Thursday, May 26, 2016

When The Hotel Fire Alarm Goes Off Four Times In One Night...

We've been in a hotel for nearly a month now.

For the most part, things have been going smoothly. Yes, I deal with other hotel guests who are assholes. But I'm managing with lots of chocolate and books.


The other night, the fire alarm went off.

Four times.

It started at 1 AM. Then it seemed to go off in half hour intervals.

I was livid. I do not like when my sleep is interrupted. It's why I only had two children. So each time I'd drift off and be woken up by another alarm.

I was PISSED. The alarm would go off for about a minute, then stop. Obviously the hotel wasn't on fire. At first I thought the hotel was on fire and started grabbing my prized possessions: my books. My Macbook. My phone. Then I realized, nope, no fire, just a spazzy alarm system.

I went downstairs to ask what was going on. Several other hotel guests were doing the same. Apparently they didn't know why the alarm kept going off. They were working on it.

"Work on it faster," a hotel guest grumbled and then promptly stomped outside. To this day, I wonder where he went. It was 2 AM.

I almost didn't want to sleep. Suppose I went to sleep and the alarm only went off again. Should I read? Hope for the best and shut my eyes?

Luckily the alarm stopped after the fourth time, praise chocolate. (Oh, but a few days before THAT, the alarm had gone off at midnight. But only once. So maybe I should have expected the crazed alarms.)

I get that things happen. I do. But I have never experienced an alarm going off so often while in a hotel. This note came the following day:

And while I appreciated the explanation, I felt like we deserved a free night. So I asked as politely as I could. (I really, REALLY do not like my sleep interrupted.)

Good news! We got the free night. So far the letter is true: the alarm HASN'T gone off again.

I hope it stays that way. We're until until next week.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Oh, well that's nice! A free night!! I think it's what they should do, since they robbed many of sleep.

  2. That happened to us once. It only went off once, but we had to wake up our kids and start to carry them outside, when it finally stopped. We also got some sort of compensation for our trouble!

  3. Glad you got a free night, but I could definitely see that being annoying!

  4. Nice work! That's really obnoxious and I'm glad you pushed for a free night. How much longer in the hotel? Hopefully you can move in your house soon!

  5. I would have pushed for a free night as well! That's just crazy.

  6. OMG. That is crazy. I hope your hotel days will be over soon!

  7. Ugh, how annoying! But hey, if you don't ask, you don't get!! Here's to one free night!!

  8. Ugh, I would be so mad too. Glad you were able to get a free night out of it! :)

  9. we had this happen once at a hotel when we were on vacation. Thankfully it happened after we had already gotten ready to go out to dinner. It wasn't too long so it worked out. Someone burn pop corn in the microwave setting off the alarm.

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