Sunday, June 15, 2014

TheSnugg.Com iPhone 5 Pouch Case Review!

**I was given an iPhone 5 Pouch Case to try out. I was not paid for this post. My opinions are my own**

I always like finding something nifty to hold my iPhone 5. I always panic that I'm going to drop and break it. I'm a bit of a klutz. has a lot of fantastic cases for phones, tablets, eReaders, cameras...

I got to try out the iPhone 5 Pouch Case in Baby Blue Leather.

And yes, it did keep my phone snugg. I also loved the color.

It has a place to stick a credit card too. So you can just grab the pouch, and go to Target!

It was well made, and affordable at only $14.99

Each case has a lifetime guarantee. If you aren't happy with your case, there are no fuss returns. PLUS, you get free shipping!

So if you need a case, check out!


  1. Haha! Your dad seems like a patient man!

  2. This is basically my husband's ideal phone cover aka wallet phone combo lol

  3. I need a new iphone cover! I love getting contacted to try out stuff I need! :)


Thanks for the comment!

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