Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Save 80% With Temu On Halloween Decor

Halloween is coming and yes, you can get inexpensive decor on Temu. I have been shopping on Temu for a few months now without issues. I have seen the articles stating that Temu isn't that great, and yes, one necklace I received was broken, but I immediately got a credit when I mentioned it. That has been my only problem after several packages. 

If you're a new user, use my code inc01675 in the coupon box or the search bar or click here. That'll give you extra savings. 

I found this sign and had to get it for my yard because we feed a bunch of stray kitties, so it was fitting. This was like $2. Get it here:

Check out this Pennywise necklace. It was a little over a dollar and you can get it here:

The rest of my items are not Halloween, but still cute. However, you can use them if you need accessories for costumes. You'll find tons of accessories on Temu. 

My daughter loves the inexpensive earrings. I find most of these for .98 cents. These fish ones are fun & you can get them here

Like roller skating? Here's a cool option! Get them here

The necklace was a little over a dollar. Yes, they hold up well, so far:

Here's an adorable pin from Tangled. You can find so many pins for under $2! Get it here:

The chicken purse was the most expensive at nearly $6. This is a great choice if you have someone who is a fan of chickens. My daughter has worn this out many times and it's still holding up. It zips and holds quite a bit. You can get it by clicking here:

Again, you can find so many things on Temu. If you have any issues, contact them and they will make it right. If the stuff you ordered goes cheaper, you can get a credit in the app. Click on orders and you'll find an option to do this. Plus all orders are always FREE SHIPPING so if you just want one thing, you're not paying for shipping.

Put this code in at check out in the coupon code box: inc01675

Or click here and you'll be able to save more. 

Have you shopped on Temu yet? 


  1. I haven't shopped on Temu as of yet. I have been hearding some great things about it.

  2. I have bought from Temu before and will again they are a damn good site

  3. This place has everything. You found some awesome Halloween decorations.

  4. Save 80% Holy, that's almost free haha! Sick deal!

  5. Just imagine getting an 80% save! This shop is absolutely amazing

  6. Those skates are so cute! I haven't shopped on Temu yet I've seen some good/bad things about them, so I've just been laying low. I see a lot of their products floating around.

  7. I haven't checked out Temu yet but am going to this weekend! Thx!

  8. I always see Temu on my newsfeed and I am really intrigued with the cheap prices. Glad to know they're legit. Thank you for sharing the code. Will check them out.

  9. This is such a cute and fun display of Halloween decorations. Thanks for the code!

  10. I found so many awesome decor items and not only, on Temu! I just love this app and I use it a lot lately!


Thanks for the comment!

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