Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Entry with Lots of Photos

Okay, so I have a bunch of pictures from our trip to Texas.

I hope everyone has high speed internet.

I'll share pictures of Tom's graduation first. It was just a small little ceremony that took about ten minutes. But I had to be there. It's one of the reasons why we went to Texas in the first place. He insisted that it was no big deal and that I didn't even have to come but I insisted.

The class instructor suddenly belted out an order and the entire class jumped up with their fists balled at their sides. It startled me, to be honest. I think I was digging through my purse at the time and all of a sudden I heard someone shouting and the scrape of chairs scratching backwards as the soldiers leaped out of them.

People are in different uniforms because all the branches of the military are in the class.

This is Tom walking in a determined fashion to get his certificate. The guy in the blue uniform reminded me of Captain America with his speech on how fantastic America is.

Dear gracious, my husband is smiling! It startled me at first to see his lips upturned for the camera.

This is when he got his Top Dog award. He's not quite smiling but it's close enough. At least he doesn't look as though he's about to kill you.

Then we went to this Ripley's Believe it Or Not Museum. It's basically full of weird stuff. It reminds me of our garage.

Tom took control of the camera first which is why we ended up with a bunch of odd photos.

Like, for instance, why did he take a picture of this:

It's a giant gavel. Is it an important giant gavel? I have no idea. Did Tom see the giant gavel and think, "I MUST take a picture of this huge gavel?" When I asked him what the significance of the gavel was he shrugged and went, "I thought it was pretty awesome."

Tom has a fascination with World War 2 so he has a sixth sense about finding areas where World War 2 stuff is located. He went right to this as though an alert had gone off in his brain that said, "Stuff from World War 2. Repeat: stuff from World War 2."

This is the world's largest tire. And look, Tom is sort of smiling again! I guess to get him to smile I need to give him either a certificate or put him in front of a huge tire.

This is an African birthing pot. Apparently women squat down and push a baby into one of these pots. Looking at the pot made my crotch hurt and become thankful for the bed that I gave birth in. Oh, and the epidural.

This is the world's tallest man. I think basically everyone is taller than you when you're only 5'3.

My kid wasn't impressed. He was all, "Huge man? Meh. I'd rather see Transformers. "

Okay, there was a waiting area with a bunch of fake creepy men. Then one of them would totally fart and be all, "Was that you?" This cracked me up. I was the only adult in the room who kept giggling at that. Everyone else was all, "Good heavens!"

Back in the day people apparently sniffed socks to cure the common cold. If they had sniffed my husband's socks they probably COULD have cured it. His socks have been known to clear my sinuses.

I totally hung out with the captain of Titanic.

Tom took this picture because this thing totally cracked us up. I named it Waldo.

I have no idea why my husband took a picture of this brain. Is it a famous person's brain? I asked him and he couldn't remember.

There will be more photos to come.


  1. Whose brain? Something that will keep me up tonight. Great photos!

  2. What man wouldn't smile in front of the world's largest tire;)

  3. LMAO at the comparison between your garage and Ripley's. I can totally relate!!!!

  4. Cool! Congrats to him!
    Also, i am 5'3 as well {fine, 5'2 3/4} and yes, everyone is taller than us. Sigh.

  5. WOW ya'll were really "rubbing elbows" LOL thanks for sharing!

  6. Congrats to Tom once more.

    Your garage looks like a fun place to visit. :)

    As for the African Bithing Pot -

    "They" would place the tools they used to deliver the babies in it.

    Nothing strange...yet.

    They would then bury the pot, placenta and umbilical cord for 45 days to ensure the child a long and happy life. After 45 days they would dig up the pot and use it for the next delivery - presumably after wiping it out with an antibacterial wipe.

    I think I would be over standing next to the tire smiling rather than try to picture them using the birthing pot.

  7. Awesome time, I LOVE Ripley's!

  8. Great photos! I'm totally with you on the sock thing.

  9. OK, so I pictured you to be like this 40 year-old, mature, wise woman, and you look like you're 16! This makes me hate you even more.

  10. I just have one question. I have been wondering this for some time now. You talk about how much you like food and sweets, so how do you stay so damn skinny? I want to know your secret!

  11. It was nice to see a photo of you and of Tom. I've seen your kids, but not you guys. Also, I know what you mean about everyone being taller than you. I'm only 5'1" (okay, I'm almost 5'1"). It looks like you guys had a great time!

  12. nice photos! i think it's actually the first time i've seen you! that gavel is ammmmaaazing =)

  13. Oh I am short (5' 1")so yes everyone is taller than me:) Great pics!

  14. Short girls ROCK!!! I can say that 'cuz I am only 5'2"!!! :-)

    Great pictures!!!

  15. Here's to us! The petite ladies in the houuuuuse!!

    Great work!!

  16. I'd have laughed at the farts, too. And I'm also in the five-three club. Woo woo!

  17. Cool pics! Even the ones that seem odd now are pretty neat.

    And I would have lmao at the farting. It's true. I have the mind of an 8 year old boy...sorta.

  18. Bur you're taller than the captain of the Titanic - so there's that...

    Ripley's, your garage, my basement...

  19. yikes on that whole birthing pot thing. i'm with you on the epidural! great pictures. glad you had a good time!

  20. great photo, weird but great.

  21. Nifty photos! Just swung by from SITS to visit.

  22. I've always wanted to go to the Ripley's museum and see what's in there!

    Congrats to your hubby for being Top Dog:)

  23. Yeah!! I totally thought you'd look so much older but here you are, 15 year old skinng-looking woman who gave birth to 2 children and have *ahem* "relations" with that giant husband of yours? Damn. You're good!

  24. Wicked cool!! I love those kind of museums!!! The stinky sock remedy though...wow!


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