Sunday, January 31, 2016

Looking For An Affordable Wrap For Your Baby? Check Out Wrapy!

**I was sent Wrapy in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was exchanged. My opinions are my own.**

When my kids were babies, I mostly put them in strollers. I would see other babies in wraps, and was always curious about them.

I was sent a Wrapy, and was intrigued.

I wish I had a baby to try it out in. Well. Sort of. I do like my sleep. But sometimes I do miss having a baby around.

The Wrapy came with an instruction booklet. I liked how soft the wrap was.

Here's a video to explain how to use it properly.

I'd show you, but without a baby I worry I'll somehow mess it up. I wonder if my cat will be the baby?

Uh, the cat said no way.

The wrap is also washer and dryer safe, a huge plus in my eyes, because I don't like to hand wash stuff. You also get a 100% lifetime guarantee, so if something goes wrong, you can contact the company for help.

You can purchase Wrapy for $29.97 on Amazon. If you do purchase Wrapy, let me know, because I have a coupon for 15% off.

To learn more about Wrapy, you can check out the Wrapy Webpage, Amazon, and Facebook.


  1. This looks great!
    Now, to get that baby....

  2. I know they're meant for babies, but I think George the DogCat would like this!


Thanks for the comment!

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