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Galactic Starcruiser Adventures Day 2

The alarm went off early. 

I think at around 715? 

At first I was like "uggggg" but then I remembered I was on the Galactic Starcruiser! What sort of adventures would we encounter? 

But before I could figure it out, I needed caffeine. 

Luckily at the breakfast buffet, there was unlimited Diet Coke. (And there is coffee for those who need that.) Plus there was food like this (that's blue milk yogurt):

And POG juice. If you've never tried it, you MUST.  I had like 3 glasses. My stomach was making sloshing noises by the time we left but you know, worth it!

Anyway. That day we had a trip to Batuu! For those who don't know, that's Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios. Your stay on the Galactic Starcruiser gets you a trip to Batuu, a free lunch at Docking Bay 7 or any of the other food spots, plus a Lightening Lane for Rise Of The Resistance and the Millennium Falcon. 

How do you get to Batuu? Great question! By this:

I mean, yes, it's obviously a box truck but PRETEND it's a space craft. And there's fun music from aliens. It takes like 10 minutes to get to Batuu. 

Oh and before you board, you get these nifty pins to wear so the people of Batuu know you're a passenger on the Galactic Starcruiser. 

What does that give you? Well, some cast members will play along and ask how your voyage is going. Also, you get your own special spot to cool off and grab water whenever you want. 

Batuu isn't exactly a relaxing time. Why? Well, remember the characters you helped on Day 1? They still need help on Day 2 and you have to go around Batuu and scan things. Scan what? Well, these:

If you're helping the First Order like my son (tsk), your mission will be different from the Resistance missions so you'll split up. I suggest doing the rides first. 

We only waited about 10 minutes for the Millennium Falcon. 

Rise Of The Resistance was initially down so we did some missions. Man, I was sweating. But Natalie was like, "We have to help Sammie!" and I thought that Sammie better appreciate all the boob sweat that was going on. 

Luckily Rise eventually came back up so we quickly rode that. 

We did more missions and then we ate at Docking Bay 7. Lunch is free, so we paid nothing. And it includes alcohol for those over 21. 

Now, you can book a reservation and build a lightsaber at Savi's. Since you're a passenger, they are usually able to accommodate you. But we had already done this at a previous visit. You can also build a droid, but I didn't want to lug it around. 

You can stay on Batuu until 4, but we headed back around 1. 

This is because we had a photo session at 230. I recommend booking it on Day 2 in the afternoon when most people will be at Batuu. It's less crazy. However, if you book it when more people are on, you might get lucky and have a character in your shot. But on Day 2 they generally don't start coming out until after 4. Still, we got some cool shots which I'll share in a future post. Here's one:

Oh, and the lunch buffet on the ship is served until 4, so you can have TWO lunches. We were full from eating on Batuu, but we still ate a few things there because why not? 

Soon after the characters were back and asking for more help. Gaya came out and Natalie swooned because she LOVED Gaya's performance during dinner the night before. You can get photos with her!

Other characters were around as well:

We had lightsaber training and that was a cool experience. 

We played a game of Sector Set which is kind of like Bingo:

Dinner was pretty special. It was a Taste Around The Galaxy theme so you got all sorts of different foods. There was one dish inspired by Chewbacca's home planet! They explain where each dish was inspired from. And again, it's all you can eat, so if you love something you can get more of it.

Natalie ordered a sparkly pretty non-alcoholic drink:

Tommy got one inspired by the Dark Side. It had a spice to it and was also glittery:

Blue shrimp was brought out. It's naturally dyed apparently. I do not like seafood so I passed. Everyone else enjoyed them.

There was delicious meat. I believe this one was inspired by Chewbacca's home planet:

Dessert was pretty:

And again, as I have mentioned before, if someone in your party has allergies, you will get special portions with this in it:

After we ate we got to go to special meetings. Remember all the tasks you did for certain characters throughout the day? Well it pays off. You are invited to certain events and you MUST BE invited in order to get in. We got to see this wonderful moment and REY was there!

We also got to help Sammie and the Captain:

Then everyone is called into the atrium for a fabulous finale. 

There was lots of cheering and clapping. It was incredible. 

You can take photos with the characters of course. We had to get one with Sammie since we helped him the most:

Natalie also got a photo with Raithe, who we helped some of the time. Natalie LOVED his laugh. It was kind of an "ah ah ah" that she actually recorded at one point so she'd always remember. These characters are amazing!

To finish off the night there is an all you can eat dessert party with some singing and dancing.

Day 2 is long with lots of things packed in, but you'll remember it forever. 

Before we headed off to bed, Natalie had to get some water. Remember, it's always available. You can get sparkling, chilled, or room temperature.

There was a letter waiting for us in our room:

At this point, the adventures are over. But. You still get a final breakfast buffet, and I'll share more about that soon. 

We couldn't stop laughing and talking about what we had witnessed. The memories will surely be with us forever. 

Onto Day 3...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I wish I was there with you enjoying everything.

  2. This looks like so much fun. The ultimate Star Wars vacation!

  3. This sounds like so much fun. I love the sound of lightsabre training. I know the kids and I would enjoy trying to do that!!!

  4. This looks like so much fun! You had me at unlimited coffee & the blue yogurt bowls! I cant wait to bring my kid here!

  5. What a fun experience. I am glad that they can accomodate food allergies in their meals.

  6. What an amazing experience! We love Disney and we LIVE for POG juice!!

  7. This looks like such a fun experience, I can't wait to visit again with my family.

  8. I love knowing that everyone is invited to join on a family day adventure with Galactic Starcruiser. I hope to get a chance to take part in the action-packed photo scavenger hunt as well as enjoy a fun and relaxing night at home. Dissertation Proposal Writing Service

  9. This sounds like a ton of fun. The food always looks amazing too. Blue shrimp, lol, now I am craving shrimp for dinner. Thankfully, I have some in my freezer.

  10. It is fun to hear about this. The price tag, though. :( One day, maybe, we will do this! Can you describe what is in the POG juice: Pineapple Orange and Grapefruit? Grape?

  11. I'm surprised my brother hasn't taken his family here. This looks so perfect for Star Wars fans!

  12. What a fun adventure, no one does it like Disney! Well except a dear friend of mine which put a entire Enterprise deck from Star trek in his basement years ago, LOL he was a hoot and set design was his thing!

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    Everything Enchanting 🙂

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