Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Why We Didn't Make It To London and Paris

Picture this: we come home Sunday from our DC/NYC trip. We dump the dirty clothes in the laundry and re-pack. Why? Well, our London/Paris trip was happening on Wednesday. 

Or so we thought.

It started off fine. We get to the airport. We show our Passports and vaccination cards without any issues. We make it through security. Oh sure, my hands were swiped because apparently some odd residue was showing up (most likely bacon grease for me, I won't even lie) but all was okay. 

We get to our gate. 

We wait.

Our plane that would take us to Houston to make our flight to London showed up on time.

And then.

A worker comes up and says oil is leaking on said plane and they had to figure out what was going on.

Fine with me. I don't want to get on a potentially dangerous plane. Pass. I'm a nervous flier as it is. 

The worker returns on the loudspeaker and says tests are still being run and that our flight would now leave at 7. It was supposed to leave at 530. 

Still okay. 

It only takes about an hour to get to Houston. Our flight to London was taking off at 830. It would be tight but manageable. 

But then it was discovered that the plane would NOT be flying and that another one would show up.

At 940.

And as mentioned, our London flight left at 830.

Now, it wasn't just us flying. It was a group of 21. Natalie and I signed up for this trip at her school and it was through EF Tours. The United worker tried to see what could be done but 4th of July was approaching. Flights were booked solid. No way could she get 21 people on a random flight. 


We were told there was nothing more to be done and we were sent home. 

It was tough. I mean, we were looking forward to London and Paris. In London I was going to the Tower of London. I love Tudor history. I was excited. And Paris! The food! 

EF Tours tried to see if we could get on any other future flights. Nope. 

Then we tried to see if we could go in early August but the stipulation was that everyone in our group had to agree. A few people couldn't go so that was scrapped.

Another option was Thanksgiving break. A few people couldn't go. Scrapped.

So now what? Well, with EF Tours you don't get your money back. You get whatever you spent on the trip in a travel voucher for a future trip. We're hoping that another London/Paris trip is formed. If so, we'll use our vouchers for that. 

It is disappointing. But I do always try to stay positive. I reminded myself we enjoyed a DC/NYC trip. We have a Walt Disney World trip at the end of this month. 

But it still stings. Having to unpack for a trip that never was hurt a bit. All the news stories you see about chaotic airport scenes are true. 

One day we'll make it to London and Paris. 

One day. 


  1. Plane cancellations are the worst. Too bad you couldn't drive to Houston!

  2. Oh man!! I hate hearing that. I've been hearing stories like this lately. I've gotten to where I buy the insurance no matter where we stay for several days. Just in case something happens and we can't make the trip so we can get our money back.

  3. Oh no! Sorry you missed out. That sucks just staying at the airport to wait for several hours. Maybe it was meant to be not to hop on the plane. There is always a next time

  4. It's such a bummer you guys didn't get to go. Hopefully another time though. It's hard when things fall though. Hopefully this was all meant to be and there was a reason you were not suppose to go on the plane. Hope all is well and you're able to go at some point.

  5. This is such a huge bummer! I would've been so sad. I always wonder though, there must've been a bigger reason why.

  6. I can only being to imagine your disappointment and for them NOT to refund your money, that seems outrageous to me. I've sat in an airport for hours on end waiting on replacement flights - not fun at all. Wishing you better luck on your next trip!

  7. Oh I’m sorry to hear that I can feel your disappointment. My husband and I also experienced that and it makes me angry and upset at the same time.

  8. I remember when we experienced that my family was about to go on a vacation and our trip got cancelled it makes my kids so sad and it makes me so disappointed at the airline.

  9. I'm so sad for you all and hope that Natalie is ok. What a big disappointment. I hope a great trip comes up again real soon (even if it is during the school year.)

  10. I know it's a sad announcement but we still need to be grateful because the plane problem was found the time before you are leaving. I know there's still a big chance for both of you to be in London and Paris and I know Natalie understand the situation.

  11. Oh no, well London is still fun to see. You could always pop on the Eurostar which is a few hours on the train to Paris which is an adventure. You get to go through Kings Cross you might even see platform 9 3/4 LOL!

  12. I am so sorry you missed this trip! It's terrible how one complication can snowball like that. Hope you can go sooner rather than later.

  13. That really sucks. What a huge let down because of one plane.Hope things work out.

  14. Oh my goodness you poor things, that is so disappointing! I hope you can plan this trip again for another time.

  15. Aww i hope one day you and your family will make it to Paris/London with zero hassle. Im jealous its my dream to go to Europe.

  16. I hope that you can go on a trip to Paris/London soon. It's disappointing when the airline cancels things. I've heard there is a pilot shortage but don't know how true this info is.


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