! So silly. Also, I totally agree with how many times you have to sign your name... I thought my hand was going to fall off when we were signing all of our documents... and my signature was definitely not legible by the end of the process!

  5. We bought a house and a car at the same time. The paperwork for the car was worse, somehow!
    Offensive colors.. haha!

  6. YES!!! People don't seem to realize how much work it is to buy a house! I bought our house using a POA and I wanted to rip my hand off afterwards haha.

  7. don't forget the independent House inspector, that is a big must.

    1. Yes, that's a great one! I might have to add it in. We paid for one.

  8. Maybe one day... Buying a house scares the sh*t out of me. I know I can always rent it out, but it feels like way too much commitment and I think I am a commitment phobe...! HA

  9. Oh my gosh the closing paperwork is enough to make you rethink the whole process. You kind of feel like you are signing your life away!!

  10. We didn't have underwriter issues that may be specific to a VA loan.
    Inspection is crucial. If your home was built in an area without gas or electric heating-- or if it' isn't relatively new, contact the town for any changes made to the land-- a lot of homes have buried oil tanks which should be removed at the seller's cost or you should walk away.

  11. I had underwriting issues too. Nothing too awful but they did ask for more stuff. My agent told me that may happen so I was prepared. I was in my house in about a month and a half after I put in my offer. I didn't go anywhere near what I was approved for either. I just didn't feel comfortable. The previous owner was really sweet and installed 2 new windows for me I didn't even ask for them.

  12. 2000 square feet would be huge to clean for me! Anyway congratulations!

  13. Offensive color like what btw? Poop brown? Lol!

  14. Offensive colors! Lol seems to be the ongoing favorite part of this post! Love it! This is great advice and info. Thank you!


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