Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Exactly Is HEB?


I love it.

But some people have no idea what it is. It's a grocery store. A wonderful grocery store. It was created by Florence Butt, which makes me go like this:

His son Howard Edward Butt took over. So that's why it's called HEB. But obviously they couldn't have BUTT in a grocery store name because...

HEB is only in Texas. Before we lived in Texas I would insist we go to one whenever we visited my parents. And now that we live here, I can go whenever I want. And trust me, I do.

So why do I love HEB? Let me show you.

1. The bakery is amazing.

(Look at all the ICING!)

2. There are cookies.

3. Watching your waistline? Well, there's healthy stuff too.

4. You can get ready to cook meats. I get this chicken a lot.

5. The candy aisle goes on for AGES!

6. There are coupons! Sometimes if you buy one thing, you get a bunch of stuff for free. For example, I bought my daughter a lunchbox and got several items for nothing. Tissues. Mini candy bars. Cheez-It snack bags.

Those are just some of the reasons. But really, there are tons of amazing things to find. And they have a gigantic booze section if the kids are giving you a hard time.

So yes, I love HEB. If you live in Texas, make sure you go. If you visit Texas, you should go. You won't be sorry.

Have you ever been to HEB?


  1. I haven't been. I wish my town had a normal store, though. We have a superstore that rarely has decent produce and a fancy store that charges an arm and a leg for produce. I can't win!

  2. Never even been to Texas. That candy aisle definitely caught me eye. Not as much as the bakery! Those monster cakes are too adorable. Are those macaroons I spot by the cookies!? Maybe I'm going crazy due to you expressing baked goods. Thanks a lot...haha.
    Do you have Meijer or Kroger down there?

  3. Love!! The icing...yes please! We have Kroger Marketplace and it's pretty cool.
    Sushi bar, sandwiche station, in store made tortillas. BUT this place looks so much better. I'm jealous!!
    PS the first time I went in Trader Joes I lost my mind lol. Idk why I just love that place. Hahaha. I was like omg need this, want this, need this...

  4. the cookies by the pound thing is awesome!!! I work for Kroger so I'd probably be shunned if I shopped at a HEB ever. Ha. Kidding... I've heard their bakeries are pretty legendary. I see why now!

  5. I've never heard of HEB, but the bakery looks amazing!

  6. Never been but I always wanted to visit.
    Up here we have Wegmans which seems similar to this. It's a magical place and there aren't many in the world at all.

  7. looks like a great store. the best grocery store i've ever been to is wegman's, but it's not close enough to warrant going all the time.

  8. I miss their freshly made tortillas and their vegetable pot stickers. They were so good. I loved their meat department. Publix here in Florida is pretty similar to HEB, but I liked that HEB was affordable while Publix is pretty expensive.

  9. I love those bakery photos!! I wish we had a an HEB here in Michigan!

  10. I can't wait to check it out once we're in Texas!

  11. I just miss American supermarkets. Or even the ones from England. Sing sucks!!!! WAAAAAHHHHH

  12. I like my supermarkets small so I can go in buy the stuff on my list and leave. We have an Aldi around the corner which is perfect.

  13. I always see your pictures on Instagram of HEB, so I looked it up, and we don't have one even remotely close, even though we're in TX :( Bummer!


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