Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Resolve To NOT.....

I've been doing resolutions that I will NOT do for several years now. They're easier. I recommend these to the real resolutions.

With that being said, here's what I resolve NOT to do...


I resolve to not....stop getting irritated when people don't drive properly. Use turn signals! Don't cut people off. Stop texting and driving.

I resolve to not....cook dinner anymore. (I wish.)

I resolve to not....stop wearing my sneakers everywhere. Apparently as a girl I should love wearing boots and such in the fall and winter. I do not. I wear my sneakers all year long. Sometimes in the summer I wear flip flops.

I resolve to not...stop hating ridiculous words. Selfie needs to go away. Along with cray, amazeballs, and totes. Huffington Post even wrote an article about it.

I resolve to not....give up my Diet Coke no matter how many anti posts I see about it floating around Facebook or on blogs. Normally when I'm reading them I'm sipping on my Diet Coke.

I resolve to not....craft. It's just not my thing. Thank goodness for Etsy. I pay people to craft for me. Thanks, talented ones.

I resolve to not....stop buying clothes for Natalie. I can't help it. She'll only let me dress her for so long.

I resolve to not...stop trying to get my kids to like Labyrinth. Why don't they appreciate it? It's DAVID BOWIE with tight pants! Ludo! The bog of eternal stench.


Happy 2014, everyone!


  1. I resolve to NOT like the words you mentioned plus squee.. yuck

  2. Brilliant.
    I think you'll be off to a good start.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Perfect list, except I would add adorbs. Hope you have a have a great New YEar.

  4. Labyrinth is so awesome! Jennifer Connelly when she had some meat on her, and muppets!

  5. Perfectly reasonable non-resolutions! Happy New Year.

  6. I am pretty sure we would be very good friends if we lived near each other.

    have a great 2014

  7. don't lose hope... it took my kids several times of watching Labyrinth to "get it". Have you shown them Princess Bride?

  8. I. Love. This. List. It's "amazeballs" Happy new year!

  9. I had such a crush on David Bowie in Labyrinth. I wonder if it was the tight pants..even though I was like four so let's hope not.
    And I am with you here!
    I will never stop getting irritated at brainless drivers.

  10. I love these!!
    I'm with you on the drivers - I'm not going to stop calling them idiots and a few other choice words!
    And, crafting - no thank you!!!

  11. I love my sneakers and diet coke too!

  12. I love my sneakers too! And my hiking boots for winter.

    Ha, I am not good at crafts either. We're good at some activities and we're not at others and that's *alright* :-)

    I love your Not-Resolutions. I might even make my own list!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2014, yay!

  13. I love this tradition of posting your "NOT Resolutions." I don't like setting new goals at the start of the New Year. or making Resolutions I can't keep.

    Great list. I am so with you about David Bowie. I love that movie.

  14. I thought of you when I read that Huffington Post article! I agree with the bad drivers resolution, can we add people who don't stop at crossings? As someone who walks a lot it drives me crackers when people don't let me cross the road, doubly so if it is raining!

  15. I love this list!
    I love using strange words, like the ones you listed plus more. I'm sorry!!

    Happy New Year!

    The Girly Gamer

  16. Blessed new year, Amber. May it be better, brighter and beautiful for you and your loved ones.

  17. The words... yes, I see what you mean. I agree. Unfortunately, I believe Selfie made it into the dictionary this past year. You don't have to like it though, I respect that. Totally.

  18. I love this list! I've got to start one of these!

  19. Heh! My four year old LOVES labyrinth and David Bowie, too!

  20. Yes! Anti Resolutions! totally onboard with that.
    but I am keeping the word "douchenozzle" that I learned this year. because that's just fun to say.

  21. Yes! Excellent list!

  22. I LOVE ALL OF THESE!!! Except for the shoes part...I love shoes...but lately just live in my flip-flops

  23. Great post! You should come over and link it up!

  24. LOL about Labyrinth! Such a great movie. My 5 year old has very little appreciation for movies from my time. I'll just enjoy them with my 8 year old for now. I just wish my 2 year old would sit through Anastasia. It's still a princess movie! "The Princess Anastasia..." See they even say it in the first song!

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