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How To Celebrate A Kid's Birthday Party At Disney World

When Natalie turned 8 we had to wake up early.

This was because she had an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. (You can read about that here.) We were on an amazing trip at Walt Disney World.

After the boutique, we were wandering around the castle and then the Stepmother and Stepsisters walked over.

We also met Tinkerbell:

Then we had to go to our Perfectly Princess Tea at the Grand Floridian. (Read about that here.)

After the tea, we met up with my Mom and and her brother.

We had a Fast Pass to meet Mickey at the Town Square so we headed over there. I'm glad we had the Fast Pass, because the wait was 40 minutes. Our wait? About 10 minutes.

Now, this Mickey talks. And his eyes blink. (Sadly, this changed and Mickey no longer talks!)

This Mickey was amazing, because he danced with Natalie. Maybe he saw she had her birthday button on and wanted to make it extra special. Or maybe this Mickey is just that cool. I'm not sure. But Natalie adored him.

Then we had Fast Passes for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Get a Fast Pass for this, because the wait was always over 120 minutes when we were there. Our wait? 10 minutes.

We also did the Astro Orbiter, which frightened me as I hate heights. But Natalie really wanted to do it. We also did Stitch's Great Escape. These rides didn't have terrible wait times.

Natalie also got to participate in a street show. This lady showed up and decided to marry a random stranger. Natalie got to be the flower girl.

Soon after, it was time to see Anna and Elsa. We also had Fast Passes to see them. I recommend it, because their wait time was 90 minutes. Our wait? About 25. It was the longest we had waited in a Fast Pass line, but I think perhaps the previous Anna and Elsa switched out.

You meet Anna first.

Natalie told her Hans was rude. Anna agreed.

Then it was time for Elsa. Natalie's favorite. Even though I tell her Anna is funnier.

She told Elsa she loved her dress and that she wished she had ice powers:

"I knew they'd be nice!" Natalie said as we left.

Up next? Our reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table. This is a restaurant in the castle. Now, I had contacted them and set up a special birthday surprise for Natalie. You're able to add items to your table if there is a special occasion. I requested a balloon, a special slipper dessert, and a glass slipper.

The first thing that happens when you go to Cinderella's Royal Table is that you meet Cinderella. They began to have a conversation. Natalie told her she met her Stepmother and Stepsisters and that they were silly. She also said Cinderella shouldn't have to clean so much. Cinderella agreed.

Then you go up a spiral staircase and you enter the dining room. The girls get a wand and a wishing star. The boys also get a wishing star, plus a sword. They are asked to close their eyes and make a wish.

Natalie later told me that she wished to be a mermaid. "I've been wishing it for YEARS and it hasn't happened yet!"

When you eat at Cinderella's Royal Table, you get an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. Our waiter was telling me that I needed to try the pork belly. Now, the name pork belly frightened me. I pictured digested food. Be he assured me I'd love it, so I thought, sure, why not?

Guys? It was amazing. It tasted like crunchy bacon. I recommend the pork belly. Try it. Don't be afraid of the name.

As you're eating your meal, princesses come around. You always hope that you haven't just taken a bite when they arrive, otherwise it's a garbled hello.

For my entree, I got a pork dish. Also really tasty:

Natalie got her beloved nuggets. I told her one day she'll turn into a nugget since she eats them so much:

Tommy and my Mom got a steak and seafood dish. Ick. Seafood.

After we finished our main course, Natalie special dessert was brought out:

Natalie was surprised. And the dessert was delicious:

Tommy picked out the trio dessert I believe. So he got to try three different things:

This was my dessert:

And the final princess, Jasmine, came by:

Looking at her flat stomach made me think: "Damn. Why must I love carbs so much?"

Natalie's surprises weren't done yet. No, the waiter brought her out the glass slipper:

She loved it.

She said she had a fantastic birthday. I mean, it was at DISNEY WORLD!

It'll be hard to top that. Have you ever celebrated a birthday at Walt Disney World?


  1. She looks so pretty all dressed up! What a fun experience for her.

  2. so you don't have to pay extra for the glass slipper? cool! also cool about the talking Mickey!

  3. I'm not 8 and I think Natalie's birthday sounds fantastic!!! She looked so happy in all the pictures! And, Tommy was a great sport!!!

  4. You're such a cool mom. I'm super jealous of Natalie's amazing birthday!

  5. Such an amazing trip! I can't wait to experience Disney. I probably want to go more than my kids!

  6. Such an amazing trip! I can't wait to experience Disney. I probably want to go more than my kids!

  7. That is one fancy Mickey Mouse! So glad you had a great day! :)

  8. I miss out on all this fun stuff at Disney because I have two teenage boys who are. not. interested. Next time I'm taking my niece. The mine train terrified my husband!

  9. My daughter looked at all the photos from this post and loved it!! I will definitely have to bring her to see Cinderella.

  10. That is so cool that they actually interacted with Natalie! I remember back when I went when I was 10 and all they did was pose for a picture, sign an autograph, and that was it.

  11. I really want to go back to Disney now! So, we had fast passes to see Mickey there, too. And Jocelyn (who LOVES mickey and minnie) was way scared of him. We saw Mickey two other times the rest of the week by accident and she did better during those. I feel like I wasted my fast pass on my two year old :P

  12. Scarlet still sometimes wishes she'll turn into a mermaid! I get sad that she'll find out it won't happen.
    Loved the desserts! Man. I used to have a completely flat stomach and I ate carbs all the time. Ah, youth.

  13. I love seeing all the little girls dressed up as a princess. Dressing up on your own seems like a cheaper way to go.

  14. This would be every little girls dream to have her birthday party at Disney. Where dreams to come true. Get dressed up and meet the princesses would be wonderful.

  15. What a dream come true! I can hardly wait to have a granddaughter (all boys so far) so I can take her to Disney and do something like this. Your daughter's face says it all! Precious memories!

  16. Wow. That would be the birthday party of the 2 year old in our family's dreams. She would love to meet the princesses. How fun for Natalie!

  17. That would be so much fun! I would love to have a birthday party at Disney for my kiddo. It looks like your daughter had so much fun.

  18. This looks like such a magical experience. I wish the kiddos were younger to do this with them. I know they would have loved it when they were smaller.

  19. OMG what an amazing way to celebrate a birthday! You get to meet all the princesses. I bet your little Natalie is over the moon. Happy birthday to her!

  20. Oh my goodness what an exciting way to spend a birthday! I would be thrilled to be at Disney spend some time meeting and greeting and have a good meal when I was younger.

  21. That is such a magical way to celebrate it! I bet she will never forget that birthday.

  22. Oh my goodness, I really wish I could.. .One day, I'll take all the kids and it'll be soooo fun!

  23. I have never even been to Walt Disney World. It looks like so much fun! One year we'll go. I'm sure of it.

  24. I think we are going to celebrate our youngest's next birthday at Disney, if all goes as planned. She's very excited.

  25. How fun would it be to celebrate a birthday at Disney! It sounds like it would be such a special day.

  26. Definitely kids are overwhelm to this disney experience., i can see the full happiness in her eyes .

  27. I took my husband to Dis year World to celebrate his 60th birthday. We ate at the Contemporary Hotel first. They really did it up right. We got him a birthday button. Everyone even guests we wishing him a HBD!

  28. That looks like the dream birthday for any young girl. It must have been an incredible experience for your daughter that she will never forget.

  29. Natalie is one lucky little girl!! Wow! Disney World! You should get the award for World's Greatest Mom!!

  30. What an INCREDIBLE way to spend a birthday!!!! She looks beautiful and so happy.

  31. That smile indeed shows how happy and how Natalie enjoyed her birthday party! Such a very memorable experience for you and the kids.


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