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After Fireworks Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom

It can be tricky finding a spot to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom. People start picking out their spots 2 hours before they even start which means less time to go on the rides. If you get a spot, you're shoulder to shoulder with strangers. Sometimes they'll even try to push in and take the spot you've been holding. It's frustrating.

However, if you book a Dessert Party, it means you have a special spot to watch the fireworks. You don't have to figure that out 2 hours prior. You can start checking in 1 hour before, but I saw people wander in 10 minutes before the fireworks began. 

After you check in you get a special bracelet so they know you paid for the party. There is a Dessert Party where you eat before the fireworks, plus the one we opted for which is where you pig out after the show. (There's another another option where you can sit at the Tomorrowland Terrace for the dessert party, but it's further away and you don't see the castle as well. That one is called Treats and Seats.)

We like how you're not right on top of each other. It looks like you're close to others but you could stretch out an arm and not touch someone else on our night. 

And the view for the castle is pretty awesome. Granted, this was the 2.5 zoom on the iPhone, but still. 

The fireworks and projection show is always incredible. Right now they are doing an Enchantment show to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It's okay, but not nearly good as Happily Ever After. However, it was just announced that Happily Ever After is returning! 

When it's over, it's time to pig out! It's a nice spacious area. 

There are plenty of dessert options: cupcakes, cookies, fruit, cheese, mousse, crepes..

Here's the apple caramel crepe:

These firehouse doughnuts were scrumptious. Natalie was obsessed with the strawberries and seriously just got a plate of them:

There was also a cookie decorating station that I think is geared towards children, but I totally did it, because you know, sprinkles:

You can add all the frosting you want:

To drink there is alcohol. Beers, wines...I tried an orange beer to see if I still disliked beer and yes, I still dislike beer:

Need some coffee? It's there!

There's also a variety of juices and water. Yup, that's POG juice on the end. My favorite! I had like 4 glasses. 

Don't worry about them running out of food. They replenish!

I also enjoyed some sparkling apple cider. 

The party is on the pricey side, but I feel it's worth it because of the following:

--no scoping out a fireworks spot 2 hours prior

--not being right on top of strangers

--dedicated fireworks area that only people who booked the party can sit

--all you can eat desserts and drinks. If you like booze, this is for you! I mostly drank POG juice and sparkling apple cider because A) I'm not a big drinker and B) I was with my kids and I'm not about to get intoxicated around them. Maybe when they're older. But not now. 

For the After Party, prices are $99 for adults and $59 for kids 3-9. You can book by calling 407-WDW-DINE. Or keep checking the My Disney Experience App. I thought it would be up 60 days before our resort reservation but I believe it was 30 days. It's different for dessert parties, so keep checking! I assumed it meant the party was sold out when I didn't see it at 60 days, but nope. So don't give up! 

We have done the Pre Fireworks Party before and you can read about that here. I won't lie, the food was better, but no booze. Still, I'd rather have the cheeseburger egg rolls back over beer! So Disney, get rid of the booze, bring back the cheeseburger egg rolls to the parties, yes? 

Have you ever done a Dessert Party?


  1. I usually just get a tree in front of me and have my own space that way. lol.

  2. I have never been to disneyland at all but would love to go one day.

  3. The dessert party seems like a great way to watch the fireworks and enjoy some sweet treats!

  4. A whole lot of great desserts. That would be a fun experience.

  5. I've never done a Dessert Party, however, it looks like a pretty amazing experience.

  6. It makes sense to book a Dessert Party. I would not want to be there 2 hours early!

  7. So many delicious treats. This would be ideal for the kids as well.

  8. That looks like an amazing experience. I'd love to do that someday too. I think my kids would have a wonderful time. The food looks so good too.

  9. What a really wonderful and amazing experience! The food looks really good kids would love this for sure!

  10. My kids would love this for sure! The dessert party sounds amazing and wonderful!

  11. My daughter and I did this after the Very Merry Micky Christmas Party a few years ago and it was fantastic!

  12. Those desserts look delicious and I just love how the Disney castle looks under lights and firework, it's so vivid and enchanting.

  13. Thank you for showing us these amazing photos with fireworks. Everything looks so magical!

  14. I had no idea that they even had a dessert party. I went to Disney in 2010 and it was pretty awesome. I'm wanting to take my youngest before he graduates high school.

  15. I have a sweet tooth so that is my kind of party. I would love to go one of these days. -LYNNDEE

  16. A dessert party at Disney? That sounds like a dream!

  17. I have never done a dessert party at the Magic Kingdom but it looks like a fun time and there is dessert so why not?

  18. I need to go there soon! Looks like so much fun

  19. What a great Disney hack!!! Doing this when my boys get older!! Totally worth the money not to fight the crowd.

  20. This is so much fun for the while gang! I love it and the kids even more. Love all of the beautiful pictures and looks like you guys had a blast!


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