Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Dip!

Tommy had a Valentine's Day party on Friday.

He came home with a bag of Valentine's cards and treats. I peeked in and saw something that excited me.

"Fun dip! Can I have your fun dip?" I asked Tommy, who was a bit confused over his mother's excitement over candy.

I composed myself. Amber, you're 27, you shouldn't be getting excited over FUN DIP anymore.

"You can have it," Tommy said, passing it over.


Tommy doesn't like Fun Dip. He prefers plain chocolate, plain M&Ms....

As I dug through Tommy's bag, I found something that disturbed me. When I took it out I went, "Ahhh!"

"What is it?" Tommy wondered, eyes big.

"Twilight candy." I shoved it away with my index finger. "How can a second grader like Twilight? If Natalie were in second grade and liked Twilight, I'd say, 'If a man ever took your engine from your vehicle, like Edward did to Bella, kick him in the nuts.' I'd remind her that Edward is NOT the type of guy to strive for."

Tommy made a face. "Girls talk about Twilight in my class. They like a guy named....named...."

"Jacob," I sighed.

Tommy nodded. "Yeah. Him."


"That's what I say!" Tommy agreed.

Ahh yes. My little anti-Twilighter.

I can't seem to escape the Twilight thing though. When my friend Amanda came over, she was bearing gifts.

People seem to like my reaction to Twilight stuff. It's usually in the form of a yelp. I had to turn the boxes around because I didn't like the way Edward was staring at me whenever I came into the kitchen. Who would want their man to stare at them like that?

Anyhow, on the actual Valentine's Day I set out gifts. No Twilight stuff in sight.

I posted what I got in yesterday's entry.

Tommy got workbooks. He loves to do workbooks. He's doing multiplication now. I don't remember doing that until third of fourth grade. But apparently he passed his subtraction test and was able to move onto multiplication and he wants to be really good at it. So he practices. And he practices. And he practices. He's one of those kids who wants to get everything right the first time. If he doesn't, he's frustrated and he'll cry.

He's like this when he swims too. The teacher will tell him how to kick and how to use his arms. If he doesn't get it right he's all, "Let me try again, please." Of course he can't try again because there are other students in the class. So he'll be in the corner, focusing on how he needs to move his arms, how he needs to kick while the other kids splash and giggle at each other.

It's just how Tommy is.

Speaking of Tommy, he was surprised when I made pancakes on Valentine's Day.

"But it's not Christmas," Tommy pointed out.

"I can make pancakes on other days," I answered.

"What are these dark things?" Tommy frowned at his plate of pink pancakes.

"Chocolate chips!"

"I'm not sure if I'll like that, Mommy." Tommy said this knowingly, not meanly.

"Just try it," I urged.

And so he did.

"It's okay," he admitted. "Not my favorite though."

I dubbed them the Pepto Bismol Pancakes.

And for dinner, I ordered HEART pizza:



  1. Sounds like everybody got at least something they wanted!

    My husband puts chocolate chips in his applesauce, and tried to bribe our 3-year old grandson with it-- Hub called it "Special Applesauce".

    Zach tried it, but went back to 'not special' applesauce after one try... Funny kids!

  2. You are very creative with valentines day gifts/treats. Your kids must love that holiday!
    Great post. The pizza made me hungry.

  3. IMHO, but Twilight is completely inappropriate for 2nd graders. Would you let your kid read a romance novel? SAME thing. I just don't get the hype in general, but it's a bit much to allow 2nd graders into the mess.

  4. My son wouldn't like the chocolate chips either. lol

  5. What a sweet mommy you are! Tommy's in second grade and all ready learning multiplication? My son is in 3rd grade and is just now learning multiplication.

    I made my boys pink heart shaped french toast for Valentines day. They liked it, but then we ran out of bread and they were still hungry. So they still ate cereal. *sigh*

  6. How funny - I made pink pancakes on Valentine's Day too ... only Colin wanted ours with birthday candles. Whatever. :)

  7. I made brownies with pink, red and white specs for valentine's day. :)

  8. I didn't make one thing for Valentine's Day. Such a Scrooge.

  9. Sounds like ya'll had the perfect Valentine's day and how can ya go wrong with a heart shaped pizza! Mmmmmm!!!

    God bless and ya'll have a gloriously blessed day!!!

  10. You're such a hater when it comes to Twilight. I don't eat the candy though. That's taking a trip too far into crazy land.

    Um, I don't think I could eat those pancakes. The color throws me off. I could never eat that colored ketchup they made years ago either. Especially the green one, which totally looked like baby poo. But my daughter eats chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry syrup which is just weird.

    Love me some Fun Dip.

  11. You have a child that doesn't go apeshit over chocolate chip pancakes and does multiplication tables before 3rd grade?

    He sounds interesting. I think I like him.

  12. I love Fun Dip--they take me right back to my childhood. (This is no small feat, since my childhood was quite some time ago.)

  13. I'm kinda into Twilight myself, but I agree, totally inappropriate for second graders. Ick.

  14. I would have been excited over the Fun Dip, too. Although not as excited as I would have been if he'd had Skittles.

  15. OK, the Twilight Valentin's stuff scares me:O

    Now pass slice of pizza:P

  16. Beautiful pizza.

    I don't know Twilight and don't think I want to. Vampires, isn't it? How does that relate to candy and cards?
    Some one is extremely greedy trying to get every cent they can out of something that is somehow popular. And what are they doing to kids in the process?

  17. I love Fun Dips! I actually love eating the stick more than the powder.

  18. Heart pizza? Such an irony - considering what it likely doing to your heart.

    Never got into the Twilight thing... trying to steer clear - True Blood on the other hand...

  19. Fun! Well, except for the creepy Twilight stuff.

  20. What kid doesnt like chocolate for breakfast? Crazy.
    And Twilight. I despise Twilight. Her writing is great expect the plot is awful. Seriously there are a series of these. I got half way through the first one and then vomited.
    And the movies. Where is the acting? Seriously. I get how a 12 year old might like it... but how did it get so big? How do second graders know anything about it other than maybe having seen a poster in the movie theater. And how do adults stand it? -sigh- I could rant about twilight forever.

  21. Is nothing safe from Twilight?

  22. A heart pizza?!!! And I thought you couldn't improve on the perfection of pizza!! It'!!

  23. yick yuck! twilight candy and valentines? I am so glad I have boys.

  24. your twiligh aversion is so funny. now youll need to get on the hunger games kick. twilight is so 5 minutes ago.. LOL

  25. Tommy sounds so serious! Who does he get that from???! Your Valentine's day goodies look awesome, and you can make ME choco-chip pancakes ANYTIME!

    P.S. Fundip ROCKS

  26. Love all of your little "traditions" my mom used to do things like that, so I make sure I always send or take her something. I will def do the same for mine. I got hubs a box of the Fun Dip for his candy since he isn't a big chocolate person & he loves that stuff. I couldn't believe they had it in little Valentine's packets! I feel the same way about Twilight, too. Maybe it's because I'm from the coast, but the pallor is just not appealing. I do like the action of True Blood though - the books are much better and really quick reads if you get a chance.

  27. Oh, man--I'm with you on the reaction to Twilight! How did things surrounding that book get so out of control??? Nothing says romantic like a Vampire who's moody and controlling, a girl who wants him to be that way, and a werewolf tossed in for a horrifying long, drawn out, obviously obtuse love triangle.

  28. My daughter got Pop Rocks for the first time in one of the gift bags from school - those are awesome!

  29. I'll take the Twilight!
    I think I'm in the minority right now.

    I love poprocks and Lick-n-stick

  30. Twilight=gross
    Fun Dip=awesome!

  31. I love Fun Dip too! The problem is that my oldest also loves fun dip...dang it

  32. I'd have gotten over the Twilight box to have the chocolate in it and I would have given you my Fun Dip. Not my favorite. How did you make your pancakes pink? Perfect for a girly sleepover . . .

  33. Fun Dip?! I love that stuff, but I always liked the stick better than the powder. I haven't had it in years. Funny about the pancakes. My kids are that way too. Every time I try to jazz them up, they insist they like "regular" ones. A+ for effort on your part, though.

  34. I am so happy to see that there are other people in the world who don't care about Twilight. I also get this look of horror when I say that I have no desire to watch these movies or read the books. These Twilight fans are hardcore.

  35. I was so anti Twilight that I refused to read the books. And then I read out of books to read and my MIL loaned me all four of the books. I read them in a week. Those books are addciting! Lol...

  36. The more you describe little Tommy, the more delightful you make him sound. I'm with him on the pink pancakes, not sure if I'd like them too much. I'm 100% creeped out by the creepy Twilight chocolates. Thank goodness it's not big in Japan. I'd never get to sleep at night.

  37. You are good...I mad absolutely nothing heart shaped or pink, I suck. My godson got fun dip at his party, too. He was all excited and called the powder the fun and the stick the dip...was upset when he ran out of dip and only had fun left!

  38. Love your writing and I love Fun Dip! One of those childhood memory things... :)

  39. Very scary that second graders know about Twilight, oh and funny that you stole your son's Fun Dip!

  40. Mmm..

    sounds like you guys had a great v-day!

  41. Fun Dip?! Holy moly its been years since I've heard about that. :)

    We made heart shaped pancakes for Valentines Day! :)

  42. Freakin' cute pancakes! My kid hates the chocolate chips too, but he loves the diced apples with cinnamon. Oh, and here's your biggest ANTI-Twilight fan, right here. AMEN.

  43. Totally lovin' the pink pancakes.

    Stopping by from SITS :)

  44. It looked like a sweet day for EVERYBODY.

    And, seriously, Twilight for second graders? Is it just me or does that seem a little young?

  45. You're pepto bismal pancakes are a hit - you've been quoted:


Thanks for the comment!

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