Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Different Baby

Okay, Natalie is a completely different baby than Tommy.

Tommy was more laid back. Sure he had his moments but for the most part you'd put him down and he'd happily sit for awhile. He loved his swing and would happily sit there for sometimes up to an hour, which was bliss for me. He also slept on his back, on his own. Of course he had his times when he didn't want to sleep for long but for the most part he'd sleep for two hour stretches for me.


Not so much.

She still hates her bouncer.

She still hates her swing.

She'll tolerate her floor gym for up to ten minutes, sometimes less.

She hates sleeping on her back.

She hates sleeping PERIOD.


She's very particular on how she's held too.

Tommy was content to be cradled.

Natalie is not.

She'll tolerate cradling for a few minutes. Then she'll fuss and insist that you prop her in a sitting position.

BUT you have to be sitting Indian style on the couch. Sometimes she'll want to be propped up on your left side. Then she'll fuss and insist you move her to your right side. Then she'll want to lay on your legs. Then she'll get fed up with being held all together and cry. So then I'll bring her against my chest and pat her back to see if she has gas. She'll tolerate this for a few minutes and then want another position.

I'm just worried that this is her personality. Will she always be this fussy?

Tommy was a happy baby for goodness sakes, I'm not used to this at all.

I believe Natalie does have colic. She cried for nearly an hour yesterday. I tried everything. Walking her around, patting her back, changing her positions while she was on my lap..she just screamed! So I gave her gas drops and this helped a little but oh was she MAD.

And she doesn't sleep much during the day so I barely get a break in.

I'm just so tired sometimes...Tom's Mom helps but sometimes Natalie just wants me. And even then she still wails sometimes.

I am hoping she'll get better with sleeping and cheer up a little bit. I fear bringing her out in public for too long for fear that she'll scream the place down.

We did go to Wal-Mart yesterday and she wailed for a little bit in there and then went back to sleep.


I love her to pieces but she seriously can wear me out.

There will be no more kids.

Tom jokingly said the other day: "So when should we try for the next one?"

I nearly jumped down his throat. "Next one? NEXT ONE? There will be no more babies passing through this vagina. No way. And if I get baby fever say these two words to me: Sleep. Deprivation."

I miss my sleep.

No, I haven't tried co-sleeping but if this keeps up I'll give in. Probably only when Tom is at work during the night because seriously the man shifts horribly. I've had his arm flung across my face more times than I care to count.

Yes, I'm that dishelved mother that you see wandering around Wal-Mart with messy hair and mis-matched clothing looking completely confused at what is going on...


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