Monday, April 7, 2014

Inside Natalie's Closet: Nautical Outfits by Gymboree

It's no secret that I love buying clothes for my kids.

So every once in awhile I'll share outfits that I've bought for them.

I'm a huge fan of nautical styled clothes. So I bought some pieces from the Stripes and Anchor line at Gymboree.

Natalie was like, "Can we do pictures like this?"

I said, "Sure, go ahead."

"I was kidding."

"Great. Let's do a couple more."

"But Moooooooom."

Ugh, the whine.

*Insert fart sound here*

*Outfit change*

She's pretending to poop.

Clearly, I'm not raising a lady.


I do love the dress. It'll be perfect when we head to the beach.

I cannot wait for the beach. Constant warmth! S'mores!

"How many more pictures? I have things to do!"

"Like what?"

"Elsa needs me to change her dress and Sven is getting into our trash!"

"Almost done!"

And here's my reaction to the fact that Game of Thrones is back:

Natalie was all, "What's Game of Thrones? Can I watch?"

"Ha. No."

"That's rude."

**Outfit Change**

Got crabs?

I do not like eating seafood. My kids and Tom enjoy it. To me, seafood tastes like mushy yuck.

We still go to Red Lobster. I get the Cajun Chicken Linguine and stuff my face with the biscuits.

(I told her the crab on her shirt farted.)

"She says excuse me!" Natalie giggled.

Here's to constant warmth!

"And my pink crab!" Natalie wanted me to add.


  1. cute :) we've been having decent weather here too; not as hot as i'd like but i'll take this over snow/ice/winter bullshit.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. She is so dang adorable!!!!! Come visit us in LA and we'll give you constant warmth!

  3. Super cute! Both the clothes and the model! :)-Ashley

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: adopt me. I need some new clothes. I'm jealous of a child.

  5. Oh, summer. You are SET here. We're going to Cape Cod. I used to have a fantastic lobster onesie for Des but he has since grown out of it.
    Time for a new lobster shirt!

  6. Cute clothes. I love that blue dress.

  7. Those are cute outfits! I love the pockets on the skirt in the last outfit. I wish more of my skirts had pockets!

  8. I love nautical inspired things too! Natalie looks adorable

  9. Such cute stuff - it is good that I don't have a girl to shop for - we would be in debt for sure!!!
    I'm ready for summer warmth, too!

  10. Oh my. Looks like fun. I love taking photographs of my little girls.

  11. One word: ADORABLE.

    Can I let you in on a little secret: I am not really a girly-girl, I used to loathe the color pink, and once actually dreaded the prospect of having to dress my daughter. "I'm not going to like this," I once wrote in my journal when I was pregnant.

    Now? Hell, I can't get enough of it. It's called Famous Last Words.

  12. I love the little pink crab one!
    But mostly I am just thinking of cheddar biscuits.

    I bought my youngest an Anna and Elsa tshirt today for her Easter. It was the ONLY thing in the entire store that was Frozen. And I found it hidden under some Sofia the First tshirts.
    I'm like Sherlock in the Walmart!

  13. The crab outfit is my favorite one!

  14. SO CUTE! I love the beach dress beautiful! And seafood tastes like yucky mush to me too! YUCK.

  15. She's adorable!! Love the outfits! My Sara never did like dresses. She's still a jeans and t-shirt girl!

  16. So cute! How is she not starring in a tv show? That kid is all character!

  17. Amber, I love the way she does all that poses with charm.



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