Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Entry About Poop


My stubborn son has decided to poop in the potty.

I know, I know.

He's nearly five and he still was in Pull Ups during the night.

It was probably my fault. I should have just taken away the Pull Ups and kept him in underwear during the night.

But then I thought about underwear filled with poop and it scared me off. I cleaned up poopy underwear before and gave up in the middle of it. I just ended up throwing away the underwear because the whole taking it off Tommy and then carrying it at a distance away from my face was just horrendous.

So yes. I used Pull Ups.

I honestly thought that I'd have problems with Tommy staying dry during the night. Because the kid can guzzle down a lot of water before bedtime. But nope, he's never wet the bed, not once, never gone in his pants during the night. He just waits until the morning and then pees before breakfast.

But the pooping.

Oh lordy.

He just didn't want to poop in the potty.

He said he was scared.

It's a sensory issue. I read in my sensory processing disorder books that pooping in the potty can be a frightening experience.

Believe me I'd try to get him to poop in the potty. I can tell whenever he needs to go. He does what we call a "poop dance" and then he tries to run upstairs into the privacy of his room. I'd usually have him sit on the potty for a little bit and he'd comply but sadly tell me, "Mommy I can't! Mommy I'm scared!"

And after thirty minutes of sitting there with him, telling him that he COULD poop in the potty, I grew impatient and would let him just go into his room and poop in his Pull Up.

Shame on me, I know.

But I am not patient.

Last night, however, I had had enough.

I saw him do his poop dance.

He told me that he needed his privacy and started to rush up to his room.

"No. Let's sit on the potty," I said.

"Mommy, I can't!" Tommy immediately said.

"Yes you can."

So he sat there for twenty minutes.

Then he insisted that he didn't have to go.

I told him he wasn't getting privacy in his room this time.

So he just refused to go.

I could tell he was uncomfortable as he sat on the couch beside me. He wiggled all over the place, trying to keep the poop in, then he'd start his poop dance and rush back to the couch.

"Mommy I need privacy!" he said.

"Let's go sit on the potty."

Back on the potty we went.

He insisted he didn't have to go.

Back downstairs we went.

He did his poop dance some more.

Finally he rushed into the bathroom on his own.

"Mommy, I'm scared!" he called out.

Tom and I both told him he was okay. Tom even sat in the bathroom with him and told him he could do it.

"I'm scared, Daddy!"

Then he started to wail.

"AHHH AHHHHH poop is COMING!" he shouted dramatically.

"You did it!" Tom said a few seconds later.

I came up beside him.

"He pooped?" I said, hopeful.

Tom coughed and pinched his nose. "Yes he did..could you, um, take over..the smell is horrible.."

I was SO excited for him.

I walked in the bathroom and went, "Tommy! You went poop in the POTTY like a big boy! Raise the roof, oy oy, raise the roof, oy oy!" I chanted and did a little dance.

Tommy laughed. "I did it!"

(The smell, by the way, was horrible. Gracious me, what does the kid EAT???)

Then came the wiping part.

I had no idea what to do!

I mean when he pooped in his Pull Up he'd just lay down and I'd wipe like that.

I got some of the Kandoo wipes that I've always kept "just in case" and started to wipe.


I didn't know how to get to the, um, HOLE...

So I asked him to bend over.

I mean Tommy sort of knew how to wipe but not quite.

When I finished Tommy went, "I get my police car now!"

Because I bought him a police car and told him that if he went poop in the potty that he could have it.

He was thrilled to get his police car. He went, "Daddy look, I got a police car. I went poop in the potty!"

Tom called his Mom and told her.

"Mom? Tommy FINALLY went poop in the potty.."

Because our relatives know our struggle with the poops.

I told my parents too.

Tommy got a lot of "good jobs!" And of course, he was proud of himself. "Yes I went poop in the potty," he'd say proudly.

I hope he keeps it up.

I did tell him no more Pull Ups.

So I am HOPING that he doesn't go in his underwear.

(Otherwise I'll probably just dump it out. Yes, I am a wimp.)

Oh, and I butchered Tommy's hair.

His bangs were in his eyes so I thought I could cut a few strands and be okay.

Hah, yes. I cut one side too much, the other side was too short and it looked awful.

So I asked Tom if he could buzz his hair because surely we couldn't send our kid to school with uneven hair.

Tommy, the poor kid, freaked out over the buzzer.

Sometimes he does okay, sometimes he hates it. It's just the vibrations, the noise by his ears..it's too much. So he screamed and cried and went, "All done, please! ALL DONE PLEASE!"

His hair looks a little better at least. The back is still long but Tom got the front part at least. Now his bangs don't look messed up.

Note to self: never cut my child's hair again. I have no idea what I'm doing.


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