Sunday, June 25, 2023

Pride Foods & Photo Ops at Walt Disney World

I'm sure you've heard all of the ugly nonsense going on in Florida regarding DeSantis and Nazis gathering's just gross, really. 

But I'm proud to say that Walt Disney World doesn't agree with that nonsense and celebrates Pride Month in fabulous ways. So don't ever feel like you aren't welcome there, because you are. 

In fact, we found some Pride photo ops and tried some special food for the month.

Each park has its own mural. In Magic Kingdom, it's this:

In Animal Kingdom, it's this:

There's usually a PhotoPass Photographer nearby and you can ask for the Pride Magic Shots:

In Hollywood Studios there are balloons:

In Epcot, it's this:

I got a lot of compliments on my shirt. I found it at Five Below for $5! 

I also got compliments on this shirt. I got it on Amazon here

We loved this rainbow confetti Pride magic shot:

And some photographers had this Mickey Pride sign:

Disney Springs also has Pride signs up:

At the Coca-Cola store, they had a special Pride drink called Simply Rainbow that was delicious. It was Simply Orange, grenadine, Icee Blue Raspberry, and gummy bears on top. 

At Woody's Lunchbox in Hollywood Studios, they had a special tart. It was filled with guava which I wasn't sure I'd like, but I was pleasantly surprised:

Also in Hollywood Studios at Catalina Eddie's, there was this Pride dome cheesecake. It was also delicious:

There are a lot more Pride snacks sprinkles around the parks and resorts. 

So as I mentioned, don't be scared of the stories you hear coming out of Florida. Everyone we encountered at Disney World was kind, and we didn't see any guests walking around with rude t-shirts. (One year I saw a lot of Let's Go Brandon t-shirts.) 

I hope one day Disney World has Pride Nights at Disneyland has--it looked like a ton of fun. 

If you're heading to Walt Disney World in June, have a rainbow-tastic time!


  1. I love the murals! I was last there in June a few years back and didn't see those so they must be new!

  2. So glad Disney is standing up for the LGBTQ Community and not caving in to the Hate mongering. Love that Pride Drink...Dawn the Bohemian

  3. I love the Pride photo ops at Walt Disney World. That Simply Rainbow drink looks so refreshing!

  4. It's nice to see so many great photo ops. That is always nice. I also love the food! Everything looks so good.

  5. Oh, how cute and colorful! I love the Simply Rainbow drink. It sounds refreshing after walking in the park for hours.

  6. The photo op pics are so cute and that rainbow drink looks super tasty!

  7. How I wish I could see these Photo Ops at Walt Disney in person! It would be amazing for sure!

  8. Oh my everything here looks delicious and colorful! It would be a awesome experience to be there

  9. It sounds like they have some great photo ops there. I am loving the sound of the rainbow drink, that would be perfect on a hot day.

  10. What a fun theme for foods! These look delicious, and it is nice to celebrate Pride.

  11. I’m glad they promote love of everyone since it’s the happiest place on Earth. The pride food is super cute too.

  12. wow! Everything is amazing! I adore the rainbow confetti Pride magic shot! Seems a fairy tale!

  13. So colorful! That drink looks amazing. I'd need it after walking around all day. Disney exhausts me!

  14. It looks like being there would be a great experience. Thank you for sharing experience

  15. Oh wow, that's great to know! That rainbow confetti Pride magic shot is amazing 😻 And the those pride drinks look so delicious and refreshing ❤️.

    Natural Beauty And Makeup ❤️

  16. Beautiful and fun pictures! I didn't know they had all these fun events!

  17. Hi there!

    I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your article about Pride foods and photo ops at Walt Disney World. It's wonderful to see the celebration of diversity and inclusion through the vibrant food options and the opportunity to capture memorable moments. Thanks for sharing this joyful experience!

  18. Great pictures! And that cheesecake is so adorable. I want some right about now! -LYNNDEE

  19. love how they incorporated pride themes throughout in their parks!! especially loved the confetti shot and that drink..

  20. Everything is surely so colorful! The drink with gummy bears looks so yummy!


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