Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tom Is On A Roll

Yesterday when Tom came home from training he asked if I wanted to go to the mall.


He doesn't have to ask me twice.

Although at first I hesitated.

"Er no.." I replied.

Tom looked a little surprised. My wife he probably was thinking has just turned down shopping??!!

"No?" Tom repeated.

"Well, it's just that...if you're still sick with a cold I'd rather not. You were so unpleasant at Wal-Mart the other day," I explained.

"Oh but I'm fine now," Tom insisted. "I won't rush you."

I'm pleased to say that he didn't rush me.

He did give a slight sigh when I wandered into the baby section at Sears though. I marveled at this ruffly yellow dress and he muttered that Natalie had plenty of clothes.

I didn't buy it because he is right.

We started to walk through the mall and I came across a terrifying sight.

Waldenbooks is closed!

For good!

I think it's because there's a Barnes and Noble right down the street.

But still. Sometimes I want to pop into Waldenbooks. And now it's gone.

I went into a slight panic.

I cheered up when we got to Gymboree and saw they were having a Baby Sale.

The clothes are still overpriced though.

$10 for ONE onesie is a bit much.

Still, the clothes are adorable. I found the cutest pair of sunglasses that I was going to pick up for Natalie.

But Tom didn't look thrilled. Not that I ever expect him to look thrilled over a piece of clothing but sometimes I wish he'd say, "Oh those are ADORABLE!"

Instead he just sniffed and shrugged.


I was very close on picking up an outfit.

But I did not.

Because the skirt was $20.

$20 for ONE skirt?

No thanks.

Then we went into Hallmark.

Where I proceeded to open a bunch of those cards that make music.

I just think they are awesome!

I opened one that played the Gone with the Wind theme and hummed along with it.

"La la la LAAAAAA!"

I think I embarrassed Tom. His eyes were darting around and he asked if I was planning on purchasing a card or just playing with them.

"I'm just looking," I explained. "Oh look this one talks!"

Tom was very patient though.

He surprised me at one point though. We walked past Zales and he went, "Be right back," and darted in the store.


I was left there baffled with Tommy.

"Where did Daddy go?" Tommy asked.

"Er..Mommy has no idea," I replied and then followed Tom in the store.

He was talking to a worker and immediately stopped when he noticed me.

Both the worker, who was a rail thin woman in a dark suit and my husband stared at me in horror.

"Um," I said, feeling uncomfortable. "I'll just wait out here."

I backed away slowly wondering what was going on.

Tommy and I went to Chik-fil-a as we waited.

I got waffle fries.

Mmm waffle fries.

Tommy wasn't impressed though.

"I want spaghetti," he told me seriously and handed me back the waffle fries. He turned towards the direction of the cashier and shouted, "SPAGHETTI PLEASE!"

I nearly choked on my fry. "Er, Tommy? They don't have spaghetti here. I'll make you some at home, okay?"

Tommy sighed. "Okay." He sat down across from me. "Where's my Daddy?"

"Shopping I guess.."

"But why?"

"I have no idea."

"But why?"

"Because I really don't know."

"But why?"

"Hey look, here's Daddy now!" I said, relieved.

Tom approached us carrying a rather large Zales bag.

I tried to peek in but he whipped it around his back.

"What did you get?" I asked. I swallowed back and did not say, "And how much did it cost?"

Because I know it's unromantic to ask such things.

Even though I really wanted to know.

We walked back to the truck and Tom hid the bag in the backseat.

"So what did you get?" I asked on the way home. "Is it for me?"

I mean I honestly didn't know. Maybe he got something for his mother. Although it wouldn't have made sense that he didn't want me in the store.

"Of course it's for you," Tom replied.

"Can I have a hint?"


"A small hint?"


"A speck of a hint?"


"A smidgen of a hint?"


"Fine then."

Then we came home and yes, we had spaghetti.

Afterwards Tom handed me the bag.

"Is this a joke?" I asked Tom. "Because I have no willpower, I can't NOT open this. Don't tease me.."

Tom laughed. "No I'm giving it to you now. I know you'll find it anyway if I try to hide it.."

(He's right. I would find it. I'm an excellent seeker.)

So I peeked in the bag and found this:

I squealed. The excitement of it all was getting to me.

"Er, you open the box," Tom reminded me.

"I KNOW, I'm MARVELING in this..look at the pretty bow!" I said.

Tom pretended to grab the box from me. "Okay that's all you get to see..." When he saw my expression he quickly informed me he was kidding.

I opened the box and saw this:

"It's like one of those dolls that you open and they get smaller and smaller!" I said.

"HUH?" Tom wondered, confused.


Then I opened the thing inside the box:

And found a beautiful necklace!

The jewelry box also plays music.

"I love it!" I shouted. "It's beautiful!"

I threw my arms around his neck and pressed kisses on his face. "You've been spoiling me lately."

Tom shrugged. "You deserve it."

I fingered the necklace. "It's beautiful."

That night I figured that it would be THE NIGHT.

You know, the night where my husband finally got sex again.

Because it's been awhile.

I'm at the point where I'm worried if I spread my legs that dust might burst out.

Tom had no idea though. He was already in bed, waiting for me to do my nighttime ritual.

Brush my teeth, put cream on my stomach, that sort of thing.

This time I added Tom's favorite body cream.

I crawled into bed, hoping that he'd notice.

He didn't.

He just pulled me close to him.

So I waved my arm around his face, so he'd get a whiff of the body cream.

"You spazzing?" Tom asked.


"What's with the arm flying around? Should I duck?"

I sighed. "Nevermind." I brushed my hand against his nose.

"OUCH Amber, what are you DOING?"

Oh for..

I gave up on the body cream.

Next I let my fingers graze downwards.

"OH!" Tom shouted, surprised.

"What?" I responded in what I hoped was a sexy voice.

"You hand accidentally touched my butt..haha."

Isn't that sad? It's been so long that he thinks I ACCIDENTALLY touched his butt.

"Maybe I did it on purpose," I said, still hoping I sounded sexy.

"You're cute," Tom replied and kissed my nose.

He didn't seem like he was taking this seriously. Hello? Did he not realize that his wife was trying to seduce him?

I decided I ought to step things up a bit so I started touching his, erm, front side.

He seemed to like that.

Then when I started to kiss his neck he seemed to really respond.

Since it had been so long and we now had my beach ball of a stomach to manuever around it wasn't that easy.

I accidentally scratched Tom's forehead when he suddenly started to kiss my neck.

Then when we started to get into a comfortable position my leg came up and nearly knocked him over.

Yes, a bit awkward.

When it was all over I thought Tom would say something sweet, like that it was fabulous..


Instead he rolled over and a few minutes later started to snore.


Oh well.

He bought me flowers AND a beautiful necklace and jewelery box.

He's entitled to just roll over and sleep.

This time.


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