Sunday, December 10, 2023

Wow, Lots To Do At The Christmas Celebration At SeaWorld

We absolutely love Christmas lights, and Sea World San Antonio has the most in the area so we always check them out. You can see the lights until January 2nd. (Buy tickets here.)

But lights aren't the only thing the Christmas Celebration has to offer.

For starters, we saw the Sesame Street Christmas Parade which made my millennial heart happy. I absolutely love Big Bird, so seeing him was fabulous. I remember watching Follow That Bird as a kid and being so worried about him because he sang this incredibly sad song called "I'm A Blue Bird." 

Anyhow. It all worked out in the end and Big Bird is alive and well:

There are different themes of Christmas lights, so you won't see the same ones around the park. 

There are TONS of food options available this year. We got the s'mores:

I highly recommend getting this holiday sampler so you can try a bunch of the food and drinks that are around the park. Get the lanyard here and check out the menus! The card is good until January 2nd so you don't have to use it all in one day. 

We even got a light up holiday mug that I filled with gingerbread hot chocolate. Delish:

If you need holiday photos for a card, this is the place to go. Not only are there lights, but Santa is there for photos as well. We didn't wait and see him this time though.

Yup, there's plenty of Christmas trees:

We always love posing with the decor:

Santa told her that her Christmas list was too expensive:

We always love saying hi to Rudolph & Friends. You can even dine with them! We did this a few years back and it was a fun experience with lots of tasty food and you get one on one time with the characters. You can buy tickets for that here OR there's a dine with Santa option, which we've also done. 

We absolutely love the Candy Cane Lane area. We brought our Gingerbread friend Jones to enjoy the area:

It's such a pretty area. With the Wonka film coming out, you can pretend you're Willy Wonka:

Oh, be sure to check out the stage show O Wondrous Night. It's the story of Jesus but told in the perspective of the animals. There's singing. There's dancing. I'm not religious, but I am always down for a fabulous song and dance number. Oh, and real animals eventually emerge. You can see the show at 615 or 8. Everyone is incredibly talented!

While you're watching the show, get the mini donuts from the stand nearby. There are various flavors. I picked up the cinnamon sugar and YUM:

On the way out, we stopped in the Candy Cane forest:

The giant bears live there too:

Again, you have until January 2nd to check out the Christmas Celebration. I promise you'll have the best time. We'll be visiting several times to try different holiday foods and sip on hot chocolate. 


  1. Wow! This looks amazing! I love seeing all the Christmas lights.

  2. What a fun place! My boys and I need to make plans to go here.

  3. I wish that I lived close enough to Sea World. We went one time and it was so much fun. But going this time if year would be cool to see.

  4. The Sesame Street Christmas Parade brought back some serious nostalgia – who doesn't love Big Bird?

  5. We haven't been to Sea World in so long. The last time we went it was a holiday though!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the christmas light and I wish I lived closer to sea world, I know that My boys would love this.

  7. There really was a whole lot to do at Sea World! I loved Natalie's outfit too, she has such great fashion sense!

  8. we love Sea World .. always so much fun.. have not been to the San Antonio one though.. and love that Christmas mug (got ourselves one during our last visit)

  9. Your description of SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration got me excited! The Sesame Street Christmas Parade sounds like a dream, especially with Big Bird making an appearance!

  10. Those Christmas lights are so fun and amazing! I wish I could visit this place too with my whole family. Thanks for sharing your experience

  11. I bet Christmas at SeaWorld is magical. The decor looks amazing. I'd love to go! -LYNNDEE

  12. You have a lovely family and this looks like a great place to visit for the Holidays when in San Antonio! I have not bee not Sea World in forever and may have to get there soon! Love this and love all of the fun and festive pictures!


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