Thursday, April 5, 2007

Big Brother Tommy

Okay so here's the honest truth:

Sometimes I feel like an inadequate mother to Tommy these days.

There have been so many times when he's asked me for something and I can't get to it because Natalie is nursing. I can move around with her nursing at my right breast but not my left.

I just worry he's going to resent me for this. Thank goodness for my mother. She's been spending time with him. I try to spend time with him but I know it's not as fun for him because my energy has been so low.

In fact I fell asleep in the middle of a book I was reading to him. He had to tap me and go, "Mommy? Wake up!"

He has been a good big brother though. He brings me things if I ask him for them. When we first got home from the hospital he really wanted to hold Natalie so we let him:

He said, "She's pretty."

Of course he didn't hold her for long because he didn't get that you had to keep holding the head up.

How is he doing with her crying?

He runs and hides.

What he does is cover his ears and take off upstairs. He shuts his bedroom door and waits until someone comes and gets him to let him know Natalie has stopped crying.

He does love his sister though. He keeps asking, "Can Natalie play with me now?" I have to explain that she's too little to play.

"Then can she play with me tomorrow?" he'll ask.

He doesn't seem to be jealous. I mean sometimes he'll go, "Mommy can you play with me?" and if I'm in the middle of changing her diaper I'll have to tell him in a few minutes.

"Ohhhh," he'll say and puff his lip out.

I feel just awful.

Last night Mom held Natalie for me so I could tuck Tommy in.

He told me, "I want Nonna. Not you. Nonna."

This broke my heart.

I always tell him how proud I am of him. That he's a good big brother.

"Yes," Tommy will say and nod.

He is definately interested in Natalie. He'll ask, "What's she doing?" when her eyes are open and she's gazing around.

Tommy also got a new bike. He got $50 from my Grandma for his birthday and he wanted a bike.

He still can't pedal though. It's because of his low muscle tone. He tries but then goes, "It's too hard, I can't!" So Mom and I are helping him practice with that. He's also proud of his Spiderman helmet and pads.

And we went ahead and ordered a trampoline. We figure this will help with Tommy's energy.

We also bought the enclosure to be on the safe side. I can just see him falling off without it.

Oh and Natalie hates her baths:

She showed us this yesterday when she took a dump as soon as I wrapped her up in her towel.

It was funny though. All of a sudden you hear: "PFFFFFFFFFFFFF!" and sure enough a bunch of poop was in there.

Silly girl.

Then we put her back in the bath to clean her up.

This ticked her off.

Tommy, of course, had run upstairs covering his ears.

After I finished her second bath, I lifted her up and she peed. I thought it was just water dripping off of her, then I realized, oops, it's a stream!

She had peed all over the floor and looked quite proud of herself.

Like, "Haha that's what you get."

I do have more pictures, I just need to upload them. When I find the time.

Oh and Mom is staying longer. I kept asking, "Are you sure?" and she kept saying, "Of course." I offered to pay for her ticket since she has to extend and I'm not sure how much that'll cost and she said that was unnecissary, that she wanted to help.

Thank goodness for Moms.


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