Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There Goes My Gymbucks

I'm jealous of Tom.

He and some work buddies are going to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight on Thursday. Or technically, Friday.

I'm not really into the Batman movies but this one looks exciting.

He called and asked, which was sweet of him. He's learning! He was all, "Is it okay if I go to see a movie on midnight on Thursday?"

I immediately knew what movie it was.

I went, "You bastard! You're going to see The Dark Knight aren't you?"

A sheepish "yeah" came from the phone.

Tom and I had just been talking about how we wished we could see the movie in theaters but knew we couldn't since we didn't have a babysitter.

(Am totally jealous of all you people who have family nearby. Totally. Jealous.)

I told Tom that it was okay, that I might go to see a movie on my own sometime. Remember I went to see The Other Boleyn Girl by myself. It was a little awkward walking in alone. I kept thinking the other people in the theater were thinking, "Poor girl. She must have no friends.."

But after the lights went down it wasn't bad at all. I happily munched my popcorn mixed with Snocaps and sipped on my diet coke, enjoying the fact that I got to watch a movie WITHOUT interuption. Which never happens at home.

Not sure what movie I want to see. There has to be a really good one. And no, I'm not into X-files so it won't be that. I know, you'd think I WOULD be into the movie since I believe in aliens and ghosts. But I never could get into the show. I tried several times, I really did, but it just was not working. So I understand what people mean when they tell me that they couldn't get into Lost which is like the best show EVERRRR..but then I think about how I couldn't get into X-files and I understand completely.

But anyhow.

This morning I went to Gymboree. On my children's forum I found out that you could redeem Gymbucks a day early. And I figured that would be best so I wouldn't have to deal with the crowds.

See, my Gymboree is small. You can barely turn a stroller in there without bumping into something or someone.

(The Gymboree in Fort Collins is big though. I could click my heels together and not hit a thing or a person! I wish our Gymboree was like that. Not that I'd ever click my heels together in public..or maybe I would if I found a fabulous deal. Or if some kindly person in the store was all, "You have adorable children. Let me buy some clothes for them..")

So off to the mall we went. I already knew what I wanted. I made sure to have it all planned out so I could get in and out. I had two impatient children with me after all. I knew I didn't have the luxery of holding dresses and shirts up, wondering which I should get.

There were only three people in the store. All from the same family. A grandma, a mom and a little boy. Oh wait, and there was a little girl. And the grandma was going, "I'll buy each child $300 worth of clothes.."


I was thisclose to running up to her and asking if she wanted to adopt my kids as her grandchildren. I'd be all, "Care for some more grandchildren? They're really cute. Tommy can sing an amazing version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Tommy, show her. Tommy, now is not the time to be shy, sing her the song..Tommy..come on..well, I promise it's wonderful, it really is. And Natalie here, well, Natalie can dance like you wouldn't believe. Natalie, dance. Show the nice lady. Come on. Oh, now is not the time to cry..really, they're precious kids..wait..come back! I'm not insane! I promise!")

I mean..

Three hundred dollars..


And she didn't even have Gymbucks. Because the cashier was all, "You know you can redeem Gymbucks today if you want."

The grandma waved a hand in the air and made a face as though the cashier had said a dirty word.

"We don't have any of those. Just spoiling my grandkids."


Lucky, lucky children.

Though they didn't looked thrilled.

The boy was just going, "I guess that looks okay," and then shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal when the mom would hold out a shirt.

Kid. You're getting FREE Gymboree. Dance! Jump! Lapse into SONG for goodness sakes. You're getting FREE Gymboree.

The little girl was a little more excited. She was holding a dress up to her and going, "I think I like this one.."

Me too, little girl. Me too. But I don't have a rich granny buying me clothes so I couldn't get it.

I placed my pile on the counter, still staring at the lucky lucky family.

Natalie stood up the second I stopped and lifted her arms out, demanding to be let out.

I scooped her up and put her on my hip. Tommy, thank goodness, was sticking beside me.

I paid for everything and then we headed off to get some lunch. As I was leaving the grandma was saying, "It's okay if we go a little over. I want to do this.."

Please ADOPT my children, stranger grandma. PLEASSSEEE..

I got a burger and fries for Tommy. Then I headed to Taco Johns to get my Taco Salad and churros.

When I got to the counter the cashier went, "Sorry. Can't do it. Closed."

He has a weird sense of humor.

He says that to practically everyone who tries to order.

I just go, "Dangit. And I'm really hungry too," and pout out my lip.

Then he goes, "I was only kidding," as though he took me seriously. Uh, dude, I knew you were kidding.

So I ordered my salad, plus a churro plus these new cina-sopipilla bites or whatever they were. They were new and looked tasty on the menu.

After I ordered I realized I forgot to say no olives on the salad.


I either forget to say no olives or I forget to ask for the dressing.

Last time I ordered it I remembered to say no olives but forgot to ask for dressing.

This time I remembered the dressing but forgot to ask for no olives.

Tommy, he's weird, he likes olives.

He doesn't like Little Debbie snacks (I know, the horror) but he'll happily indulge in olives, which I think taste like stinky feet.

Not that I've ever HAD stinky feet but every time I try one it's the first thing I picture.

I don't know why.

Before we left I also got my sweet tea from Chick-fil-a.


Then we came home and ate. Natalie liked those cina-sopipilla thingies. And she had some of my salad. Like two bites but still. It's good for her.

Tommy, he had like three bites of burger and two fries and said he was done. The kid, seriously, he's going to STARVE. He's like skin and bones. Skin and BONES I tell you.

Then we had to run to the grocery store so I could make my pork chops tonight.

Tommy was not pleased. "We already WENT somewhere," he pointed out.

Ugh. Just one more month until school. Just one more MONTH.

"I know. But I need a few things," I said.

"You go. I stay here," Tommy said and tried to ride off on his bike.

I rushed over and stopped him. "Uh no. You have to come. Your Daddy is asleep. You can't just ride around without an adult nearby."

Tommy gave a long sigh. "I don't WANT to come," he argued.

"Well, you're going to," I answered firmly.

He eventually gave up and we headed to the commissary. I picked up the things that I needed and at the checkout the cashier admired Natalie's yellow Gymboree dress that she had on.

"Precious," the cashier said. "I bought that same dress for my niece."

Geesh. I guess it's normal for family members to buy Gymboree. It's a foreign concept to me. My family is incredibly frugal. Don't know what happened to me..I've been corrupted I guess.

Tomorrow I will have fashion show pictures of Natalie in her outfits. Hopefully she's in the mood to dress up. Normally she is. And the girl already loves jewelry. I put a bracelet on her and she lifted her arm out and admired it for like five minutes.

I feel sorry for her boyfriend.

Who will probably turn around and blame me. He'd be all, "Who puts a bracelet on a one-year-old? You started the madness. Thanks to you, I'm broke."

Sorry future boyfriend..


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