Thursday, April 12, 2007

Five Year Checkup

Tom's Mom arrives today. Last time she called she was in Nebraska.

Yup, she drove all the way from Ohio.

This morning Tom took Tommy to his five year checkup. I was going to take him but Natalie refuses the bottle and we were worried she'd get upset while I was gone.

(A bottle of breastmilk that is.)

Tommy never wanted a bottle either. If he got hungry when we were out I'd just breastfeed him in the bathroom.

I know, I know, people are all, "Would YOU want to eat in the bathroom?" But seriously I didn't care. I'd just go in the handicap bathroom, put the toilet seat down and nurse. I didn't have a problem with it. I suppose that's what we'll do with Natalie if she never takes the bottle. Tom really wanted to feed her but when we tried the bottle last night she screamed.

It was a Medela bottle too but she didn't care, she didn't like that rubbery junk.

I guess I can't blame her.

So yes, Tom took Tommy to be on the safe side.

I wanted to go because I like to hear how he's doing.

Anyhow Tom said Tommy did well. He passed his eye test. He knew all the symbols except the one where the circle was filled in. (A dot.) Tom said when Tommy got to that one he looked at the doctor and said seriously, "What is that?"

He allowed the doctor to look him over without any problem.

He answered some questions for the doctor such as, "What meal do we eat at night?" and "What do you do when it rains?"

Things like that.

The doctor did say that she felt a lump on Tommy's throat.

Tom said this to me casually.

"Oh yeah the doctor said she felt a lump on Tommy's throat."

And that was IT!

I was all, "Is he okay, is it cancer, is he sick?"

Tom looked a bit surprised that I was so worried. "Um, the doctor didn't seem worried, she just said she'd keep an eye on it the next time Tommy came in."

"Yes but should we take him in sooner, is he okay, is--"

"AMBER. The doctor said he was healthy, that she was just going to keep an eye on it."

"But is he OKAY, what if it's cancer, what if he has some terrible disease.."

"AMBER! Look, here's the paper the doctor gave me. Do you see this line? She wrote that Tommy is A HEALTHY CHILD. Right there. Do you see that? A HEALTHY CHILD. If she was really worried she'd have made us make another appointment. He's fine.."



Tommy does need two shots. Tom didn't take him because he has a meeting he has to get to this morning. So we're taking him next week.

Which is a good thing because when Tommy left this morning he kept going, "No shot, please no shot!"

I told him he was getting one next week and he sighed and went, "Okay. I like shots!"


Okay then..

I told him if he's a big boy for his shots then he can pick out a Matchbox car the next time we go out.

I do have pictures.

First off, here is a picture of Natalie. I put her in a dress complete with one of those headband thingies and she ripped OFF the headband thingy and screamed.

And now some of Natalie with her NOT crying:


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