Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What Is Inside Gideon's Bakehouse?

I was sold at giant cookies as big as my hand.

I knew when we visited Disney Springs that we'd be stopping by Gideon's Bakehouse. This is the place where the giant cookies live. 

The line wasn't horrible when we showed up. It was about 30 minutes. My daughter was not thrilled to have to wait 30 minutes.

"For cookies?" she grumbled.

"For magical cookies," I answered. She doesn't have a sweet tooth like I do. 

Sometimes the line can be two hours. But then they do a virtual line and they tell you when to come back. 

You are given a menu as you wait. Special cookies and cakes are switched out each month. 

I am told the Peanut Butter Nitro Cold Brew is fantastic. Sadly, I do not like coffee so I passed on this. 

The outside looks neat:

And it's even better on the inside. Oh, and yes, it smells amazing. You can also get giant cake slices but I was there for the cookies. If I lived nearby, I'd so get a cake slice. I hear they are incredible. There is a whimsical vibe going on in the store and I felt like I was in a room at the Addams Family house. 

Check out some of the delicious options:

We ended up with a peanut butter crunch:

The cookies and cream:

And 2 Chocolate chips:

Final verdict? The chocolate chip cookie is where it's at. And yes, it's HUGE so it can last you two days. But only one if you're PMSing like I was. I have no regrets. 

I would get the other flavors again though because they were also scrumptious. Natalie gobbled down the cookies and cream and understood why we had waited thirty minutes for cookies. She apologized for the whining. 

So yes, we'll be going again the next time we're at Disney Springs. (And I'm told there's another location nearby the Disney Springs one that is usually less crowded if you don't want to wait around.)

Have you been to Gideon's Bakehouse yet? 


  1. Now that is a very interesting bakery. Those cookies!!!

  2. Oh my goodness now this looks like a bakehouse I would never want to leave! I definitely want to try that chocolate chip one!

  3. That cookie looks so good. This is the time that I don't like having a dairy allergy as I can't eat most baked goods.

  4. Wow, those are really huge cookies! I could also wait half an hour if it's for these cookies.

  5. OMG that a big cookie, it looks delicious!

  6. The outside and inside looks really neat! Peanut Butter Cold Brew totally sounds great to me by the way! :)

  7. Wow, that place looks amazing. Those cookies are huge! I'd love to try one of them.

  8. I really like how the interiors looked. As for me, I'd always go for the peanut butter cookie and the chocolate chip.

  9. Wow that is awesome I need to remember this location when traveling!

  10. That's how I like my treats -- with so many chips and extra deliciousness. These are worth trying next time we visit.

  11. I have sweet tooth so I think this will be on my list when I get a chance to visit. Those cookies look so good!

  12. Ohhh you are making me want to go to Disney Springs. It’s been awhile!

  13. Delicious things indeed1 I love how big and chunky their treats are!

  14. These cookies are amazing! It is nice to see some different treats out there. I'd love to try these.


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