Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Time For Random Thoughts

So nothing much is going on so I figured I'd do random thoughts. I realized I haven't done these in awhile.

It's been so long that I can't even remember the theme song I typed to open my random thoughts.

Oh noes!

So I'll make another one up.


It's time for Amber's Random Thoughts, it's time for Amber's Random Thoughts! (Ba-da-bing!)


Actually, with changing my random thoughts theme song I thought about something that bugs me. I hate when television shows suddenly change their theme song. It's distracting. Case and point? Growing Pains. I think the last season they slowed their regular theme song down and I didn't like it. Before it was fast paced and cheery and suddenly it was depressing and made me want to take a nap. Roseanne did this too. Before it was just music and no words. Suddenly during the last season the music had lyrics and I did not like it.

Going along with television shows it also bugged me when none of Lynette's other children were featured in the new season of Desperate Housewives. It just focused on the twins. Where was the oldest son? Where was their daughter? I kept craning behind them hoping to see another child in the background but no, it was just the twins. Maybe the other kids were at soccer practice or something? Or, you know, sleeping? I hope the show isn't just going to drop them and we (the audience) are supposed to forget that they existed. TV shows like to do this sometimes. Take Family Matters for example. Remember how Laura used to have a little sister? Well suddenly she was gone. Poof. No more little sister. And we were all meant to nod along and pretend like she had never been. I did not like this. And that poor little actress later turned up on Celebrity Rehab. Apparently she also pimped herself out for money so she could buy drugs. So you see network execs...don't suddenly write out a character with no explanation. It's not good for the audience OR the actors portraying them. If you're fine with the possibly of them turning into a prostitute than please, by all means, write them out..

Tom wants to take me to Hawaii when he gets back from Iraq. He says it's because he wants to spend time with me in peace but I know it's because he HAS to see Pearl Harbor. It's a must. He needs to see the Arizona. We will probably do this on the first day that we are there. Otherwise he'll be a distracted mess while we sit on the beach. I can picture him starting to twitch and me getting annoyed and him going, "But I need to see Pearl Harbor!" I told Tom we're going to stalk the Lost set. Since it's an open set you can stare at it. Some hikers have stumbled onto it and were able to meet the actors. My plan? To pretend to be hiking and then be all, "Holy shit! The Lost set!" and pretend to be shocked when I knew all along. ("But you don't hike," Tom rudely pointed out. "Hush Tom. I do when we go to Hawaii.")

Thanks to Tina Fey's spot on impression of Sarah Palin I could not take the debates seriously. I kept giggling and my mind started to tell me that that wasn't the actual Sarah Palin but only Tina Fey spoofing her. But then I'd have to tell myself that NO, that was the REAL Sarah Palin, not Tina Fey. I was so confused last night.

Tommy has Show and Tell today and he's bringing in his Human Body book. He wants to tell everyone how they started out as an egg and how sperm turned them into a baby. When he told me this I went, "Um. Maybe you shouldn't say that Tommy.." He was confused. "But why? I WAS an egg and then I turned into a baby!" (That's just the easiest way to explain it to him..) Oy vey. He also amuses me when he eats. "My food is going down my esophagus, Mommy!"

The other day when I drove home I saw a beautiful sight: someone was talking on their cell phone BUT they had pulled over! Fantastic. Maybe people are learning. To the people who still drive and talk on their cell phones: shame on you. If you must talk put it on speaker or something. Sheesh.

I finished my newest book The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory and highly recommend it. Also I ordered the new Nicholas Sparks book The Lucky One. I hadn't even realized he had a new book out until a few people mentioned it on the forum I write at.

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  1. Lol! Glad I'm not the only one who couldn't get Tina Fey out of their mind when trying to watch the debate! And count me in as another woman who will spend the first day of her Hawaiian vaca looking at the Arizona!

    I love reading this blog, you always make me laugh!


Thanks for the comment!

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