Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post. Grab the button if you'd like!


--To have not done anything to fool my kids for April Fools. Some people go all out.

--To be going on a date on Friday! No idea what we're doing yet. We're either going to see a movie or go someplace and pig out.

--To have been underwhelmed for the season finale of The Walking Dead. There were some interesting bits, but for the most part it was still *yawn.* And the ending. Rick going, "They screwed with the wrong people." Oh. I'm so scared, Rick.

--To be excited for Game of Thrones! It starts Sunday! So much is on Sunday. My poor DVR is on overload that day. Plus a new show called Turn, about the first spy ring during the Revolutionary War, premieres.

--To have decided to head to Disney World March 2015. I wanted May, but we get a lot of tornados in May and I'd hate for our flight to be cancelled. So March it is! I can deal with the crowds. My husband? Um...

--To be having lunch with my daughter at her school today. Her friends usually join us and I hear all the gossip about first grade. Who picks his or her nose. What boy is mean.

--To have a giveaway for the book Reasons My Kid Is Crying here. It's hilarious! Also check out Slices of Life by Leah Eskin. It's a fun cookbook!

To love this new tumbling leotard I got for Natalie:

(You can buy your own at the SENDesigne shop on Etsy. And no, I was not given the leotard to say that. I paid for it!)

Airing My Dirty Laundry


  1. i could give a crap about april fools. i'm just not a prankster.
    disney won't be that bad in march!my fave times to go are october and february.

  2. I usually don't do many Fools Jokes although I am working with a guy I dislike later today so I may have to think of something just to irritate him with.

  3. i felt the same about TWD...it was gorier than usual but at the end? meh. rick has lost his appeal...in fact, the whole lot of them have.

    but...are you excited about game of thrones???

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Good - glad I'm not the only one who doesn't do anything crazy for April 1!!!
    Love the Batman leotard - so cute!!!
    Maybe for date night you can use your gift certificate and have fondue!!! (just kidding)

  5. Um, Rick bit a guy's throat out. I'd be scared of him!

  6. Not a big fan of April Fools' Day pranks either! Too much trouble! Disney in 2015 sounds like so much fun!-Ashley

  7. That leotard is super cute! And I CANT WAIT for Game of Thrones!! Especially since I won't have to fight over the remote to watch it since the bf will be watching Wrestlemania at a friend's house- hurray!

  8. I too wish there was more to the finale The Walking Dead.
    That leotard is so freaking cute!! I love it.

  9. Love the leotard! Super cute! I totally forgot that today was April Fools...so I clearly didn't plan any pranks. enjoy your date =)

  10. Love the leotard! Super cute! I totally forgot that today was April Fools...so I clearly didn't plan any pranks. enjoy your date =)

  11. How fun that you girls get to lunch together today!!! I don't remember them ever doing anything like that when I was a kid... it would've made my day for sure! :)

  12. Sooo excited for Game of Thrones!

  13. I love that leotard!!!! And no April jokes here either. Didn't remember it until this morning.

  14. Ahhhh, GOT! I still haven't see season 3 though...Turn sounds interesting. I love historical fiction like that!

    I'm not big on April Fools jokes either. Most of them seem so mean!

  15. I was so disappointed with the Walking Dead finale! For starters, it was completely predictable. I knew the episode before that they were cooking people. It was just to obvious. Second, they spent more time showing Rick's flashbacks than anything else. And finally, the teasers implied we'd find out what happened to everyone. Um what about Carol, Tyrese, Judith, and Beth? Are they not important enough to even give us a glimpse? WTH?

  16. LOL about the lunch gossip. I'm afraid of what my daughter will say about her friends when she's older.
    Is it okay to be annoyed with the ending of HIMYM? That needs to go on your list! Or is it okay to not like Olaf from Frozen? My husband and I get so much slack for that!
    I didn't play any tricks for AFD either.
    Disney in March is great. It isn't too hot yet, but it gets warm enough to be comfortable.

  17. I didn't prank anyone either. Lunch with your daughter sounds divine and perhaps a future post? We live in walking distance of the grade school here so my boys would come home everyday and give me the scoop! I loved it!

  18. Can't wait to hear about your date night!!

  19. The leotard? Amazing.
    And I think Disney would be better in March! If next March is anything like this last one was, I'd need an escape badly. Very badly.

  20. I hate April Fool's Day.

    Disney is lovely in March.

    I love that Batman leotard.

  21. I'm gullible, so I HATE April Fool's Day. It is not funny.

    I think I need a Batman leotard...

  22. that outfit is so cute! love it.

    I am still kind of ambivalent about TWD season finale. It wasn't truly all over WOW - there were a few tense parts obviously. but overall? yeah, meh. I really wanted a glimpse at where Carol and Beth might be.
    Oh - the last line by Rick? it was sanitized from what he actually says in the comics.

    But, Bring on Game of Thrones!! That show knows how to build the suspense and be Intense!

  23. The leotard is super cute!

    I can't wait until my kids are at the age that I can join them at school for lunch! So fun!

    So jealous of your date. It's been a minute for the hubs and I. Enjoy!

  24. TWD- I think Beth (since Rick said she was the new sheriff in town in the flashback when he put his hat on her head) will find that duffle bag he buried and come in and save the day using the skills that Daryl taught her. But I also think the first few episodes of the next season are going to be what happened to Beth, what Carol and Tyreese and the baby are doing, yada yada and it will take forever to get back to the Terminius storyline.

    I can't wait for GoT!!! Did you read the books?

  25. That Batman leo is awesome!

    I didn't do anything for April Fool's Day, either. It's just not my thing. Probably because I hate feeling like someone fooled me, but maybe I need to lighten up... nah.

    Have fun on your date! I love a date night out.

  26. Where did you get that leotard?!?! I MUST get one for my Dannika!!!!!!

  27. Three things:

    1.) My birthday is on April Fools Day and I don't even participate in those antics. Neither does The Hubs, although this year he tried to "get" me by pretending to drop the box that contained my birthday cake. Good thing the box was a decoy because heads were gonna role...

    2.)The Hubs is counting down the minutes until Game of Thrones. I'm so happy for him. lol

    3.) That tumbling leotard is the bee's knees.

  28. I love all of these. I love the Hey, it's okay mindset most of all.


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