Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Funny Instagram Photos

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these pictures. (I'm on Instagram as WhisperingWriter.) But they amused me so I had to share.


Natalie picked up this book from the library. She was flipping through it and stopped on this picture:

"Are these frogs hugging?" she asked.


Yeah, we went for that explanation.

Then when Tommy had a doctor's appointment he was flipping through the pamphlets they had out and got freaked out over this one:

He feels sorry for girls.


  1. Oh yes, those were the days. My daughter, now 33 still chastises me for just handing her the book "Our bodies, ourselves" and just walking away. I remember long, special endearing talks we had over the topic. Somewhere in the middle is the truth I assume. Good luck mommy! No matter how you handle the topic. It will be wrong.

  2. Cracking up at both of these pictures and stories!!-Ashley

  3. He should feel sorry for girls, you've clearly raised him right! :) Awesome funny pics, going to follow you on Instagram now so I can see more. :)

  4. The picture of Tommy with the pamphlet is just toooooo funny! I can't stop laughing! Just wait til the day his girlfriend asks him to buy her tampons. I hope you're there to take a pic of that!

  5. Lol!! Those awkward parenting moments.

  6. Oh my! Thank you because I really needed a laugh this afternoon.

  7. I don't think Tommy feels sorry for us - he must think we're gross and that saying he feels sorry for us is nicer than saying "you're gross!"


  8. What are you teaching your kids!?!?! :P

  9. Hell, those pamphlets freak me out and I've been having my period for like 19 years. They should put a warning on those things.

  10. ha!

    I laughed out loud when I saw these, and now I'm laughing out loud again.

  11. Could not help but laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing
    I've Become My Mother

  12. Lawd, I'm laughing again.... thank you!!!!:) ~Amber~


Thanks for the comment!

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