Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Target Shopping

My Mom left yesterday.

I cried.

Tom was all, "Don't cry, look at it this way, we can eat junk food again!"

This only made me cry harder.

"I don't want to eat a lot of junk food because I'm...I'm..fffffattttttt!"

"You're not fat, you've just had a baby!"

"I'm fat! My stomach hasn't gone down and I have ugly red stretch marks everywhere. No one will ever find me attractive again!"

"I find you attractive."

"You're just SAYING that..."

"I'm not!"

So I cried for a little bit and then Tom said he'd take me to Target to cheer me up.

I haven't been shopping in ages.

We had to go home first of course. Going out with a baby can take awhile. I had to double check the diaper bag to make sure we had enough diapers, wipes, spit up cloths, extra outfit in case she exploded out of her diaper...

Then I had to feed her before we left and I changed her diaper so she'd be fresh.

Tommy was all, "Can we leave now?"

"I need to take care of your sister, Tommy. So she won't cry," I explained.

He sighed and stood by the front door.

Finally, nearly an hour later we were off.

Natalie was ticked to be in her carseat at first but once the car started moving she was calm again.

By the time we got to Target she was asleep.

As we walked into the store I told Tom, "Remember this is just a fast trip.."

He laughed and went, "Um did you forget who you were with? Fast shopping trips are my favorite shopping trips."

Oh right.

We were fast.

I picked up some Easter goodies for 50% off. Mainly toys for next year.

We did buy two packages of Reeses Easter Eggs just because they rock.

But that was it for the candy.

Then I rushed into the baby section. I picked up a bulk supply of wipes (Pampers sensitive) and a huge box of Pampers swaddlers.

We were done in fifteen minutes which is a record for me.

Still managed to spend $75 bucks though.

How that happened is beyond me. I mean we were in there for FIFTEEN minutes.

Shopping at Target did cheer me up some. It was a bit of a shock being in a store again.

I still miss my Mom though. The house is already starting to get messy.


Tom is being helpful.

I didn't get as much sleep yesterday either. Tom keeps putting her down and she wakes up and wants to eat so he's back in the room getting me after only an hour. Usually if someone holds her she'll sleep for at least two hours. The night before Mom left she slept for FOUR hours in Mom's arms.

Last night I got some sleep while Natalie slept in my arms. It wasn't comfortable but I think I at least got an hour. I kept waking up with a start, making sure she was still okay. Sleeping while sitting up and with your neck tilted back at an angle isn't that comfortable but at this point I'll take any sleep that I can get...

Tom's Mom comes on Thursday at least.

We're going to run to the grocery store later.

I have pictures but I haven't had the time to upload and resize them yet.


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