Monday, December 4, 2023

Practical Gifts To Give For The Holidays

If you need to shop for someone who likes practical items as gifts, I have some ideas! I know many times people don't want "stuff." They want things that they can actually use, which I understand, because sometimes during the holiday season we get a lot of things that might not be so useful thanks to secret santa and other gift exchanges that might go on at work, friend groups, etc..

First up is something that has helped me out. It's called Click & Carry and it's perfect for the person on the go who carries a lot. You can easily clip the bag handles in the Click & Carry and then you carry them all at once. PLUS it's women owned, which is another bonus:

Yup, Click & Carry was even featured on Shark Tank, season 12, episode 8. Each side holds up to 50 pounds, so 100 pounds total. You can either slip all the bags into the Click & Carry and carry them like this:

Or place it on your shoulder and be hands-free. My son is going to take this back and use it when walking to his dorm. He usually is carrying many bags after he returns since he has laundry, snacks, and other essentials:

This is a perfect gift for people who hate to make multiple trips to carry things. It's incredibly easy to use! Simply twist, slide the bags in, and click! Done. It makes things feel less heavy, which is another bonus.  Learn more about Click & Carry and purchase your own here


These next items come in handy for the people who have tons of gifts to wrap. That's me. Hi. Slice products make cutting tools with finger-friendly blades, which is a plus for families:

I use the rotary scissors often when I'm wrapping presents. It slices effortlessly through the paper. You can toss this in a stocking or give a bundle of Slice products to someone who needs something that can easily cut through wrapping paper, or the box cutter is fabulous for all those packages you might be receiving. Get your Slice products here


I find socks always are useful because we always wear socks, especially when it gets cold outside. It's especially fun if they have a cool pattern. Five Below has a bunch of fabulous socks for only $5.55 and they usually come in bundles. 


Books are always a yes for me. I have given many out to fellow book lovers. I absolutely love the movie Elf so I have given this book out to kids and they always seem thrilled. Heck, I gave this to an adult once who also loves the movie as I do and she was happy. You can find it on Amazon here.

Practical gifts are a must for some people during the holiday season and I hope some of these options can be used! 


  1. These are all awesome gifts! Hard to choose a favorite! I saved your list for later!

  2. This is a clever idea to give practical gifts for the holidays. I would enjoy any of these - perhaps I'll pick that rotary scissors for all the wrapping I have to do this year. Stephanie

  3. I just got a click & carry and I must say it's my new favorite thing!

  4. I really need that click and carry. I think that would be so useful and so much easier to carry bags in.

  5. That is a handy gadget for bags. I need to get one for myself.

  6. These are all great gifts that you can give to your loved ones! Thank you so much fir the ideas

  7. The Slice products are a lifesaver for my gift-wrapping marathons, and those socks from Five Below with cool patterns are a perfect stocking stuffer.

  8. My mom asked for a fire extinguisher this year, definitely practical

  9. I love it when gifts are both fun and practical!

  10. Your post on practical holiday gifts is helpful! I appreciate the diverse suggestions, making it easy to find thoughtful and useful presents. Great job catering to different preferences and needs.

  11. that click and carry is so cool.. i know i will gift it to myself for sure.. and books are always a great gift in my eyes

  12. Practical gifts are always a win in my book! I appreciate the struggle of receiving things that end up tucked away and unused. Click & Carry looks like such a simple yet genius solution for carrying multiple bags at once.

  13. I’m going to check out the slice products. I currently have a super cheap knife that I use for work. It does the job but I’m wanting a better blade for cutting cardboard.

  14. The blogger discusses practical holiday gifts, recommending the "Click & Carry" solution for on-the-go, addressing the issue of handling multiple bags, and highlighting its women-owned nature. truck accident attorneys


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