Wednesday, February 23, 2022

If You Love Tea, Go To HTeaO

Sweet tea. I love it. I especially love when it's flavored. I heard about this placed called HTeaO that has 27 different flavors of tea and knew I had to try it. I was in luck when a store opened near me. 

You might be like, "But how do I know what flavor of tea to get?" Well, you're in luck. You can sample the teas!

When you walk in you'll see rows of teas that are brewed every hour, so you know they are fresh. 

If you're a tea fan like I am, you'll be thrilled to be surrounded by various teas. Oh, and if sweet tea isn't your think, they have unsweet flavors as well. 

Remember how I said you could sample the teas? You can. There are small cups to give them a taste so you can find the perfect one.

My daughter also loves tea so she's always excited to go to HTeaO. Her top fave is the sweet mango fresco.

Curious about the flavors? You can see them all here, but I'll share our top ones. Sweet Mint. (Yum.) Sweet Coconut. (Reminds me of summer.) Sweet Blueberry Green. (I feel like I'm relaxing in a meadow while sipping on it.) Also you can't go wrong with the regular sweet tea. 

If you want to add fresh fruit to your tea, you can do so!

After deciding on a tea, you can pick your cup size and get some ice. My daughter LOVES the cubed ice. I usually go for the large cup. 

Then I pick my tea. I went with the sweet blueberry green. 

There are also gallons, 1/2 gallons and mini gallons of the flavors if you want to bring home extra. 

If you're in a hurry, you can place an online order and park in front of the store. 

Also, if tea isn't your thing (!), they also have hot coffees, iced coffees, and if you prefer your tea warm, there's a blueberry lemon one. 

We always go for the sweet teas:

I know we'll be back! I'm already having a craving for the sweet Georgia Peach, which is wonderful to sip on while reading a book. 

If you want to check and see if there's a HTeaO near you, go here. It looks like there are several opening soon. I love our local shop because they have 1/2 price teas everyday from 2-4, so perhaps your store does the same. HTeaO started in Texas but it looks like it's branching out, so there might be one in your state at some point and if there is, you're lucky. 

What's your favorite tea flavor? 


  1. I love that you can sample flavors! I'm more into hot tea than cold tea though.

  2. That sounds great. It's great that they have so many tea options. The sweet Georgia Peach sounds yummy!

  3. What a cool tea place. I might just have to sample them all.

  4. I'm not a big tea drinker but I would definitely go here. It looks like a ton of fun.

  5. I also love tea, especially when its flavored. this place is perfect for me.

  6. My daughter would love their sweet mango fresco. I cannot wait to take her here

  7. What a neat place! I love the idea that they allow you to taste the teas before purchasing. It also sounds like they have you covered with all of the different size choices. The name of their franchise is quite unique which is always a great branding technique.

  8. What a neat place, and I love that it is cold tea, perfect for the hot weather. I've never heard of this place before.

  9. Looks like a nice tea place! I love to have them either cold or hot but having them with fruits would be best for me.

  10. I love tea a lot. I am so curious to try new flavors. This is a perfect place for me!

    1. This is a paradise for my daughters! The love the additions of fresh food!

  11. My daughter and I just found the Tulsa HteaO. We loved trying the different teas and found several that we really liked. It was hard to decide but we finally determined that watermelon was our favorite… at least THIS time!!! We’ll definitely be back!!!

  12. I've never seen so many teas. I want to try the peach variety the most.

  13. We love, love, love tea in our home, so we surely need to visit this place! I woul try many flavors

  14. I love tea, so if i'm in the area of texus I have to check it out.

  15. How fun! We need this up in IL where I live. Sounds so refreshing on a hot day.

  16. I'm a big fan of teas! Loved the variations to choose from, and the idea of having fresh fruits to add up to my tea is definitely exciting! :) I'd be checking out this place soon! :)

  17. Looks like a great spot to get delicious tea! I am with you and am a sweet tea lover... I grew up in SC and it was. staple in our fridge growing up!


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