Thursday, November 9, 2006

And We Have A Name

I don't think I ever mentioned that we named the baby.

It wasn't easy.

I had a list of names that I liked and Tom wasn't a fan of any of them.

It went like this:

"How about Megan?" I asked.



"Too plain."


"Bless you."

"Excuse me?" I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Chloe sounds like a sneeze to me."

I sighed. "Savannah?"

"Is a place, not a name. And don't suggest Autumn or anything like that. It's a season not a name. Same with May. It's a--"

I lifted a hand up to stop him. "I know. It's a month not a name."

Tom nodded. "That's right. And no cheerleader type names like Ashley or Jessica." He shuddered.

I threw my list aside. "Fine. Your turn."

"You know the name I like."

I rolled my eyes. "Please don't say Victoria.."

"Victoria. Now isn't that a pretty name?" Tom asked hopefully.

"Sure. Yes. If we were living in the eighteen hundreds it would be just peachy," I answered. Then I rubbed my stomach. "I'm so sorry. You might be No Name for a few months."

There was a silence.

Then Tom spoke up.

"I could deal with Natalie."

I thought for a moment. "Natalie." I tried it out on my voice. Then I raised it. "Natalie you stop doing that right now or I'm calling your Daddy!" Then I grinned. "It works. Natalie!" I clapped my hands. I leaned against Tom's shoulder. "Can her middle name be Elizabeth?"

Tom snorted. "Okay you said Victoria was old fashioned..."

"I know but..I've been naming my dolls and Barbies Elizabeth since I was a little girl. It's just a name I've always liked. I'm not a fan of it for a first name but for a middle..." I trailed off, staring at Tom with hopeful eyes.

Tom shrugged. "Fine. Natalie Elizabeth it is."

I rubbed my stomach again. "You hear that? You have a name!" I waited, expecting her to kick because after all, it was a heartfelt moment.

But things like that rarely happen in real life so Natalie didn't make any movement. She was probably fast asleep thinking, "Yeah whatever.."

"Of course if you turn out to be a boy we'll have problems. So please, for all our sakes, keep your vagina," I said towards my stomach.

"Haha cachina!" Tommy giggled, looking up from the book he had been flipping through.

"Amber.." Tom rolled his eyes at me.

"What? She could surprise us and be a boy. It happens."

"CACHINA!" Tommy said again.

For now, she's Natalie Elizabeth.

And before I left Lakenheath the doctor went over the ultrasound results.

My due date is the same. March 17th.

And she's perfect.


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