Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. I think I’m going to do this every Tuesday now. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your diary. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either.

Hey, It's Okay....

To hate the phrase “staycation.” If you aren’t going anywhere, just say, “I’m not going anywhere.”

To be flattered that I somehow wound up mentioned on the Parents’ Picks Nominees list for my blog. If you feel I deserve it, can you click the nominate button here?

To think Billy Ray Cyrus needs to wake up and parent his daughter. He commented that the lap dance a then sixteen-year-old Miley gave to the forty-something director of her movie was just, “kids being kids.” Um. I never gave a man a lap dance at sixteen, Billy Ray.

To love diet Cherry Cokes from Sonic (and want one right now.)

To hope the last episode ever of Lost will be a good one and not one that leaves the viewer going ???????

To wish Jillian Micheals could come over for a week to kick your butt into gear. Wait. Maybe not. She’s pretty scary.

To appreciate the fact that Meeko helped edit my query letter. If you’re into chick lit and wouldn’t mind reading it over to see if it’s a book that you’d read, let me know and I’ll send it to you. (I may not be able to get to everyone who asks so if you offer and I don’t get to you, thank you! Oh and in case you don’t know, a query letter is basically what is on the back of the book. It’s just a really brief synopsis on what the book is about.)

To have been a little turned on by Bret Michaels in the last Celebrity Apprentice. It’s probably just sympathy over the whole him being in the hospital thing. Because surely I wouldn’t find someone who hangs around diseased looking women with names like Nail and Sheet attractive. Right?

To wonder why people are STILL sending those e-mail chain letters.

To not care that Eclipse tickets are already on sale. Edward looks constipated in the movie, people.

To think the girls who did that risqué dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies (you can see the video here) was totally inappropriate, especially considering that these are 8 and 9 year olds. (Billy Ray Cyrus would probably be all for this video considering he praised Miley for dancing on a stripper pole.)

To have been a little shocked over the finale of Desperate Housewives.

To be thankful for Stacey for patiently answering various HTML questions that I’ve thrown at her.

To wonder what in the world Natalie was doing here:

A Redneck Recliner, maybe? (Yes, she’s in underwear. No, she’s not potty trained. Soon after the picture was taken, she proceeded to piss all over my carpet.)


  1. I've never heard the phrase "staycation" but I agree it sounds stupid.

  2. I think that its uber fabulous that you got nominated for that award.

    And in the same note, its ok for me to be a little jealous. ;)

  3. I love Strawberry Diet Cokes, from Sonic. Delicious!

  4. omg edward always looks constipated, how do people think he is hot?? Oh and the "staycation" thing, they actually opened a place in my town where you go on into a building with fake heat, sun, and sand.....um who pays for that??

  5. Those Diet Cherry Cokes from Sonic are pretty much the best things ever.

    And, congrats on the Parents Picks nom!! ;)

  6. I saw a commercial for this week's Oprah shows and Bret is scheduled to appear one day. The clip they showed of him included one of him tearing up and I honestly thought "Hey...when did Bret go and start looking so good?" Like *good* good. Yeah. So, even though I don't watch Celebrity Apprentice, I kind of get that one!

  7. Even my 15 yr old daughter knew that the dirty dancing Miley did w/ the 40 something producer was not right. Jeesh...

  8. I agree with you completely on MOST things. (You probably had an idea that there were going to be SOME Edward fans, right??) :o) As for the Billy Ray and Miley relationship, I would have had my ass beat if I would talk to my dad like she does!

  9. I was also appalled when I saw the little girls dancing. I mean they are super talented....it's a shame they couldn't find something more age appropriate to showcase that talent. I was also shocked with the Desperate Housewives finale. And I better not be left shaking my head Sunday night after the LOST finale ;) Have a good rest of the week!

  10. I completely agree, Miley needs some parenting! She's a train wreck waiting to happen.

  11. There is so much to comment on here, but I feel the most crucial thing to discuss is your lustful attraction to Bret Michaels. Actually, there's nothing to discuss. It's just wrong.

  12. My hopes are not high for the Lost finale... but I'm trying.

  13. Wow that video was disturbing - future Miley Cyrus' right there!

  14. A friend of mine tried to give me a real chain letter.

    I (none too politely) gave it back.

  15. I have heard about this youtube vidoe, but to be honest I am too scared to watch it! I thank God every day that I have aboy!!!

  16. You never gave a guy a lap dance when you were 16? Man, you lived a sheltered life. ***KIDDING!!!***

    Is it okay to admit I've ALWAYS thought Brett was kinda hot...well, until "Rock of Love."

  17. looove that pic of natalie...

    and btw- i love these tuesday things!

  18. so...many...things...to comment on.
    I love it all!
    But if I had to pick one...
    my Grandma always sends me email chain letters. I'm just thankful she knows how to email I guess. :-D
    Oh and I have yet to catch up on Lost and Desperate housewives.
    And I could care less about Twilight...
    Ok that was 3 1/2 not one. Ah well.

  19. I'm very interested in seeing your query letter.

    Thanks for pointing me over to Amber, her site is impressive. I'm waiting to hear back on whether there's hope for my pathetic website or not.

    I'm excited for you. I thinkyou are talented, kind, and write like a dream.

    There, I said it.

    And I"d love tosee your query. I read 3 or 4 books a week. I just finished Elizabeth Berg's latest, and waiting on Jennifer Lancaster's newest, "my fair lazy."

  20. I agree, staycations are stupid. If you're still doing laundry and dishes then youre NOT on a vacation.

  21. Awww, thanks for the mention! :) And . . . staycation??? Ick. And Eclipse tickets are on sale??? I'll notify my sis . . . Yuck . . .

  22. The word staycation annoys the sh!t out of me too! really?! yuck!

    I am excited for eclipse, but robert pattinson is not my cup of tea!

    p.s your daughter is a doll. I like her redneck recliner. Think I can get one that fits me, and people can just pull my fat ass around? just sayin!

  23. i'd like to be a reader. I love knowing people pre-famous.

    miley cyrus is so headed down "that path"

    totally agree with the scantily clad little girls.

    maybe natalie was working on her audition outfit?

  24. I'd be honored to be a reader!

    Hadn't seen the video of the girls yet. And now my jaw needs help up from the floor.
    They are so talented. Why do their parents think it is necessary to dress them like tramps? And no matter how talented your young girl is, she should not do moves that are meant to turn men on. ew. gross. really? parents are okay with this? this is way worse than Miley. And that is pretty sick too.

  25. WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME PARENTS?!?!?!? There is nothing OK or appropriate about how those kids were dancing in that video!!

    I am a fan of the Twilight books, the movies have been one miss and one hit as far as I am concerned and I have NO idea why any of my friends find Robert Pattinson good looking.

    And I ignore Billy and Miley because I am afraid that I may be so disgusted by their behaviour one of these days that I will just get ill!

  26. I love your It's Ok theme! A good reminder that so many things are OK.

    Happy Tuesday!

  27. You make us all feel so much better about our sloppy little lives.

  28. diet cherry limeade!! and it's okay that i've been crushin on Bret since his big hair, glam band, 1980's poison! and seeing edward without his shirt on in new moon make me wanna puke! hello! i like my guys alive and warm-blooded (and if they look like jacob even better!) just sayin...

  29. Adorable picture!!! And I love your It's Okay Tuesdays. They crack me up!

  30. I love your blog and think you're a wickedly funny writer--so congrats on your nomination!

    I second you on the Miley Cyrus thing, as well as Lost. They better kick our asses with the finale!

  31. Don't even get me started on Miley and her absentee parents...

  32. It's so nice to know that there are other parents who have morals.

    Billy Ray Cyrus is such a boob! The sad thing is that look at all the parents who allowed their daughters to participate in that dance, I would have raised hell. Those parents will probably be happy when their daughters grow up to be bikini baristas who flash the guys for a bigger tip.

    Sorry, I'm off my soapbox. I love the way you think. Love that (SPOILER ALERT) the bomb was in the detonator. Awesome. And who's not raising the right child? Dang! I hate having to wait months for this stuff. I need to pull out all my Desperate Housewives seasons and have a marathon.

  33. I feel like I need to comment on all of these...haha!

    Amen, sista!

    Congrats! I will click. :)

    I haven't seen the clip of Miley, but pretty sure they will weather this one just like the other ones.

    Yech. Actually, right now I'm craving a Napoleon Klondike bar and even the nasty commercial can't keep me from wanting it.

    I've never watched Lost.

    Totally. Then I'd cry when she snarled at me.

    Query letter? My friend wrote hers a few months ago. If you need an opinion, I'd be happy to look.

    I love Bret Michaels, but have never been turned on by him. Weirdo. ;)

    Yes they are. *sigh*

    I haven't seen it. I'm scared to watch.

    Damn! I missed it.

    Thank you, Stacy! :D

    She's picking a bugger and wants some privacy to eat it. :D

  34. So, is it okay that my son didn't shower after baseball practice yesterday and I sent him to school stinky?

  35. Whoo hooooo!! I am also glad you are aloud, because I am too. A bit.

  36. Hey, it's okay...for me to agree with everything you stated above except I could live without Cherry Diet coke, but not Wild Cherry Pepsi.

    I watched the video of the little girls...ummm...HELLO PEOPLE! It's called CLOTHES and your girls should wear some!

  37. I was shocked at Desperate Housewives finale too...loved when the guy blew up in the car but seriously wanting to know who has the wrong kid?!!

  38. That dace was awful!! I can not understand why parents can't see what they are training these children to be. Very tacky!!

  39. My mom still sends me at least 3 of those chain emails a day and then calls to ask if I read them. I don't answer. Thank God for caller id.

    Off to go vote for you! :)

  40. I totally wish Jillian Michaels would come kick my ass. I have a small girl-crush on her.

  41. I love your "Ok Tuesdays". Maybe even more than the Glamour Magazine OK lists.

    And thank you so much for the thanks and the linking of my blog. You didn't have to do that! I was happy to help. That's what online friends are for. =]


  42. I love the wagon. Do they come in adult size? Am I a redneck?

  43. ah me too! i couldn't believe is was ALREADY the finale of DH. now i have nothing to watch but Army Wives and Greys Anatomy.

  44. I hate the term staycation too. Found you through Sara at Domestically Challenged. I'm following you now.

  45. Love these.

    I think the Cyrus bunch is a little off all around.

    Must admit, never watched Lost. Too late now, huh?

    I love Bret Michaels on Apprentice. "Rock of Love" is skeevy, though.

    Love the Twilight books; the movies are sub-par, IMHO.

    I have avoided that video. Knew I couldn't stomach it.

    I'd love to read the query.

    Natalie is too cute!

  46. It's definitely ok to be a little turned on by Brett - he aged rather well, even if he is a creep.

    And it's really ok for me to look forward to your posts :-)

  47. You are one of the ones I was honored to be placed beside on that list. :)

    Also? I think I may actually have given lap dances (or an equivalent of one) at about 16. I was, shall we say, advanced? To put it tastefully?


  48. Staycation to me sounds too much like men in white coats, straps on a guerny, and neighbors gawking...not that I know, of course...but I think I may be headed for one.

  49. "Staycation" is new to me and sounds mega weird! As for Miley Cyrus and her bizarre father - I try to ignore them...

  50. Well done on that nomination. You must be so pleased.

    Staycation - a word that is only just beginning to become popular here in England. No doubt we'll be hearing a lot more of it.

    Lap dancing at that age! I agree, 'that man' wants to stop being a friend to his daughter and start becoming a parent.

  51. I also hate "vacay" and "babymoon"

    I nominated you!!

    My mouth dropped open at the end of Desperate Housewives...holy crap!!

  52. Congrats on getting nominated and getting help with your letter!

    Oh, and those girls were like 7 poles away from being strippers...just saying!

  53. I'm hoping Lost ends well, too. The last couple of episodes have answered a few questions but left me with a million more.

    Why do they do that???

  54. I'm with you with the staycation thing.

    I'd nominate your blog but I'm not a parent connect member (and not being a parent, I'd be uncomfortable signing up just to nominate you.)

  55. I'm also with you on staycation.

    Is it also okay to find NONE of the people in the Twilight series attractive?

  56. Totally HATE the term Staycation!! grrr....if you are staying it is NOT a vacation! It is staying home. And that's IT. LOL


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