Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Celebrate Pi Day with Polly's Pies!

I love pie. I could eat it daily. I love that it comes in a variety of flavors but one of my all time favorites is the classic apple pie. (Pecan comes a close second!)

March 14th is considered to be Pi Day. Why? Well, because March is the 3rd month, and 1 and 4 are part of the whole 3.14 pi mathematical constant thing. 

Polly's Pies celebrates Pi Day! They have so many amazing pies--from apple, to peach, to blueberry, you'll be sure to find one you love. (You can pick a bake at home pie here) <----

They were nice enough to ship some pies to us. They are shipped nationwide with UPS next day air Monday-Wednesday so we got the pies incredibly fast. They come packaged well in dry ice and can stay in the freezer for 6 months if you aren't ready to bake them right away. I love that the pies are all natural with no preservatives. Yup, they come with instructions!

Here is the baked apple pie:

Was it delicious? Yes! We were also sent a peach pie and I cannot wait to try it out. 

I love that Polly's Pies is family owned since 1968 so you can feel good ordering from them. They have 13 locations throughout Southern California so maybe you're lucky enough to live by a restaurant. I hope I can go one day. 

Do you want your own pie to enjoy? Use code AMBER15 to save 15% on orders of $50. They have a special St Paddy's Day pie if you need dessert. Check it out here

Happy Pi Day!

To learn more about Polly's Pies you can check them out at the following:







  1. I do love pie day. I wish that I could head to Blaze pizza for their deal but it is too far away.

  2. I didn’t think to get us a pie for pi day. I love my grandmas apple or peach pie the best.

  3. These sound so good and look amazing. What a fun way to celebrate the day!

  4. Wow! This looks absolutely delicious and tasty! My kids are going to love this for sure

  5. I do love pie with some vanilla ice cream on the side. That's so fun they put the Pi symbol on top.

  6. wow! I adore this idea! I can celebrate an important day like this one, so I can know more about the importance of Pi and I can eat my favorite pie! It's perfect for me!

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  8. We love pie day! Thank you for sharing your ideas on how to make it an enjoyable celebration!

  9. These look delicious! I've never heard of these before and it would be fun to try some.

  10. Never heard of this brand from where I am but it's good to know you can keep them for about 6 months... Would love to store them and have them every time we want one.

  11. What a fun idea! These look incredible and such a fun reason to enjoy a pie! Ordering one for my family now!

  12. These look delicious! What a great idea! Time to start a new tradition!

  13. I never knoew about Pi Day, have just made an apple pie the other day too!


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