Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick Shopping

Tom and I were able to go to Target.


Without kids.

So this meant we had to move very very quickly to make sure Natalie didn't have a fit while we were gone.

She was sleeping when we left but Natalie's sleeps can be as few as five minutes so we didn't want Tom's Mom to be left with her crying.

We dashed in. Tom loved this. He was all, "Now this is the kind of shopping I like."

I found this book called Your Baby Week by Week. It tells you what your baby is meant to be doing at each week until they are a year. I'm at the point where I'm looking for ANY information on the kind of baby that Natalie is. Which seems to be a colicky, non liking to sleep on her own baby.

I think if she had come with an instruction book it would have been titled: Ha ha. So you have a baby with colic...

Anyhow I flipped through the book to week 4, which is how old Natalie it is.

It says that babies of this age could be sleeping up to six hours.


I started to laugh hysterically at this and the woman beside me gave me a terrified look and slowly backed away. She probably thought I was a crazy woman.

When Tom found me I told him what I had read.

He also laughed.

"Amber, sometimes we're lucky if she sleeps for six minutes!"

Yes, I know.

Six hours indeed.

I also bought this thing:

Seriously, at the end of my rope, will try anything.

It's meant to be a co-sleeping which I am using as my last resort. I just don't like the idea of sharing my bed with children. I have problems sharing with Tom for goodness sakes. I like to stretch out and I wake easily so every noise would cause me to wake up.

I bought this hoping maybe she'd feel more secure. I was going to put it in her crib and see if she'd like her crib now.

I just don't know what I'm going to do when Tom's Mom leaves and Tom is at work for three days and I have to take care of everything on my own. I mean Natalie won't be anywhere on her own for over five minutes. How am I meant to cook? To take care of Tommy? I can't just cook and listen to her cry, I just can't.

So I brought up the idea of a sling with Tom. I was never a huge fan of them because again, I like my space, but at the same time if this is the only way I can get things done I will.

Tom was all, "Sixty bucks for a sling?" when I showed him the one I was looking at.

(BaliBreeze I believe it was.)

I stopped talking about it for two weeks hoping Natalie would start liking her bouncer, her swing, ANYTHING for at least twenty minutes so I could get things done.

But she still doesn't and Tom's Mom leaves next weekend.

So I told Tom I am going to buy a sling whether he likes it or not because he isn't the one who has to race around and take care of two children and a house.

We were in and out of Target in fifteen minutes.

A record for me, seriously. Usually I can spend hours in there looking at...well geez, everything really. I just go down aisles.

Not anymore. Not for awhile.

Until Natalie starts to chill (which I hope is soon) we'll have to do our shopping quickly because when she cries she CRIES. Her face turns bright red and she screams down the place. I can deal with it in a store for a bit because you know, babies cry but Tom gets embarrassed.

"We have to go we have to go, abort shopping, ABORT shopping!" is Tom's attitude when a kid starts to act up.

I'm all, "But I'm looking at these cute shirts..."

(Though I do leave if the kid starts to cry more than ten minutes because I don't want to ruin shopping experience for other people.)

Speaking of Natalie she's on my lap and starting to fuss so I better head off.


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