Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shoppette Run

Last night I announced that Natalie wanted Twinkies.

Tom raised an eyebrow. "Oh. Natalie wants Twinkies I see?"

I pretended to look insulted. "Yes. Are you going to deny your little girl?"

Thankfully I'm married to a man who likes to eat so he said he'd take me to the shoppette.

Tommy had a dollar that he had received in a Valentines Day card from my Grandma. He was thrilled. He gripped it and said, "What am I going to get?"

He decided on powdered donuts.

I know, I know. For shame, feeding your child sweets. But he doesn't get a lot of them, really he doesn't. He mainly sticks to raisins as dessert. Sometimes he'll have a fruit popsicle. But it's mainly raisins. Or grapes.

So Tommy put his powdered donuts in the basket and I put in my Twinkies.

Then I spotted the Little Debbie aisle.

And that's where I found a marshmallow pie and a fudge round.

Mmm fudge rounds.

Then M&Ms sounded good so those went in the basket too.

"Geez," Tom announced when he saw everything. "I thought you just wanted Twinkies."

"Then I saw the Little Debbie snacks. I'm a Little Debbie fiend, you know this," I explained.

After all I was denied Little Debbie snacks as a child. Growing up with health nuts, well, you don't get things like that often.

Oh you get fat free Twinkies, which, I'm sorry to say do NOT taste the same as the original, but Fudge Rounds? Ha, I didn't even know fudge rounds existed until I met Tom.

My parents are probably thinking, "Okay we raised her to be healthy..what happened??"

I know they think this when they visit and look in my cupboards and fridge.

"Where are the vegetables?" my Mom will ask, looking perplexed. "Where's the fruit?"

"Er...." I'll respond, feeling slightly guilty.

Now I try to remember to stock up the fridge with healthy stuff when they visit.

(Though we do usually have fruit. I've been on a plum and apple kick.)

So they don't worry that their daughter is going to turn into one giant Twinkie.

We stood in line to check out. Tommy and I stood behind Tom so Tommy could pay for his donuts.

When Tom piled everything on the counter the cashier, who was a young woman, looked surprised.

"Wow, someone has a case of the munchies!" she announced. As she rang up the items she went, "I love these things but my husband won't let me eat them."



It irks me when I hear things like that.

Why would anyone let anyone else tell them what they can and can not eat?

If Tom ever told me I couldn't have something I think he'd be missing an eye or something.

I really wanted to say something.

But I bit my tongue.

What I wanted to say was, "Why would you put up with that?"

And I noticed Tom eyeing me because he knew I'd have a problem with her comment. He shook his head slightly and I got the message.

See, I insulted one of his co-workers before. I didn't mean to but she and her husband had stopped by for dinner. This was in Nebraska I believe and I had announced that dinner was ready. She stood up and clapped her hands and said, "Okay let's go prepare our husband's plates!"


I burst out laughing, thinking she was JOKING and went, "Haha why? Don't they have hands? Hahaha.."

The look on her face told me she hadn't been joking, that she truly believed that we should fix our husband's plates.


She did end up fixing her husband's plate and still looked entirely shocked that Tom was fixing his own. Her eyes bugged out as Tom spooned food on his plate and she shook her head slightly.


After Tom paid for our items the cashier rung up Tommy's donuts.

"Okay Tommy, hand over your dollar," I instructed.

Tommy looked pained. He gripped it.

"If you want the donuts, Tommy, then you have to pay for them," I said.

He still looked undecided. Finally he handed his money over.

Then we walked out of the shoppette and Tommy looked confused.

"What's wrong, Tommy?" I asked.

Tommy peered down at his now empty hands. "Where did my money go?" he asked seriously.

Tom laughed. "That's the same thing I ask myself whenever I go shopping with your Mom!"



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