Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why Won't Littlest Pet Shop Toys Come Out Of Their Packaging Easily?!

Natalie loves Littlest Pet Shop toys.

They are cute--don't get me wrong. But I dread when she buys them because...

They are a PAIN to get out of the package! They're practically WEDGED into the plastic. You think they'd just pop out, but no. (I swear that purple dog was mocking me too..)

So I'm struggling, and pieces are flying everywhere--did I mention Littlest Pet Shop comes with tiny parts?

"Come out!"

"Why is nothing happening when I'm struggling so hard? Am I THIS WEAK?"

"Sorry. Mommy gives up. These will just be staying in the package."

This did not sit well with Natalie. I had to get a dull knife and pop the remaining ones out.

Natalie has a blast with Littlest Pet Shop toys. But please. Make a frustration-free package like Amazon offers.

Do you have issues getting toys out of their packaging or am I just incredibly weak?


  1. Wtf? They put iPhone charger cords in bear trap devices like this too. And I'm driving didn't the road cursing because I need my cord to plug in so I can listen to my Spotify playlist! R Kelly needs me, people. He's not getting out of the closet until I log in!!
    Woman you need wine not Diet Coke. Please let me come over and bring some. Haha

  2. Haha they definitely do not make those things easy to get out, I always have to cut them out.

  3. No joke, I put this on FB in December after the frustration of opening kids' toys:

    Dear people who package kids' toys,
    Do you hate parents? I'm thinking you must as there is no other explanation as to why you make toys so damn difficult to open. So if you could, I don't know, maybe make it possible to open a toy without the use of scissors and the brute strength of a professional football player, we'd appreciate it.

  4. I purchased this toy opener thing a few years ago and it made all of the difference. I don't even know the name of it, but I got it on Amazon!

  5. My little cousin collects them too. She now has drawings of each animal she gets. That face Natalie made is priceless! Speaking of priceless, that's why they package them to be human proof (prevent shop lifting). As a kid my Barbie's were a pain to open. Especially the tiny accessories!

    - Harlynn

  6. all kid toys are packaged in annoying ways. barbies have a million little plastic ties you have to cut off.

  7. Why do cute things come in terrible packaging? Ugh.

  8. Toy packaging is just obnoxious these days. I didn't know they made those easy twist off backings... so when we first had a package with them for Grace - I seriously tried to cut them off... before realizing they just twisted easily off. Why aren't there directions for unpacking toys?!

  9. I hate anything that's in that hard plastic you have to cut through!! So annoying.

  10. All kid toys! It makes me so mad. It's like they're in high-security prison. And really they are cheap pieces of plastic! I have gotten many cuts from trying to open toys.


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