Friday, April 4, 2014

Stuff That Weirds Me Out

The world is a strange place. Here is a list of stuff that weirds me out.


--Woody Allen

--Parents who say their kids are their best friends. No. They are your CHILDREN. I knew someone who was like, "My son is my best friend." He was 4. As adults I can understand the friendship aspect, but when they are loud, obnoxious kids? No.

--When people write "wat" for what online. Is it too difficult to add the h?

--Children who call me ma'am. I'm not 50. Stop it.

--People who leave blog comments pretending to be their pet. I know some have blogs that are in the point of view of the pet. But I once received a comment that said, "Woof! This made me happy. Woof!" I'm sorry, that's strange. Dogs can't type. (Or CAN they...)

--Women who freak if their husband is gone for one night. I did it for a year. It's not that horrible. You get the bed to yourself. Embrace the good.

--The term conscious uncoupling.


--People who post multiple photos of themselves daily. Usually in their vehicles. We know what your face looks like. Once a day is enough, thanks.

--When people write, "I have the feels!" on Facebook. This happens generally after television shows when something sad or sweet happens. I don't get the cutesy crap.

--Why they pick this lady to advertise for the cosmetic clinic. Her face is all surgical looking--not how I'd want my face to turn out if I got some work.

What weirds YOU out?


  1. Blogs about things that weird you out, weird me out. So do comments about things that weird me out.

    Actually, terms like "adorbs" weird me out. Totally not necessary.

  2. I would most certainly add Woody Allen to my list. As well as the celebrities that keep working with him given that he quite possibly is a pervert. But then....Hollyweird, right?

    sdkdjsdhdhd! (yes, a thing), totes, adorbs, right in the ovaries... all those kinda statements weird me out. I mean, really... he's so cute it actually pains your ovaries? Some even go so far as to say "bam, pregnant!" Wow - really? because I think that's rather unfortunate you are now carrying the guy from Supernatural's child. Because HE DOESN'T KNOW YOU!!

    I don't mind a simple "feels" to show an emotional impact about something. but the others.
    too far fangirl! back the emotional dump truck up a tad.

  3. My kids call everyone ma'am. Lol.

  4. Oh yes I completely agree with most of these!! Thank goodness I have never seen a comment "written" by a pet or someone saying "i have the feels." They would definitely get made fun of by me.

  5. Woody Allen - WTF.
    Conscious uncoupling - I won't even bother to read what that means.
    Yes to the people who post photos of themselves DAILY. Just themselves. What does it say about yourself if you're posting photos of yourself in your car. Daily.

  6. Your list sums it up well. I hate being called ma'am. It totally depresses me. Also, everything Rory Bore added would be on my list. Adding Totes Jelly for totally jealous. My my kid says this I say Oh you want toast and jelly?

  7. Bahahahahahah... I looooove when people type comments OR posts from a pet's point of view. I'm a total FREAK though. I was literally just thinking this morning about how people would think I was a total nut job if they saw how I interact with my dog. Yowza!

  8. There's a not of internet speak that just makes me scratch my head. If space aliens are tracking us through the internet, they probably think we're all stupid!!

  9. I can't stand when people say they don't know what to do when their husband or live-in boyfriend is out of town. I live alone all the time and survive just fine!

  10. if i tell my older son that he's my best friend, he'll tell me "no, i'm your best son!" lol!
    my husband had to go out of town for a night and i didn't mind having some quiet time to myself after the kids went to bed.
    i could make many lists of what weirds me out. lol!

  11. I agree with every last one of these, I could add more!

  12. The word "panties" weirds me out. I don't know why, but I cringe when I hear that word. "Panty lines" is even worse: a bad visual on top of a horrible word!

  13. "Women who freak if their husband is gone for one night. I did it for a year. It's not that horrible. You get the bed to yourself. Embrace the good."

    I had a FB friend who posted to complain her hubby was going to be working late all week and she "didn't know what she was going to do with it just being her and the baby."

    I wanted to reach through the computer and punch her in the face.

  14. I don't even know some of those things - the coupling or uncoupling? Weird for sure!!
    "I've got the feels." What does that even mean?
    I agree on the husband thing - I have friends that say they can't sleep when their husband is gone. I tell them it's good they didn't marry a military man!!!

  15. the first time some young punk called me "maam" i legit turned around and expected to see my mother. so i said "who are you calling 'maam'? me?" and he said "yes". so i gave him a dirty look and walked away.

    Vodka and Soda

  16. When someone types "Wat" it makes me think of them saying "What" with a Chicago accent. Or like Janice from Friends.

    Also, multiple selfies a day just makes me stabby. And I think it might be in direct correlation with how low one's self esteem is that they need constant affirmation throughout the day. Same with people who post about how AMAZING their husband is. That's usually a dead giveaway their marriage sucks. It's a scientific fact.

  17. I haven't read that FB post before, that is so weird!!!! And that thing that Paltrow said, um what? Can you believe little tiny holes weird me out. Heeby jeebies.

  18. Actually, I'm one of these women who have a hard time sleeping without hubby. He was gone for a long weekend in January, and I hated it. I love a few hours of having the bed to myself in the mornings, but definitely learned that I hate sleeping all by myself.

    Things that weird me out?? Starting with Sarah Palin and her crew, people who think that it's a good idea to start hitting their kids at baby-age to teach them discipline (that actually scares the heck out of me!!), flat coke, just to name a few.

    Have a great weekend!!

  19. I am laughing so hard I can hardly stand it! My dog jumped up because I was causing such a ruckus (although she will NOT be typing you a response) You had me at "Woody Allen" because YES...but when I got to the best friends...and the conscious uncoupling...and the THONGS...AND THE MULTIPLE SELFIES (and why are they always in the car? why?) I just about died.
    FUNNIEST POST EVER. I have the feels about it. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha --Lisa

  20. Hahaha. Woody Allen is a creep.

    What weirds me out? Let's see...

    People who speak in chat speak. Speak, out loud, not typing.
    When my mother in law rearranges stuff in the kitchen, yet she doesn't cook.
    When my son laughs maniacally, to himself. (Never a good sign)
    When people baby talk to their children/animals.
    Furbys... no comment.

    I could go on and on, lol.

  21. Definitely Woody Allen. I do consider my son as my best friend though. In my defense though is the fact that he's 30 and wasn't elevated to "friend" until he became an adult.

  22. This is a great list! Definitely the right move to lead with Woody Allen.

  23. "conscious uncoupling" weirds me out, too.
    I think my mom treats me very much as a close friend now...but I'm all grown up, of course!

  24. I confess: I am guilty of writing some form of "I have the feels" (usually, "the feelz. I haz them) and writing "wut" (instead of wat). I usually do it more to be sarcastic, especially the latter one.

    As for what weirds me out...hmm. Gonna have to think about that one.

  25. I got a reply from someone's blog via their dog the other day, and I didn't know WHAT {not wat} to make of it. I also think people should refrain from multiple selfies in one day... or week. Unless something changes or they really have to show off an #OOTD, why post the same picture over and over? However, I do call everyone m'am or sir, and I still feel empathy for anyone that has to be away from their spouse for any amount of time. I'd rather see someone sad that they are gone rather than the ones that party it up. Well, as long as they mean it and aren't being whiny babies for attention ;)

  26. People who are overly loving with their kids in a not normal way. Eons ago when my first born was about 2 we were outside kmart and i was putting quarters in the little merry go round for him. This woman and her little boy walked up and ask the little boy if he wanted to ride with him. The mom says to him. "What do you think' lover? Want to go for a ride?" I was freaked out!! I had 3 boys and had many nicknames for them. Lover was never on the list!

  27. woody allen, yes. i could do a whole post on creepy celebs.
    being a southerner, i was raised on ma'am and sir. but since moving to atlanta (while located in the south, no one has a southern accent here)i learned quickly you never call anyone ma'am. including me! ;)

  28. I think all of these things weird me out too! Also, people who don't like chocolate. Really? What's wrong with you?!

  29. I think all of these things weird me out too! Also, people who don't like chocolate. Really? What's wrong with you?!

  30. Jeez. I've got far too many to name. But, for starters, I'm totally with you on the conscious uncoupling.

    For some reason, the only thing that comes to mind is when people make a left-hand turn from a non-turn lane instead of veering over to turn from the turning lane. Although, this doesn't necessarily weird me out -- it pisses me the hell off.

  31. Woody Allen weirds me out too, or his lifestyle does, but I do love his movies. I don't really understand "all the feels." Can't you just say happy/sad/confused/etc? And add to the multiple selfies in a day multiple pet pics... I know you have a dog, he's adorable, but I'm about to unfollow you. Oh, and ma'am. I just turned 30, I still get carded at bars- please don't call me that!

  32. Woody Allen is a sociopath.

    I actually think it shows respect when kids call adults "sir" or "ma'am" until the adult gives them permission to use their name. I don't think this is an age-based thing. Also, there's nothing wrong with being 50--I'm very close to the mark myself! Our society teaches us that there's something wrong with aging. Hence, women end up looking like the lady in that ad.

  33. I definitely agree with the children as best friend thing. It also weirds me out when people write for their babies and for their pets. They can't talk, how can they type or write? I never understood the "I have the feels" thing. My brain physically hurts from the decline of the English language.


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